He’s Tanned, He’s Rested, And He’s Possibly Ready: Steve Perry In ’08!

Jun 13th, 2007 // 36 Comments

journeypic.jpgLate yesterday, Journey announced that lead singer Jeff Scott Soto was leaving the band, after serving barely a year as the replacement for the last Journey singer, Steve Augeri. The press release states that the group plans to take the rest of 2007 off, but we can’t help but wonder whether this might finally lead to a full-on reunion with Steve Perry. Not only would a “classic line-up” tour be lucrative, but there’s plenty of numerology to support this theory: After the band’s Sopranos cameo, both “Don’t Stop Believin’” and Greatest Hits are at No. 21 on their respective iTunes charts. Add up 2 + 1 and you get 3, which happens to be the number of Journey frontmen since 1977. And if you subtract 1977 from 1949–Perry’s year of birth–you get 28, which is the exact number of times that Perry says “Oh Sherrie” in the song of the same name. Coincidence?

All joking aside, this thing could make a mint. The group could pull millions from a week-long Atlantic City stint alone.

Lollapalooza: Let The Scheduling Conflicts Begin

Jun 13th, 2007 // 10 Comments

lolla.jpgThe line-up for this year’s overly sponsored Lollapalooza festival is up on the official site; start studying it now, so you’ll be able to calculate just how much time you’ll need to get from the Sherwin-Williams Klondike Bar Gazebo to the Tyson Chicken Tenders(TM) Shower Stalls.


Don’t Be Surprised If “My December” Returns In September

Jun 13th, 2007 // 26 Comments

kc_md.jpgLast night, Kelly Clarkson, who had been engaged in a soundbite war with those who weren’t happy with her forthcoming album My December, fired her manager, Jeff Kwatinetz. Today Fox 411 columnist Roger Friedman, who had previously pointed the finger at Kwatinetz regarding Clarkson’s woes, weighed in today with an item that shows he’s a little unclear on “Since U Been Gone”‘s lyrical intent:

Kelly Clarkson is free this morning, ladies and gents. She dumped her manager, Jeff Kwatinetz of The Firm — the man who allegedly got her into all this trouble with Clive Davis. Kwatinetz, you see, is now singing “Since U Been Gone” for real.

It was Kwatinetz, as I told you last week, who convinced Kelly she was a miserable, unhappy singer-songwriter and not a shiny pop star whom everyone loved. The result was a forthcoming album, “My December,” that would be perfect if it had a hum-able song on it.

Push came to shove, Clarkson saw the light and Kwatinetz — who was briefly the fiancé of movie star Brittany Murphy — is out. Clive Davis wins, as usual, but not completely. (This is why he’s Clive, and we’re not.) He still has the album, which has been mastered and printed and is ready to go. Davis and his team will do the best they can to get a hit out of it.

I do think that the ever-astute Davis will convince Kelly to record a couple of extras for “My December” that he can reissue on a “special edition” version of the CD, perhaps in the early fall. This would not be unusual, and, that way, BMG won’t be throwing out the baby with the bath water.

Of course, that special edition depends on whether or not My December sells well out of the box–if it has Linkin Park first-week numbers, talk of this special edition will likely be scuttled. (Let’s just hope that if it doesn’t have LP-like numbers, the bonus tracks don’t include any collaborations with the still-selling band.)

An American Idol Free at Last [FOXNews, second item]
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Ending On A Good Note: Wednesday’s MP3 Roundup

Jun 13th, 2007 // Comment

PICK: The Fall – C.R.E.E.P. / Cruiser’s Creek [more info]
FM Knives – 16 D.O.A. / Down The Street [more info]

A Zune Marketing Tactic That May Be Almost As Effective As Catering To Bloggers

Jun 13th, 2007 // 33 Comments

An A.V. Club reader unearths a shocking new trend in house parties:

A party was going on a few doors down from my friend’s apartment complex in Minneapolis a few weeks ago. My friend said that she’d been invited to the party earlier in the day by the tenant of the apartment (with whom she was only a casual acquaintance) with promises of “Guitar Hero on the XBox360, great tunes coming from the Zune, and free beer.”

When we stopped by we found two dozen college students relaxing, drinking, playing Guitar Hero, in a room covered with posters for Microsoft’s mp3 player, the Zune. After some free social lubricant (MGD), the host told us the whole story: Microsoft paid him to host parties like this. As long as he documented the party with pictures, he was reimbursed for all the expenses and paid a little extra for his “trouble.” What sort of marketing is this? Does it happen with a lot of other mega-corporations? If so, how do I get such a sweet gig?

If any Idolator readers have hosted these parties, feel free to post your experiences below–we promise to only snicker at you for a few seconds, honest. Especially if you used your money on better beer than MGD. (Also: Maybe this guy should offer up his place, so he can get a little bit of beer money out of the deal?)

The Dirty Underground World Of Zune Parties? [AV Club]
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Warner Music Group Hoping To Divert Revenue Streams Its Way

Jun 13th, 2007 // Comment

There’s a piece in today’s Wall Street Journal about a new relationship between Warner Music Group and Chris Lighty, the chief executive of the management company Violator Management:

Brand Asset Group, as the newly formed venture with Chris Lighty, the manager of rapper 50 Cent, is called, aims to address one of the biggest complaints among record labels: Their inability to capitalize on lucrative revenue streams such as merchandise sales and image licensing that typically benefit artists and their managers.

