Oh, That’s Annoying

Maura // October 23, 2008

After my fourth stream of the new Lily Allen… More »

Lily Allen Demands Honesty

Maura // October 23, 2008

ARTIST: Lily Allen
TITLE: “Everyone’s At It”
WEB DEBUT: Oct. 23, 2008… More »

Ticketmaster Figures Out How To Use The Phrase “Synergize Backwards Overflow” In A Sentence

Lucas Jensen // October 23, 2008

In a move that’s part and parcel with the continued “verticalization” of the music industry, the Ticketmaster is buying a controlling interest in Irving Azoff’s Frontline Management, which counts Christina Aguilera, The Eagles, Neil Diamond, and, oh yeah, Guns N’ Roses, among its clients. Azoff will continue on as manager of these acts. The move… More »

I Talk To Another Robot About “Chinese Democracy”

Lucas Jensen // October 23, 2008

Last week, I talked to the artificial “intelligence” program Elbot about the impending release of Chinese Democracy, hoping to glean some simple answers about a universe in which Axl Rose actually completed his epic monstrosity. The answers I got were…less than helpful:

Me: …one last time: is Chinese Democracy really going to be released? More »

Chris Cornell Travels Back To The Wrong Year

Maura // October 23, 2008

I’ve so far enjoyed ABC’s adaptation of the BBC “detective sent back to the ’70s for the dual purposes of solving crimes and wearing awesome outfits” show Life On Mars, in part because I am a sucker for a well-done, well-cast cop show. (Hey, it’s nice that someone figured out a good way to use… More »

Maura // October 22, 2008

Well-coiffed Floridian pop outfit We The… More »

CMJ Day One: All-You-Can-Eat Music From Brooklyn Vegan

Kate Richardson // October 22, 2008

Like a shy loner whose mom pressures her to go to the middle school dance and socialize with her classmates, I have been thrust into this year’s CMJ coverage. Of course I’m always delighted when Maura is generous and crazy enough to grant me a press pass, and Lord knows I’m not complaining about free… More »

Sensitive New Age Guy Tries To Soothe Your Jangled Nerves By Taking Your Money

Maura // October 22, 2008

One of the great things about having a Google News Alert for the word “music” is that you see just how many people are trying to capture lightning in a bottle by fusing the news of the day with their own self-promotable ventures. Take Edward Weiss. This New Age musician and piano teacher wants you… More »

Great Moments In Booking

Maura // October 22, 2008

Scott Walker won’t be singing his songs next… More »

Idolator’s Guide To Condiment Pop Smears Ketchup And Miracle Whip All Over Your Stereo

moomintroll // October 22, 2008

During last week’s discussion of Marmite artists–those artists that are so divisive, they force people to take sides, with no one left in the middle–Idolator commenter moomintroll wondered if we shouldn’t try and find more ways to classify popular bands through their analogues to various condiments. Since we figured the safe space in the fridge… More »

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