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  1. thannisha anne

    hi justin…you look awesome in that picture.your mom too look very pretty and of course she will be proud of you..anyway i wish i get tickets for your coming concert and your autograph..[hem..i hope soooo]…………………

    • karen

      hello thannisha.im karen here.anyway,i am a huge fan of justin too.i pray that your hope must come true cause i would like to see justin concert with you..oh, you are 100% true..justin mom is so damn pretty and and she look so young as though she is 20.justin too look awesome and handsomee…

  2. kelvin

    hi gurlz…so gossiping about justin,ha..he..he..just kidding.i would also agree about justin mom.she lookz isnt if she just became 20 which mean she is just 1 year older than justin..omg i cant image that……….

  3. karen

    hi my bro,kelvin

  4. kelvin

    hi thannisha,you sound so elegant but karen you sound rock,karen..opps,i need to go byeeee,see you in justin coming concert…..

  5. thannisha anne

    bye kelvin..take a good care of yourself

  6. karen

    bye,kelv and thankz for telling me im a rock..i love it………

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