Rihanna Rocks Royal Locks In Coldplay’s “Princess Of China” Video (PHOTOS)

Rihanna teased fans with photos from the set of Coldplay’s upcoming “Princess Of China” music video via TwitPic Thursday (Mar. 22). The pictures show the Barbados beauty dolled up as a “Gangsta goth geisha” — not to be confused with Lana Del Rey’s “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra.” The controversial songstress flipped off the camera with one of her long fake nails, and cocked her leg in a very Academy-Awards-red-carpet-Angelina-Jolie pose. In another shot, the tattoo-lovin’ pop star gave a nod to her Talk That Talk album cover with a photo of smoke wafting from her mouth. Tell us what you think of RiRi’s look below, or on Facebook and Twitter.