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  1. Andrea

    fantastic site! I love female rarpeps! the beef of Lil’ Kim and Nicki is sick! I hope Lil’ Kim gonna back here and kick her ass! I don’t like Nicki and I love old school rap like Kimberly or Foxy Brown. do you wanna affiliates? I hope you remember about Left Eye! :) take care! :)

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  3. MrSubzero

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  4. ozyfnodfr

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  5. Those are tack………

    • Barb #1

      you know what? your a fake ass wack barb who needs to step back and look at how nicki is sleying and WINNING the game, and gettingher music global as a number 1 female rapper in the GAME. you need to step your scottie up before it crumble your just an itty bitty piggy:) #LEAVEHOE

  6. Gfhingnerr

    Praca Warszawa

  7. skashy

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  8. uftyzkiNQ

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  10. Ladeja

    hey how u doing i think that you can sing and rapper and i know how to sing to but not like u girl………

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