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  • Ann Marrie commented on Adam Lambert Addresses Cultural Appropriation In Music: “This Whole Debate Is So 20 Years Ago!” at 11:07 PM on Aug 6 You can't have paid much attention to what Adam has been saying over the past five years. He personally thinks everyone should get past the whole "gay" thing too and just let people live their lives but that's not reality for many, especially gay youth, so he does what he can to help the cause for acceptance. When you are a celebrity you are damned if you do and damned if you don't and Adam has the courage to do and say what he thinks is right regardless of what others may think. As for humanity, if you read everything he said here, that is exactly what he is talking about. He referred to the gay community as just one example. MORE »
  • Ann Marrie commented on Adam Lambert And Lea Michele Cover Heart’s Classic Rock Anthem “Barracuda” For ‘Glee’: Listen at 3:32 PM on Mar 3 You forgot to mention Adam's outstanding solo performance of "Marry The Night" on Glee. Incredible!!! I also loved "Barracuda" and Lea did OK but she was somewhat outside of her comfort zone. As usual, Adam knocked it out of the ballpark!!! I was hoping to see a lot more of Demi on Glee. She's got an incredible voice. I would have liked to hear Adam and her really rock it out in a duet but I do like "The Happening" with Chris. MORE »
  • Ann Marrie commented on Avicii Teams Up With Adam Lambert & Nile Rodgers: Listen To “ID (Lay Me Down)” at 2:38 AM on Jul 30 I hope this song is released as a single. I REALLY can't wait to hear it with HQ audio but even with poor quality sound, it's AWESOME!!! MORE »
  • Ann Marrie commented on Adam Lambert Geeks Out Performing A Haunting “Mad World” With Cyndi Lauper: Watch at 11:11 PM on Dec 9 Adam Lambert has a very generous spirit. He is always complimentary to other talented artists. He continuously tweets congrats to other artists about performances or new singles/albums he enjoys and he recommends his fans to check them out. MORE »
  • Ann Marrie commented on Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’: Check Out New Tracks & Adam’s Twitter Q&A at 6:35 AM on May 9 I LOVE Adam's new album "Trespassing" ... every bit of it. I have always been a fan since Adam was on AI but some songs on FYE just didn't resonate with me. I figured he would eventually get around to recording an album that I would totally love, but I wasn't expecting it just yet. Every song on "Trespassing" is awesome in its own way, but I especially love "Underneath" because I interpret that song as a heartfelt message from Adam to his fans about the intent of the album. It feels like he is singing that song directly to me and it makes me sooo emotional every time. I was blindsided by the fact that I too TOTALLY love "Runnin". It and "Shady" are tied as my second favorite songs. I'm sure that I am driving everyone who comes within earshot crazy because of my obsession with this album and my non-stop streaming of it. I'm in Glambert heaven ... and LOVING it. :) MORE »
  • Ann Marrie commented on Who Sang “Never Close Our Eyes” Better — Adam Lambert Or Bruno Mars? at 7:33 PM on Apr 26 I'm a HUGE Glambert and also a fan of Bruno Mars. Bruno wrote an awesome song and Adam definitely does it justice. Both guys are amazing vocalists and Bruno's version doesn't have the benefit of full production like Adam's. No disrespect to Bruno, but I personally prefer Adam's version. MORE »