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  1. kita

    i love dis pic and i love u justin bieber

  2. Nichole

    Love u Justin huge fan BELIEVER. FOR LIFE

  3. Jay Bell

    Usher is the man! He’s got game and he’s been schooling Justin like he’s his son. Usher’s a real dude. http://www.firebrandcentral.com

  4. evan

    Usher can still sing hes great….but ever since hes been messing w. Justin his songs have been horrible except for climax… no true songs and corny lyrics and choruses. I dont like justin bieber and i hated him a lot more when he had his first songs from his career mainly because they were terrible. As of late im still not a fan at all but i noticed he actually has more meaning and interesting songs and lyrics but i really hate boyfriend….idk if hes any justin timberlake cuz he made really good music w hiphop feel beats and flow and always had the right guest features…. so hes got a looooong road and i may never be a fan. But the little girls need to stop cuz his fagga i mean swagga is fake and came from some bs book he must have read -_____-

  5. i really like justin..he inspires me with his music..

  6. bigpaul

    tichelstr 6 / 7574 xv / 2%10 /oldenzaal

  7. Shira

    He changed so much.
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  8. you need more dick in thes shouts

  9. Who loves one direction because I do!!,

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