Countin’ Down The Drum Stems! Remixable Single Gives Radiohead A Hit

By: Chris Molanphy // April 10, 2008
Ed. note: Chris "dennisobell" Molanphy, our resident chart guru, looks at the upward, downward, and lack of movement on this week's Billboard charts: For all their popularity the world over, songs by Radiohead haven't exactly set the charts alight. (Even in their homeland: they've never scored a U.K. No. 1.) In part that's due… More »

By: Maura // April 10, 2008
"It's arguable that Feist isn't indie (Cherrytree, her U.S. label, is owned by Interscope), and some might say that her commercial breakthrough and her agreeable sound may strongly correlate to that fact. But she's still on the independent Arts & Crafts label in Canada. More »

Jermaine Dupri And Tag Launch A Stinker

By: Maura // April 10, 2008
Jermaine Dupri's latest hair-brained scheme: He's bringing together the collective power of Island Def Jam and Procter and Gamble to start Tag Records, a label that is branded with the name of the body spray and the delightful countenance of the pint-sized president. Dupri claims that Tag is where he'll find new artists and "market… More »

Oh, Pitchforkpaws

By: Maura // April 10, 2008
I've spent a good chunk of the day trying to figure out what, exactly, makes the first paragraph of Adam Moerder's Tapes N' Tapes review, which ran on Pitchfork today, so infuriating to me. More »

Blog 27’s Post-Everything Polish Pop

By: Maura // April 10, 2008
I'm at a point right now where songs that smoosh different types of pop together--like Blog 27's new single "Cute (I'm Not Cute)," which not only brings together a beat that sounds like it was lifted from a Blow record, a sorta generic guitar-pogo chorus, and a rap break, it spells out "LOL" in its... More »

Did Axl Rose <em>Really</em> Deliver “Chinese Democracy” To Geffen Execs?

By: Maura // April 10, 2008
Every music site out there is a-twitter over a sentence that appeared in a item about the possibility of Axl Rose entering the reality-TV game: "Sources at Rose's label, Geffen Records, said that a finished version of Chinese Democracy has been delivered to the company." What? A finished version of the years-in-the-making album? More »

A JoBromance Devolves Into One Big Tickle Fight

By: Kate Richardson // April 10, 2008
After last episode's dialogue-heavy powwows about the deep philosophical chasm between "like" and "like like," emogurl810 has decided to to lighten things up a bit with an episode of the JoBromance that consists almost entirely of a tickle fight. More »

Green Day Belly-Flops Into The Hot Tub It Created

By: Maura // April 10, 2008
The worst-kept secret in rock became less of a secret today, when Green Day dropped MTV a line confirming that, yes, they were the same band as the Foxboro Hot Tubs, whose song "Mother Mary" hit the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart a few weeks back. "We think that the only similarity… More »

Stevie Nicks To Drape The Nation’s Amphitheaters In Scarves This Summer

By: Kate Richardson // April 10, 2008
Hear that? It's the sound of a million chiffon scarves rustling in the wind. Which means it must be time for a Stevie Nicks tour! The world's most beloved former coke addict has announced a slew of concert dates this summer in support of last year's Crystal Visions: The Very Best of StevieMore »

Mya Just Can’t Catch A Break

By: Maura // April 10, 2008
"The secret talents of celebrities will remain hidden. CBS is axing its new reality show "Secret Talents of the Stars" after only one episode. The first airing Wednesday had former Star Trek actor George Takei singing 'On the Road Again.'… More »

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