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  • ampersandparade commented on Dear Jennifer Lopez: Why Don’t You Just Take All Your Money And Go Away Somewhere Fancy, And Leave Us Alone? at 6:57 PM on Oct 29 @Nicolars: She has a weird way of getting in your head, and when I think back to the actual J.Lo album (which I loved as a teenager, confessions ya'll), I think she once had quite a good ear for pop muzak. But I just don't think she's a pop entity anymore; she lacks any sort of charisma or mystery or any character traits that make her a member of the pop world, becoming just some lady who is only allowed to make records because of What Once Was. I do kind of wish she could pull out a comeback though, nostalgia and redemption and all being what they are. I appreciate greatly Maura that you insist on using this kooky ass picture for every J.Lo post. MORE »
  • ampersandparade commented on No. 37: Satellite Party Feat. Jim Morrison, “Woman In The Window” at 6:51 PM on Oct 29 Every single one of these has taken me back to my time in high school, which is bizarre since most of the entires date quite a bit after I got out of that hellhole. But this is another one that typifies what a seventeen year old would think was artistic and intersting and nuanced. I can remember one girl in one of my humanities courses who would talk about Morrison and being in Paris and I knew she had a scarf covering a lamp shade in her bedroom. But at least those were actual Morrison compositions she was enthralled with; this thing is like something that would wash up on the shore at Montauk and frighten a child- the worst sort of hybrid. MORE »
  • ampersandparade commented on Morrissey Is Still Feeling Pretty Lousy, Thanks For Asking at 6:45 PM on Oct 29 This is the best Idolator headline in ages. What, did someone expect him to say he was feeling better after twenty years? He gave me 'This Charming Man' how can I not love him? MORE »
  • ampersandparade commented on Alicia Keys Fashions Herself As One Of The Beautiful Ones at 6:39 PM on Oct 29 @cassidy2099: Agreed, quite, quite boring. Also, she doesn't have remotely enough mystery as a pop character to carry a song of this sort. But this comes as someone who thinks she's criminally dull in general. MORE »
  • ampersandparade commented on No. 38: Say Anything, “Got Your Money” at 5:40 PM on Oct 28 @BradNelson: Oh so mean to tell me that perhaps they went into this wanting to treat the track with respect, or from some place of admiration? I'll take that with a Costco-sized case of salt. MORE »
  • ampersandparade commented on Someone Decided That The Sugababes Needed A Kingston Feature at 1:51 PM on Oct 28 @chachwitablog: This is totally a good point though; when I first heard it, I was certain it must have been in a commercial or something, because it felt incredibly familiar. I'm not sure if it was, but I loved it because it felt very honest and, again, universal. I think uinversality was what Sugababes were going for with this release; before Keisha got booted she sort of went out of her way to disown their last album, which itself was "very British" sounding. But watered-down blandness and mediocrity does not equal being universal to different audiences. MORE »
  • ampersandparade commented on No. 38: Say Anything, “Got Your Money” at 1:43 PM on Oct 28 I graduated high school a few years before this came out, but this sort of cloying, half-assed concept of what constituted irony was popular then, as was this sort of band's schreechy concept of popular muzak. I was a sensitive child, and I remember thinking that it was incredibly disrespectful of the original artists to decide, when recording a cover, that their music was shit and useless and had no artistic basis. And that's what these sorts of covers are: one artist in a field that is itself largely considered without artistic merit, covering another artist as if to say "listen to me nasally recite these lyrics, this means nothing." This isn't homage, this isn't someone who loved the song and wanted to make their own version; this is a person thinking it a joke. Bad taste is not irony. What I am thankful for is how dated and embarassing this seems on a mainstream scale only two years after the fact, which must means something about pop culture's musical trajectory. MORE »
  • ampersandparade commented on Adam Lambert Is Fabulously Sulking at 1:31 PM on Oct 28 @chachwitablog: I totally get what you're saying; it's not safe in the sense that it's a gay man doing a Maroon 5 album cover. He's not attempting to negate his sexuality or 'trick' people into buying his record. But so far as balls-to-the-wall sexuality, it certainly not this; this was a cover that was meant to evoke a sense of danger without being dangerous, so that it could still be sold at Wal-Mart. I do agree though, this cover gave me probably one of the heartiest internet chuckles I've had all year. Total fan-made Adobe album cover. MORE »
  • ampersandparade commented on Adam Lambert Is Fabulously Sulking at 1:00 PM on Oct 28 @NunyaB: Unfortunately, the babygays don't seem to distinguish between camp in the B-52's-promotional-videos-by-way-of-Grace-Jones-in-a-James-Bond-film vein and basic MySpace dreck; for some reason they really, really like harsh colors and vaccuous nothingness. I've heard the term "half-drag" used in regards to Lambert, and I like this because it is a good summation of his own aesthetic: a safe appropriation of a generally marginalized culture, with only one or two toes dipped in to retain Top 40 suitability. This album cover totally reflects that. I must say that the repeated mentioning of Jobriath is something I'd like to see on a more mainstream scale, because it offers (A) some lessons on what happens when you try to commodify and sell to retail a lifestyle while piggy-backing off of others' musical inroads, and (B) reveals just how not-at-all revolutionary the concept of Lambert-as-pop-singer really is. "Velour Goldmine" is absolutely the phrase of the day. MORE »
  • ampersandparade commented on Someone Decided That The Sugababes Needed A Kingston Feature at 12:52 PM on Oct 28 I love Amerie and find that she is the one artist who, when presented to pop-minded friends who haven't heard of her, instantly wins hearts. She is a very universal pop artist, and I would like it if she did better. This track really is Sean Kingston Feat. Sugababes, no? I had been looking forward to "Thank You For The Heartbreak" since the Capital FM live version was actually quite a stomper, and while it's nice to have a bookend on Keisha's work with the band, it's very demo-ish. Crap effort all around. MORE »