Is Rihanna Wearing Pajamas To The Japan ‘Battleship’ Premiere? (PHOTOS)

We’ve come to expect the unexpected from Rihanna, especially when it comes to fashion. One day she’s donning comfy sweats and blond locks for an international flight, the next she’s rocking animal-print pants that would make LMFAO proud and a new black hairdo on loan from Skrillex. Which is why when RiRi arrived at the Japan premiere of her action flick Battleship dressed in what appear to be silk pajamas, the only surprise was that the Barbados beauty didn’t complete the red carpet look with a pair of bunny slippers. (We’re just glad she remembered pants this time.) Check out the “Birthday Cake” singer as she poses for the cameras in Tokyo, and tell us if her PJ-inspired ensemble floats your boat.