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Freestyle Music Park Gets Stuck Between A Hard Rock And A Courtroom

lostthemapWell, there go my plans for this weekend: The original owners of Hard Rock Park, who lost the South Carolina music-themed amusement park as the result of bankruptcy proceedings last September, are suing the people who have rebranded it as Freestyle Music Park for trademark infringement and unfair competition–and the legal proceedings may delay the park’s opening, which is scheduled for Saturday. Competition with what, you may ask, since the original owners seemed pretty much completely unable to keep their version of the family fun zone open for the duration of a summer? I was wondering too! More »

Freestyle Music Park: If It’s Too Nauseating, You’re Too Old

The rebranding of the befallen-by-bankruptcy Hard Rock Park concludes this Saturday, when Freestyle Music Park opens its doors in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Above, an ad for the park and its sickness-inducing Time Machine Coaster. Will the promise of getting one’s hair and innards completely whipsawed around result in people snapping up enough $29.95 tickets to at least keep the park open until Labor Day? Well, given the promise of throwing up offered by the ad above and the fact that one of the new “premier attractions” is something called CSI: Live!–it “incorporates cutting-edge forensic science, unparalleled audience interaction and amazing visual effects into a fast-paced production”–I’m going to guess that the park’s success is going to be directly correlated to how much it’s planning to spend on cleanup crews for guests’ vomit. [YouTube] More »

Freestyle Music Park Apparently Has No Interest In Being An Amusement Park About Freestyle Music

The above clip, Dan Hartman’s “Name Of The Game,” is being embedded in honor of this kinda-sad news about the recently rebranded Freestyle Music Park: “John Stine, the director of sales and marketing for the park, said the park’s new owners, FPI MB Entertainment, was aware that the genre existed, but it did not have any impact on the renaming of the park. … He said there are no plans to incorporate the genre into the park, which officials have said would include country, reggae, beach music, pop, R&B, alternative, Christian and disco music. That doesn’t mean, though, that it may not be incorporated in the future.” John Stine, all I am going to say is, we have some ideas that could make Freestyle Music Park a lot more fun than whatever Margaritavilled horrors a park about “beach music” might result in. [The Sun News / YouTube] More »

The 15 Best Pop Music Shade-Fests Of 2014

Ciara Gets Into The Groove On ‘106 & Park’

Hard Rock Park Flips The Dial To Freestyle

The new owners of the bankrupted music-themed amusement park Hard Rock Park are planning on keeping the roller coasters in Myrtle Beach rattling and rolling under a new name: Freestyle Music Park. As it turns out, 81% of people responding to a local paper’s poll hate the name, even though it’s supposed to honor the park’s commitment to “the celebration of that revolutionary phenomenon rock n’ roll but also encompasses other genres of music including country, reggae, beach music, pop, R&B, alternative, Christian, and disco.” (And complement the name of a sister park in Russia, which may explain the odd locution of that press-release snippet.) But is a general-interest amusement park really what this age of niches needs? I think it should take a different tack, and go deep and narrow into the genre that it’s named after! A few suggested attractions after the jump.

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The Hamburglar Steals Twista’s Dream Of Performing In A Parking Lot

trash%20billboard.jpgTwista couldn’t fast-rap his way out of this one. McDonald’s
dropped the quick-talking rapper from the Chicago stop on its McDonalds Live parking-lot concert series thanks to pressure from an old Idolator friend: noted billboard advertiser St. Sabina Catholic Church and its pastor, Michael Pfleger.

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Idolator’s Kells Digest: No To Sparkle, Yes To Calista

R. Kelly and Idolator clearly have a special relationship. We certainly hope that you come here for all your R. Kelly-related news, but even the most dedicated observer can get buried in material, not unlike the guy somewhere who collects Lil’ Wayne freestyles. More »

How “Overrated Music” Became This Week’s Biggest Angle In The World

sgtpepppp.jpgWelcome to another edition of Track Marks, in which your Idolators perform an autopsy on the latest band burning up the MP3-blogger charts. Today, however, we’ll take a look at one of the week’s most popular listicle subjects:

Artists: Music journalists and bloggers looking for something to write about in a sorta-slow news cycle.
Project: Lists of “overrated music.”
First mention: Ever? Good luck trying to pin it down.
The Build-Up: This most recent bout of idolatry-sabotage was no doubt precipitated by the 40th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, what with the piece that sparked it being called “Sgt Pepper Must Die!” (Exclamation point in the original.)

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Idolator Live-Blogs The American Music Awards

Welcome to Idolator’s first-ever live-blog, which is taking place to honor the American Music Awards, the annual parade through pop’s middle of the road. The AMAs, for those of you who might not know, are a Dick Clark-produced celebration of the music industry’s most fan-beloved offerings. To break it down for you, numbers-wise: The AMAs are made up of 20 awards, and there are three nominees for each, which equals lots of chances for Fergie, Flea, and the Nickelback guy to give their thanks to “the fans”–approximately 20,000 of them, as that’s how many Americans are given a chance to vote.

After the jump, our running commentary on this three-hour celebration of why downloading may not be such a bad thing. Newest material will be up top, so we can keep this “bloggy.”

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