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  • Marian B. Painter commented on Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’: Review Revue at 1:37 PM on May 16 Robbie, not sure why you chose those sections of reviews that leaned toward the negative rather than the positive. Why don't you please go back and research the many more positive and in-depth reviews about each of the songs and the album as a whole, and post excerpts from them that are highly laudatory, positive and in the majority! I believe I've read them all and I find your review excerpts completely biased. MORE »
  • Marian B. Painter commented on Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’: Stream The Album! at 4:06 PM on May 8 With Trespassing, Adam has completely and amazingly changed the course and complexion of pop/rock music, carrying it to a "higher plane". Every track is a work of art, a masterpiece carefully and lovingly crafted by Adam, his co-writers and producers. His talent should now be fully evident to everyone. So proud of you Adam. Your talents will continue to awe us as you create album after album. We love you, your voice, music and musical vision. Thank you for giving so selflessly of yourself and including us in your life. We love you. MORE »