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  • Alex Maison commented on Justin Bieber Reveals Dual Album Covers For ‘Believe’ at 1:44 PM on Apr 28 I'm a hundred percent Glambert and I DONT LIKE JUSTIN AT ALL but Adam has taught me not to pic up fights. There have been a lot of fights between the Glamberts and Beliebers regarding it. Its kinda sad cause we dont encourage fanbase wars. Yes the covers are ver similar, but we still dont know that whether the "imitation" was intended or not. None of them has made a statement about it too ,so we shouldnt judge yet. Well if he meant to copy Trespassing then I must say that its ery saddening. Trespassing is a very personal album,Adam has worked a lot on it for the past 2 years. So it would be a shame if it actually turns out to be an intended copy. Well.. till then thats all. ~*Glambert Out*~ MORE »