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  • david

    very pretty. and may I say very HOT.

    • Liley

      Best nipples you ever’ve seen!Follow link below!
      Hmmm NO boobs, tight ass, big dick..
      the other shots only here!

  • Kd.Maria

    Tell Selena to stop acting like act like she is going to enter Playboy. Having to show her body everywhere is only get a bad image of herself. She is talent, pretty, cute, but showing her half naked body everywhere is nothing but being a no brainer.

    It really weird to see a 19 years to presing her boob and create a cleage that was not even there. …what will be next? Hooter waitress, playmate, or Hustler, or all of the above. Please tell that child to grown up and act like a real adult, not a little bimbo who would do anythibng to get attentions-Selena stated in one of her interivew, “I had not done any billion dollars movie yet. She also compare herself to Nicole Kidman. Well Nicle was famous in her homeland before she came to the US with Mr. Hunky Cruise. This little girl had removed her purity ring????? What is her purpose of putting it on in the first place

    • Lasquisha

      who da fukk you think u r? ima srsly kilI yo a$$!! you dont be dissing mah gurl lyke dat and get away wit it??

    • Marjel Mj

      Its funny seeing you say that she’s showing too much skin when you obviously haven’t realized that there are other celebs who show TOO TOO much skin and basically show off their body …

      Selena is 20 ~ i think she’s mature enough to do what she wants… She’s not a disney princess anymore …. Plus Miley has shown more skin than selena so i think you’re in the wrong section to criticize what she wears and whether or not she’s showing too much skin or not…

    • TO

      Its a freaking bikini grow up that is the whole point of swimmers they aren’t ment to be modest she was just going swimming for crying out loud im sure she’s a beta person than u and at least she has a life and doesn’t sit around critising people for the slightest thing if she was just a random on the beach u wouldn’t even notice

  • Joyce Renee Navarra

    she doesn’t have a body her boobs are flat,she doesn’t have a curves her body is like a 12 year old girl

    • Marjel Mj

      50% of girls are flat chested… So i don’t get what the problem is…
      And most celebs have flat chest… And still i don’t get what your problem is with flat chest x.x
      She’s alot prettier than you that’s for sure u.u

    • TO

      She cant change who she is at least she is comfortable in her own body unlike most people and she isn’t trying to be big boobed but im sure peeps like u wear padded push up bras coz its always those peeps who judge grow up boob size isnt everything

  • David

    She is so hot!

  • laqeshajj

    shut up talking bout Selena she cute and ya’ll not point blank!!!!

  • Marjel Mj

    Selena is beautiful and i love her for being herself and not trying to be someone else ~ She has a unique voice, and her acting is very eye catching i just can’t stop watching her character in Wizards *^*

  • valen

    she is really really cute, pretty and luck girl in the world…

  • selena fan

    I loveèèèeeeee selena she like the bestgirl on the planet I love every thing about her. So if younlike this coment press like

  • DiDi

    she is so beautifull….I love her som much

  • amol

    i love you

  • Benjamin GoMez

    What the? Selena is Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerfect. All you haters out there should leave her alone. Selena can do no wrong. She is growing up, and she is not that Disney Princess anymore. Give her credit cuz she’s discovering her self… (At least she is not trying to pull off X-RA BAD A$$ like Miley)

  • Letty

    Selena, your beautiful, you really are. Just please don’t wear a bikini. Celebrities like these, please don’t. But everything else looks perfect on you :) peace! Love ya selena!