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  • Maria G Carbajal commented on Review Revue: Chris Brown’s Tearjerking BET Awards Performance at 9:02 PM on Jun 28 i think that all you people who didnt support him anymore after what he did & support him now just fakes. it took you guys, for him to break down like this, to like his music again. true fans dont stop liking someone for a mistake. chris did GREAT of course hes not gonna do every move like michael jackson. the point was that michaels family took the time to ask chris to do this TRIBUTE for MJ. they knew that no one could come close to MJs moves like he would be able to. & he did amazingg ! i thought he did great. & i never stopped loving his music. i cried through it all. especially at the end. AS LONG AS CHRIS BROWN DIDNT HIT ME , HES GOT MY 100% SUPPORT. seriously this happened about a year ago , get over it already ! i dont support women beaters. but because hes chris brown my opinion of him will never change ♥ MORE »