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  1. Ya, she never was beautiful but that isnt the issue! The major issue is she cant sing and its pathetic that America pays to have her trash on the radio! I mean, she sings about Jeffrey Dahmer making him cool? Really? I wonder how the victims families feel about that! What exactly does she inspire? Its scarry to think what her followers are inspired to do!

  2. Michelle

    As much as I dislike Ke$sha, I’m actually really excited about what her trash means. It means that electronic music is finally hitting mainstream.

  3. Scott

    As if her songs were not bad enough, no I can’t get the sight of her out of my head. AARRGHH!!!! The crew that made her videos are geniuses to be able to actually make her look sexy in her videos.

  4. bren

    You guys are assholes.

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