Tom Araya Gives Us Tonight’s Greatest Red-Carpet Moment

By: Maura // February 10, 2008
Tags: Grammys, Slayer

Grammys’ Web Site Suffering From Pre-Show Jitters

By: Maura // February 10, 2008
In an attempt to figure out who won the awards that weren't important enough to make the Grammy Awards broadcast, I visited the awards show's official site, where I was greeted with the above cascade of undefined values. More »
Tags: Grammys

Andy Gibb, Olivia Newton-John, And ABBA Set The Template For Indiepop

By: Maura // February 8, 2008
That's not to say that this video of the six musicians sitting around a circle, hanging out, and forgetting the words to Beach Boys songs--while Olivia is on snare drum!--isn't completely charming; it is, particularly the little filigrees of keyboard that punctuate the between-song conversations. More »
Tags: ABBA

By: Jess Harvell // February 8, 2008
Timbaland is days from unveiling the first installment in a "mobile-only album" released in conjunction with the bastards who overcharge me every month, Verizon, where (slightly less disgruntled) customers can purchase one new track a month (made on a bus, like Keith Partridge with creepy... More »
Tags: Timbaland

Hey, Let’s Write a Song Called “Steve Jobs Is Dreamy”

By: Chris Molanphy // February 8, 2008
Ed. note: Chris "dennisobell" Molanphy, our resident chart guru, looks at the upward, downward, and lack of movement on this week's Billboard charts: "Is this Feist again?" my friends asked at the Super Bowl party I attended last Sunday, as Apple's latest product-porn ad popped onto the plasma. "No, no," I said, confidently. More »

By: Jess Harvell // February 8, 2008
John McCain has acquiesced to John Mellencamp's demands that the Republican presidential nominee stop playing the Coug's "Pink Houses" and "Our Country" at his campaign rallies. "You know, here's a guy running around saying, 'I'm a true conservative.'" Mellencamp's publicist told the AP. More »

Is Alicia Keys Going To Duet With Ol’ Blue Eyes At The Grammys?

By: Maura // February 8, 2008
We're hearing rumors that Alicia Keys' splashy performance at this Sunday's Grammys won't have her singing with Whitney Houston, as previously speculated; instead, she'll share a stage with Frank Sinatra, or rather a "virtual" version of the nearly-10-years-gone crooner. More »

Our Advertisers Don’t Care Who Shows Up To The Grammys (So Long As The Time Still Plays)

By: Jess Harvell // February 8, 2008
Thanks to this week's sponsors, who could care less if certain British pop stars attend this year's Grammys provided they get to see Morris Day. If you'd like to join this group of Minneapolis funk aficionados, more information can be found here. More »

Slash Continues His Streak Of Showing Up Onstage With Just About Anyone Who’ll Have Him

By: Maura // February 8, 2008
Tags: Fergie, Slash

By: Maura // February 8, 2008
Jay-Z is teaming up with Steve Stoute, who runs marketing company Translation Consultation And Brand Imaging, to start an ad agency "that will help marketers reach multicultural consumers" called (perhaps unsurprisingly) Translation Advertising. More »
Tags: Jay-Z

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