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  1. There are so many levels of wrong with the Gin Blossoms cover. And what’s with the dueling asses between them and the Scissters?

  2. Monty

    DId the person that wrote this even listen to the MGMT album’s first song? The cover is perfect for the 60′s acid-infused feeling of the album. And the Scissor Sisters cover is a perfect summary of what that band is all about too: tight pants, dancing, and ass.

    • I’ve listened to ‘Congratulations’ quite a bit. You could argue that both the album cover art and the songs are trippy and experimental, and I don’t think you’d be wrong. But this album cover doesn’t have a 60s vibe at all – it’s more like something out of the early 90s with the bright neon and bold colors. And as far as the Sisters’ album, I think it captures the mood of their album perfectly – but I still don’t want to stare at someone’s clenched ass. But that’s me!

  3. I call B.S. on the selection of the Scissor Sisters’ album. You’re just trying to fire up your comments section with irritated readers, right?

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