For years, labels have been vowing to vault out of the narrow CD and download business and into the “brand” business. Executives have watched in growing frustration as their artists cash in on endorsements, sneaker and clothing deals and the like. Labels have spent millions marketing artists and building their brands, but have benefited from only one dwindling revenue stream.

“The music industry is growing,” Warner Chairman Edgar Bronfman Jr. told an investor conference last week. “The record industry is not growing.” He went on to say that his company is trying to expand into “many, many other businesses” beyond the sale and licensing of music.

Sure, it’s smart to try and break out of the “making money from music only” mind-set, but we’re sure that there will be a bunch of musicians who will line up to extend their endorsement power to the breaking point. Fergie? Jessica Simpson? Or perhaps Vitamin Water pitchman–and Violator Management client–50 Cent:

The new venture doesn’t intend to limit its services to Warner Music artists. In fact, the company’s first deal is an 18- to 24-month endorsement relationship between General Motors Corp.’s Pontiac and 50 Cent, who records for Vivendi’s Universal Music Group. That means Warner Music will receive a portion of the income of a rapper who records for a rival label. Mr. Lighty said the relationship is expected to be broad — with 50 Cent possibly having input into the design of the car maker’s Pontiac G6 GXP Street edition and likely featuring the car in places such as music videos and the CD booklet for an album he is slated to release late this summer.

But Mr. Lighty stresses there are some lines he would urge a client not to cross, no matter what the payday. Mentioning a car or other product in a song as part of a business arrangement, for instance, would be “perceived as corny,” he says. “There won’t be a Pontiac-themed song on 50′s album,” Mr. Lighty says. “Unless it just organically happens.”

“Organically,” huh? Well, now that Curtis has an extra few months of fermentation time, maybe that seed will flower. It’s a good thing, too, what with the deal between 50 and Six Flags falling through and all.

A New Spin for Corporate Music Deals [WSJ, reg. req.]

Answers To Yesterday’s Pop Quiz

Jun 13th, 2007 // 2 Comments

perezhead.jpgTime’s up, people! Here’s yesterday’s pop quiz again, in case you forgot:


A) “who would you believe, the bbc or the church of scientology? nanoo nanoo”
B) “I hope they get back together! She’s way better then that horse face mr ed looking jessica biel”
C) “happy international sex day!”
D) “this is for uk peeps only”
E) “who let her out of her stall? MOOOOO…”

A, C, D: Taken from Radiohead.com
B, E: Taken from PerezHilton.com

Thanks for playing!

White Stripes Making Sure That At Least 200 People Pay For Their Album

Jun 13th, 2007 // Comment

ICKYTHUMP.jpgThe Sunset Boulevard branch of Tower Records may not have seen its last record sale:

The White Stripes will be performing a very special show in West Hollywood, CA on June 20th. The band will play a live show for fans at a specially constructed “Icky Thump Records” store on Sunset Boulevard. The location of Icky Thump Records is the site of the former Tower Records flagship store at 8801 W. Sunset Blvd. Tickets for this unique performance will be made available to the first 200 fans who purchase the album at this store, which opens at midnight on Monday, June 18th.

Is it wrong that our first thought upon reading this news was, “Man, wouldn’t it be great if someone showed up and ask if there are any copies of Lost Highway in stock?” We’re guessing no, just because we can imagine Jack White’s reaction.

White Stripes playing ‘Icky Thump Records’ in LA [Brooklyn Vegan]

Have We Got A Bonnaroommate For You!

Jun 13th, 2007 // 3 Comments

One of the more intriguing/confusing Bonnaroo-related personals ads on Craigslist:

I’m going to Bonnaroo you should not and get my tea ready – 24

guess I’m a little out there…maybe geeky but i think I’m sexy. I’m a musician with a keen sense for the insane but am grounded with a good job and career and crazy laughs and spontaneous times will be had..i prefer P.R or latina girls who listen to ill rock..punk or otherwise..I’m spanish but look irish…race doesn’t matter but curves help…try something diffrent trust me I’m no cheap date…love the old booze cruise

Wait–a booze cruise-loving, lady-chasing, “insane but grounded” musician? Is Kid Rock looking for a rideshare?

I’m going to Bonnaroo you should not and get my tea ready – 24 [Craigslist]

Apparently, Touring Really Cuts Into Akon’s Apologizing Time

Jun 13th, 2007 // 8 Comments

akonpocket.jpgAkon has posted a song apologizing for most of his recent transgressions–at least all of those that predate that fan-tossing incident–to his MySpace page. Called “Sorry Blame Me,” the track addresses a few people Akon has wronged, including, apparently, his mom; the last verse of the song addresses the whole fan-humping incident from a few months back, and Akon explains his silence with the following lyrics:

‘I’m sorry that it took so long to speak
but I was on tour with Gwen Stefani”

Guess his “people” forgot to tell him about the sponsorships drying up.

Akon [MySpace]