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  • chachwitablog commented on Be A Little Less Lonely On Valentine’s Day By Buying Justin Bieber-Approved Roses at 8:33 PM on Dec 15 Alright. That's it. I've warned you. I've said STOP TRYING TO MAKE JUSTIN BIEBER HAPPEN, and you haven't listened. Idolator, if I see one more Justin Bieber post, I will leave this site and never come back. Right now I feel like I'm one of the only "old readers" who still comes here - or at least one of the only ones who still posts. Most gave up. They were right. But you have one chance to keep me - NEVER POST ABOUT JUSTIN BIEBER AGAIN. Now, I may just be one person. You've probably already decided that I'm not worth it. Justin Bieber (WHAT THE F*** IS A JUSTIN BIEBER?!?) apparently brings in more page views than the old Idolator was getting...or something. I don't know. But I initially tried to defend you guys. I said "give them a chance." And now you've made me look stupid. But consider this: I check your site a lot. I told my friends that this is where I got a lot of my music news. What (extremely) little influence I may have over people, that's gone if you make one more Justin Bieber post. I'm sure many of already made the decision not to come back, but maybe they would be salvageable if you stopped posting about Justin Bieber. So please, think of your future. Is it worth it, giving up one of the last regular readers you have, all for Justin Bieber? IS IT WORTH IT? Sincerely, chachwitablog p.s. My apologies if you're Justin Bieber's mom. I'm sure your son is a nice young man, I just don't want to read about him on my music sites. Ever. MORE »
  • chachwitablog commented on Chris Brown Getting Clobbered By Susan Boyle at 8:25 PM on Dec 15 @Lonnirose: is this a joke? MORE »
  • chachwitablog commented on Jennifer Lopez Wants You To Forget ‘Louboutins’ Ever Happened at 8:48 AM on Dec 15 Whether or not this is true (the song is dead, buzz single or otherwise), it really, REALLY scares me that you're citing That Grape Juice now. MORE »
  • chachwitablog commented on Rihanna Channels Mad Max and Lady Gaga For ‘Hard’ Music Vid at 8:45 AM on Dec 15 Wait...seriously? You're citing "That Grape Juice" twice in an article? The Perez Hilton of music blogs? Yikes. This is the worst sign of Idolator's decline yet. Also of note: Rihanna has sold about as much as Adam Lambert has. So is Rihanna's album really a flop, or is it just ahead of its time? Is gold the new platinum? (Yes.) MORE »
  • chachwitablog commented on ‘Time’ Picks Its Top 10 Albums Of 2009 at 6:38 AM on Dec 12 @thesemodernsocks: I just don't understand criticisms of Gaga like that. What's great about her, if not her music? The shtick? How is she great at all if her music is "dreck" on commercial radio? I feel like _as_a_maker_of_music_ ("musician") she's pretty amazing. The Fame was scattershot and had filler and too often seemed like she was just doing pop-by-numbers, but Fame Monster is on a whole different level. It's fantastic music. Also why I can't understand the Time comment...too much filler? It's only 8 tracks! (all of which are near-perfect) Take my opinion with a grain of salt, though. the praise of gaga comes from someone whose favorite albums of the decade are broken social scene, cut copy, girl talk, wolf parade, and britney. probably in that order. MORE »
  • chachwitablog commented on Eminem Is The Best-Selling Artist Of The Decade Despite Being On Hiatus For Three Of The Last Ten Years at 1:23 PM on Dec 8 No, where is the actual Nielsen list? USA Today doesn't report it, nor do they link to it. They give us bits and pieces of the artist and album lists but not the whole thing. MORE »
  • chachwitablog commented on 50 Cent Talks Smack On Jay-Z, Sweet Nothings On Susan Boyle at 12:57 PM on Dec 8 PLEASE. STOP. REFERENCING. JUSTIN. BIEBER. no one likes him, no one even knows what he is, don't throw away any shred of credibility this site might still have just to get a few more page views. It's not worth it. MORE »
  • chachwitablog commented on Justin Bieber Covers Eminem While in Detroit at 8:53 PM on Dec 7 Justin Bieber is the absolute worst. Please stop posting on him so we don't have to "pay attention to him." And Eminem looks like Boy George in that tpicture. MORE »
  • chachwitablog commented on Leona Lewis Unveils ‘Avatar’ Theme, Which Will Probably Be The Best Part Of The Movie (Which Isn’t Saying Much) at 3:00 PM on Dec 4 Wait, wait, hold up. How could you - or ANYONE - find the Avatar trailer confusing? My one complaint with the trailer was that it told too much, I felt like I got the entire movie's plot right there. Not going to even listen to this song though. MORE »
  • chachwitablog commented on PopEater’s Top Pop Albums Of The Decade List Brings Sexy Back One More Time at 7:20 AM on Dec 3 Interesting. Disappointing to see no love for Britney's Blackout, which I think was better than FS/LS. Not sure if either were pop album of the decade, but Blackout would be top 5 (maybe top 3) on my list. Glad the recognized The College Dropout (certainly Kanye's best album) but Stankonia really should be higher, if we're going to let Outkast and Kanye on a list of "pop" albums. Love Angel Music Baby - seriously? MORE »