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Wynonna Deserves Better Than “Kath & Kim”

While lying on the couch in a Nyquil-induced haze waiting for The Office to come on last night, I happened to catch the last five minutes or so of Kath & Kim. Despite my deep appreciation of the work of John Michael Higgins, I gave up on the Molly Shannon/Selma Blair vehicle early in its run and, frankly, was a little surprised to see that it was still on. But soldier on it does, and this week’s special guest was Wynonna Judd. Thanks to last night’s depiction of Wynonna as a star someone would enter a contest to meet and her recent series of ads for some weight-loss pill, I realized I had thought more about her in the last week than I had in the last decade or so. What happened to the younger half of The Judds, anyhow?

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No Doubt Cancel Tour So They Can Work On New Music: Morning Mix

Glimmers Of Light: Other Formats’ Top 10s Juice Up Sleepy Summer Charts

triple.jpgThe singles charts have settled into what we hope will be a momentary midsummer slumber. And that starts with the song in its fourth week at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Hot 100.

Idolator’s distaste for Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” is well-documented, but I nonetheless have to acknowledge that this blandly titillating dance-pop smash is emerging as the nation’s song of this summer, its chart run perfectly timed for the season of moist, exposed flesh.

Perry seems likely to hold the keys to the penthouse for a few more weeks, unless Rihanna’s “Take a Bow” regains its bullet at No. 2, or Chris Brown’s gradually rising, more enjoyably summery “Forever” (up two slots to No. 4 this week) experiences a left-field surge. Otherwise, it’s a wasteland out there.

For those of us seeking good news, however, the simultaneous Top 10 entry of three cool songs on three different flagship Billboard charts–Hot 100, R&B/Hip-Hop, and Country–provide a small dose of encouragement.

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Norah Jones Can Be The First Voice Your Baby Hears

storktunes.jpgThe birth of a new child is certainly a joyous occasion, especially with the right combination of medications. And while the hospital environment can be a little stressful during the process, there are ways to ease your new child into this world with peace, joy and love. However, if you’d rather just go with a soundtrack of easy listening tracks, that option is now available as well.

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Liner Notes: Fitty Is For The Children

– Was 50 Cent somehow involved with a 14-year-old getting beaten up last week? [MTV] – For an upcoming film role, Jack White will finally get a chance to impersonate Val Kilmer impersonating Kurt Russell impersonating Elvis Presley. More »

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