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  1. XY

    I love this woman, one of the most talented human beings of all time.

  2. anjanng aki


    You must have very low standards for talent then…

  3. God

    Shakira can’t sing and her lyrics suck. If she didn’t look semi-attractive/trashy, nobody would care.

  4. Mr. Right

    I think she is very talented in the music video for “She-Wolf”, especially if you turn the sound off and stick your hand down your pants. Loads of talent.

  5. Jesse

    She is very talented actually. if you look at her body of work as a whole you would know…and yeah she can sing. How she sings is her style just like Alanis has her style, like Rihanna has hers etc…and if no one cared for Shakira then she wouldnt of sold more than 50+ million albums…

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