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Beyonce’s “Countdown” Video Gets A Stoner Parody For 420

beyonce countdown 420
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If you’re the type to enjoy some herbal refreshment on 420, or just enjoy a well-done parody video, we suggest you roll up with College Humor’s stoner version of Beyonce‘s “Countdown” video. The actress in the clip does a pretty convincing job of imitating Bey’s Nicki Minaj-esque facial expressions from the original “Countdown” video, as well as playing totally baked. (Well, we’re assuming she’s playing baked, but you never know.) Watch the highly entertaining vid above — that is, if you’re head isn’t still up in the clouds. (We’re talking to you, Rihanna, she who recently rolled a joint big enough to smoke out all of Coachella.) [Via College Humor]

Snoop Dogg Has High Time In 420 Video Message

Snoop Dogg 420 2012 Reincarnated video
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Today Snoop Dogg and Noisey, VICE‘s music channel on YouTube, offered up “a very special 420 message” (we don’t really need to explain why, do we?) for all the inhalers out there via this video of the Doggfather and friends getting high in Jamaica. At least that’s what it seems to be on the surface. The deeper “message” here is that the minute-long clip serves as a tease for Snoop’s upcoming documentary/studio album Reincarnated — not to be confused with last year’s studio album Doggumentary. And lest we forget, the the rapper’s Stoners EP is out today. It’s oh-so confusing, we know. But it’ll all make sense when the smoke clears.