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  • Serena White commented on miley cyrus at 11:57 PM on Mar 23 all the pictures look great to me---but you know they take a hundred shots and they can't print them all. MORE »
  • Serena White commented on Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’ Album Gets May Release Date at 11:32 PM on Mar 23 You are so right--this album will prove all his critics wrong and they will learn' as all we Adam Lambert fans have known all along ---he is the most talented male entertainer in the business right now. Watch out world---everyone is going to know who Adam is!!! MORE »
  • Serena White commented on Adam Lambert Talks ‘Trespassing’ With Kiss FM at 6:04 PM on Mar 8 I will wait as long as it takes for Adam to release the album that he wants his fans to hear---I know it will be great and I'm looking forward to hearing all the songs. I hope he does a tour (as I'm sure he will) and that I am able to get tickets in the front row!! A girl can dream can't she?Seriously, Adam is such a wonderful talent and lovely man --- he will be a superstar in the near future and for years to come. !!!! MORE »
  • Serena White commented on Lady Gaga Lashes Out After ‘NME’ Calls ‘Born This Way’ Pretentious at 5:41 PM on Feb 24 I bought "Born This Way" and loved it.. She is a talented lady, but in the music business, there will always be haters--I think she is "tough" and this should not bother her at all! MORE »
  • Serena White commented on Adam Lambert at 11:09 AM on Feb 16 Adam looks fabulous in whatever he wears, but he looks especially awesome in black. He is so handsome that he makes anything that he wears look great! MORE »