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WRXP’s New York Rock Experience: Finally, A Radio Station Where Bruce Springsteen And The Hold Steady Can Coexist

More on the brand-new NYC rock station WRXP: To answer a commenter’s question, it’s apparently hoping to differentiate itself from its crosstown rock-radio competitor K-Rock by not having idiots like Opie & Anthony during AM drive time* and claiming that its format merges “New Music, Classic Rock, Alternative & Local Rock into a new adult blend called ‘The New York Rock Experience.” (The press release also says that the station’ll be hiring “live and local on-air talent for the station”; if any Emmis reps are reading this, I’d like to say hello.) To help listeners figure out just what they’ll be, um, experiencing as part of their New York Rock Experience, the release lists 22 artists; as Chris Molanphy said when I showed it to him, it’s “comforting comfort food” and as heavy on the dudes as you’d expect from a commercial rock station. But hey, it is Seether-free. Full list after the jump.

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Florence + The Machine Bring Dog Days To Freezing New York Fans At Irving Plaza (PHOTOS)

Which Singers Should Be Turned Into Claymation Cupids?

Around twenty-five years ago, the New York radio station WPIX tried to win the hearts of listeners by switching to an all-love-song format. It was aggressive about letting people know about this rebranding, blanketing the New York City area’s TV channels with ads like the one above. Remember that this was the pre-California Raisins era, so the whole concept of “claymation” was restricted to the odd Sesame Street skit—and that only made the ad below the cut, in which Dionne Warwick and Joe Cocker were transformed into butt-naked clay cupids warbling their sappiest hits, weirder. (Really, it haunts my dreams even today.)

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The Duke Spirit Peer Through The Rain

After a lengthy period of thinking “I should really get to that album,” this morning I’ve finally sat down with Neptune by the British band The Duke Spirit, and the only reason I wouldn’t say it’s been worth the wait is because I’m kicking myself for not getting into it earlier than today. More »

bannerVelvet.jpgWe’ve covered radio stations flipping away from rock a lot recently, so it would be only right to note that there’s a new rock station in New York City as of, uh, 17 minutes or so ago. (!) The frequency, 101.9 WRXP, belonged to smooth-jazz station WQCD until 3:59 p.m. ET today, and the first two songs it played–to “signify the music scope of New York’s Rock Experience”–were the Velvet Underground’s “Rock And Roll” and the radio debut of the (pretty good!) new single by R.E.M. The rest of the first hour’s playlist is after the jump (click on the VU pic to get there), and I have to say that, “Rockstar” by Nickelback and that annoying track by the Bravery aside, it’s pretty decent for commercial terrestrial rock radio in 2008! I’m going to stop using exclamation points now! []

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