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  1. Anna B

    Cook looks great…It’s kind of hard to believe it’s the same guy that was on idol. Looking forward to his new CD.

  2. Chris

    These photos are great and I’m looking forward to your interview with him. I’m more looking forward to his new album though, I love his new song The Last Goodbye.

  3. Wow he is just so handsome!

  4. Maria

    Thanks for the great pics! I must have 1500 pics of David, but I’ve seen him up close w/o make-up, and none of them do him justice. His eyes are like the Caribbean Sea; beautiful, clear and bright. His skin is to die for, and his lips are gorgeous; the most kissable lips in the world. And, yes, he is very sweet and so grateful for all his fans. He is a very special and extremely talented man. I’m so wanting his new cd NOW!

  5. mainedcfan

    Gorgeous pics….can’t wait for the interview! And can’t wait for his new album….love the first single off it, The Last Goodbye!

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