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  1. abeljose22

    I swear nobody will care about gaga in about a year…

  2. lola

    i already dont care.

  3. Its funny and ironic how the first two people to comment on this are people that supposedly don’t care about Lady Gaga, yet they are the first to check out her articles

  4. Myself and millions of Lady Gaga’s LittleMonsters will always love our MotherMonster. To the others, join us or go get a life, but above all don’t become a hater! Mother Monster’s message of non-hate and acceptance is a universal truth, not subject to whimsical fluctuations of the masses.

  5. lola

    it’s official: i hate gaga fans.

  6. lola

    it’s pop music, not woodstock, chumps.

  7. chris

    well obv the other 18 mil on twitter and 50mil on facebook fans of hers care about her and always wil be by her!i love the new terry pics so much!PAWS UP!

  8. Emilia

    I like Lady Gaga and I love these photos- they are gorgeous.

  9. Bravo51

    She doesnt have “Fans” she has sheep most of the sheep just follow her to be part of the herd there is in reality a very small number of real fans.

  10. Xadax


  11. forshame52

    you do understand that buy using an overly used, trendy term like ‘sheep’ is in and of itself, as you would so put it, a ‘sheep-like’ quality? you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about.

  12. LHJ

    I enjoy Lady Gaga’s music but like all pop stars- she’s desperate for the spotlight. Yes, ALL pop stars, Madonna included. when people start calling her Mother Monster…I must say…that creeps me out. It’s one reason I’m ashamed to like Britney Spears….pop fans are effing CRAZY!!!! Come on ya’ll…Just because you criticize someone you enjoy does not make you a hater, it makes you a real human with opinions. ANNNND Scene.

  13. Aaron

    I guess Gaga is having a bad day, what with the actual Queen of Pop reclaiming the throne and all. This photoshoot with the football is looking a tad… reductive.

  14. forshame52

    I am a sheep.

  15. Liz Devine

    Please dont judge someone you don’t know !!!! its not fair for me to jugde u as a person ,you are someone son you might be a great dad .husband ect ..i dont know you .so is it fair to judge u by this comment ??? I like gaga I had the pleasure of going to one of her concerts….. there I saw a person who cared about kids …all kids. I have a very hight respect for someone who cares about our children .the ones that are to hurt to speak for themselves … how can u hate someone with so much love in them,,,,
    maybe u should start loving more people …..it feels better then hate trust me !!!!

  16. ADITYA

    Someone who wears a dress made of MEAT sure does come across as desperate! guess the lady has no ethics! so what’s gonna be the next dress made of? Aborted Foetus? wat a freaking drag!

  17. ADITYA


  18. Where do these commenters come up with this stuff? Why would you say something like that?

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