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Madonna Covers Elliott Smith’s “Between The Bars” For SecretProjectRevolution: Watch

Well! Madonna has a secret project about revolution titled SecretProjectRevolution (because if ARTPOP has taught us nothing, it's that literalism is the new subtlety), and its aims are multifaceted: Created by Madge herself with help from VICE and director Steven Klein, it takes the form of a 17-minute short film which works to show Madonna's "creative commitment to inspire change i…
By: Sam Lansky / September 25, 2013

Leak Of The Day: Elliott Smith’s “Moon” Rises

Neiles Life has a handful of MP3s from New Moon, the forthcoming Elliott Smith rarities collection that draws from Smith's tenure on Kill Rock Stars.
By: Brian Raftery / April 25, 2007

Iggy Azalea Talks Dream Duet Partner Missy Elliott And Her Love/Hate Relationship With Twitter

Iggy Azalea is currently plugging her new line of shoes with Steve Madden. She spoke to a footwear blog about her first pair of heels and other (more) interesting topics like her dream duet partner and Twitter game.
By: Mike Wass / February 6, 2015

Christina Aguilera, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, The Roots, Meghan Trainor & One Direction Sing “We Are The Champions”: Watch

Jimmy Fallon cooked up an a cappella surprise last night, following the Super Bowl — complete with more guest singers than you can shake a deflated football at!
By: Robbie Daw / February 2, 2015

Whatcha Say: Rihanna, Sam Smith & Fifth Harmony Got Our Readers Talking

Today (January 30) marks the last work week of January, but it did not let us down thanks to the madness that is the music industry! Of course, our readers had a lot to say!
By: Bianca Gracie / January 30, 2015

Timbaland Thursdays Brings Out Missy Elliott For “Take Ur Clothes Off”

A few months back, Timbaland took a previously unreleased Missy Elliott track out of the vault, the wobbly "Swat Dat Fly." While that was an old one, Timbo's Missy collaboration, the selection for this week's Timbaland Thursdays series,  feels much more fresh - and bangin'! Jump below to allow Missy to reintroduce herself…
By: Becky Bain / January 13, 2011

Bret Michaels And Rikki Rockett Think Joe Elliott Is A Lip-Syncing Jerk

Last month, Joe Elliott told an Irish newspaper that he thought his former Headbanger's Ball cohorts Poison, Winger, and Warrant were "shite bands," and that he was too busy chasing after the latest tunes by the Stereophonics to even think about touring with them. Well, Poison members Rikki Rockett and Bret Michaels were not…
By: Maura / July 16, 2008

Frank Ocean’s ‘Channel Orange': Album Review

Today (July 17), Frank Ocean's stunning debut album Channel Orange hits record stores — but not Target — nationwide. Most of us have already lived with it for a week now, at least since the Odd Future singer began streaming it on Tumblr. If you've yet to avail yourself of the opportunity…
By: Nicole Sia / July 17, 2012

Coachella All-Hologram Lineup Hits The Web

Tupac Shakur's surprise appearance at Coachella on Sunday (Apr. 15) has concert promoters calculating such a stunt's profitability — even if it only was a 2D effigy of the murdered rapper. Following news Tuesday that Dr. Dre and…
By: Nicole Sia / April 17, 2012

Brittany Murphy’s Music To Finally Be Released?

Although authorities have said that actress and budding musician Brittany Murphy died of natural causes, many questions remain: what exactly led to a 32-year old to suffer cardiac arrest? Why did her husband attempt to stop her autopsy? This is surely going to be grist for the tabloid mill…
By: Becky Bain / December 23, 2009

Less Music, More Hugh Jackman Wackiness At The Oscars

Peter Gabriel has decided not to perform at the Academy Awards on Feb. 22 (although he will attend). And if the reasoning he presents for the decision on his Web site can be believed, I…
By: Dan Gibson / February 13, 2009

Which Four Radiohead Albums Did KEXP’s Listeners Vote As Superior To “Daydream Nation” And “Led Zeppelin IV”?

As Matos mentioned earlier this month, the Seattle radio station KEXP decided to mark its annual membership drive by counting down its listeners' 903 favorite albums--and they'd better realize that however much Radiohead is currently in their playlist, it's not nearly enough, as four albums by that band are in this list's top 20.
By: Maura / October 13, 2008

Some Experts Weigh In On Metallica And Too-Loud Mastering

The controversy over Metallica's Death Magnetic and its supposedly ear-fatiguing lack of dynamic range is still-simmering , so we decided to ask some industry professionals about the row and, more importantly, the trend in mastering toward making records louder, brighter, and less dynamic. I talked to three professionals--two well-known engineer/producers and one very…
By: Lucas Jensen / October 2, 2008

A Mookie-less “Canadian Idol” Still Rolls On

Everything was going so well, Canada, until you had to ruin all my fun. Specifically, my dream of hearing Mookie Morris perform Bryan Adams' "Heaven," which was dashed last week when the Canadian people allowed him to be kicked off their poor excuse for a singing competition. Since I've come this far with the program,…
By: Dan Gibson / August 26, 2008

Celebrating 50 States Of Great American Music With The “Boston Phoenix” And Fuse

Fuse and the Boston Phoenix have coincidentally come up with similar ways to celebrate Independence Day. The Phoenix has named the best band, best solo artist, and best new band from each of the 50 United States, while Fuse is having viewers decide which of two modern acts should represent each state for…
By: anthonyjmiccio / July 2, 2008

“Entertainment Weekly” Best-Albums List Reveals Every Problem With (And Advantage Of) General-Interest Listicles

Despite sagging page counts, general print-media malaise, and the fact that they're still saddled with that Diablo Cody column, Entertainment Weekly found reason to celebrate this week: It's the magazine's 1,000th issue, and in honor of that milestone the editorial team there put together a buttload of lists of "New Classics," arbitrary best-of rundowns that…
By: Maura / June 20, 2008

Radiohead Dethrones Nirvana As Kings Of The Modern-Rock List Realm

Radio phoenix WOXY held its yearly countdown of the top 500 songs that are still in its playlist over Memorial Day weekend, and its many quibble-worthy points ("Feel The Pain" makes the cut while "The Wagon" doesn't? Is "Supernova" really the only Liz Phair song that's better than "Are You Gonna Go My Way?")…
By: Maura / May 29, 2008

ABC News Whistled Its Way Through 2007 With Peter, Bjorn, And John

Because 2007's not over for another 11 days, here's... ABC News' list of the Top 50 albums of the year. Their No. 1 pick? The 2006 LP by trendy Swedish whistlers Peter, Bjorn, and John, anchored by their evil, evil, don't-speak-the-name-aloud indie hit. (Oh great. Now it's in my head! Fuck!) No word yet…
By: jharv / December 20, 2007

“Spin” Goes Slightly Against The Grain

Hey, Spin--thanks for finally letting us use an image for one of these year-end roundups that isn't of Neon Bible or In Rainbows! Yes, Against Me!'s New Wave topped the magazine's year-end best albums list, which went online last night. The mag's tracks list hasn't been revealed yet, but I personally am kind of hoping…
By: Maura / December 14, 2007

“Let’s Talk” About One Of The Most Interesting Music Books You’ll Read This Year

Many moons ago (i.e. in March), former Idolator Brian Raftery launched a broadside at the snooty/reactionary response Stereogum had to the idea of the 33 1/3 series of books publishing Carl Wilson's critical journey into the heart (will go on) of darkness that is Celine Dion's Let's Talk About Love. The irony,…
By: jharv / October 5, 2007
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