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  1. hey

    love love awww i love love ayeee heyyyy miley in liam bye guys lol

  2. hey

    no bitch im not ugly ass bitch kk u shut up kk bitch

    • nicki

      so bitch u shut up u a fukin kid i dnt got time for u bitch ok getthe fuk off this page for i call miley up we r bestfriends hunny im abt to cALL SO she can cuss u out ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;ayeeeeeeeeeeev tht bitch

  3. katy

    yall need to stop

  4. nicki

    o my god katy perry

  5. katy

    yes hunny so can yall stop hun

  6. nicki

    yes ily katy perry

  7. hey

    yes but now nicki dick sucking u lol nicki’s a dick sucker

  8. nicki

    no im nt bitch

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