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Amy Winehouse Says Next Album Due “In Six Months At Most”—Suuuure

Amy Winehouse told Britan's Metro newspaper that the follow-up to her Grammy-winning Back To Black LP would be ready in “in six months at most,” and that the music is “going to be very much the same as my second album, where there’s a lot of jukebox stuff and the songs that are… just jukebox,…

By: Becky Bain / July 15, 2010

Amy Winehouse Is Back, Bigger And Not Any Better

Mark Ronson's new band had their debut at the 100 Club in London last night, and they had a very special guest share the stage with them. Musical recluse Amy Winehouse performed "Valerie" from Ronson's Version at the jazz cafe, although "performed" might be stretching it. Basically, she held a microphone and sometimes warbled sound…

By: Becky Bain / July 7, 2010

Morning Mix: Courtney Love Would Be Shocked At Her New Face If She Could Emote

Did You Hear? :: Courtney Love pulled a Hannibal Lecter on Katy Perry and is wearing her face all around town. [Best Week Ever] :: John Mayer canceled his upcoming tour due to an undisclosed illness. If "undisclosed illness" isn't just a euphemism for Douchebag Rehab, we hope John gets better soon. [Pop Eater] ::

By: Becky Bain / June 3, 2010

The Morning Mix: Amy Winehouse Doesn’t Look Like A Hot Mess For Once

Did You Hear? :: Amy Winehouse was spotted on the streets of London clad in more than just a pair of bloody ballet flats and a bra. So basically, it was a good day for her. [Bossip] :: Hilary Duff announced that she will pen a young adult book series. The first novel, Elixir, i…

By: Becky Bain / March 10, 2010

Spinner’s Best Albums of the Noughties Comes Around To Amy Winehouse

Another day, another End Of The Decade List, this time from The music site's editors are saying "fie!" in the face of other lists' almost exclusively male picks for the top spot and are honoring Amy Winehouse's soulful Back To Black as the Top Album of the Decade. At last, a chance to reflect…

By: Becky Bain / December 9, 2009

Amy Winehouse Has Another Day Like This

Perpetually troubled singer Amy Winehouse returned to performing on TV over the weekend on the UK show Strictly Come Dancing, where she was a backup singer for her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield's performance of the Shirelles classic "Mama Said." Bromfield's performance sort of gave me the eerie feeling that I'd get when I watched Winehouse sing…

By: Maura / October 12, 2009

Amy Winehouse Backup Singer Works The “Viral” World

Let's say you're an R & B singer who has a new album coming out soon, and your greatest claim to fame is that you've worked with a chronically beleaguered pop star in the past. How to get people to know that you have an album coming out? How about getting your "pal" into a…

By: Maura / September 30, 2009

Having Amy Winehouse At Your Wedding Could Be Way More Expensive Than The Cost Of An Open Bar

Do any of you out there watch Bridezillas? I think it's a telling commentary on the current moment that so many of the crazyperson weddings featured within are pretty low-budget affairs---hell, there was even one woman on the show who catered her own reception as a way of cutting costs. But really, who has money…

By: Maura / August 28, 2009

Amy Winehouse’s Too-Slight Return

Whether or not Amy Winehouse was going to play her first show in months on Friday night was up in the air until the very end--the St. Lucia Jazz Festival, which was featuring her as a headliner, had canceled its Thursday slate of performances because of some nasty weather on the island where Winehouse ha…

By: Maura / May 11, 2009

VV Brown Spearheads Britain’s Post-Winehouse Pop Economy

Much current British pop seems a reaction to Amy Winehouse's success, seeking to capture the qualities that made her popular without the self-destructive issues that make her personal popularity unsustainable. Adele, for instance, was a clear ploy to work the retro side of the Winehouse equation without the crazy drug addict stuff, while Lady Gaga'…

By: Mike Barthel / April 13, 2009

Happy Mondays : Barbados :: Amy Winehouse : Jamaica?

Terminally troubled singer Amy Winehouse is...

By: Maura / February 3, 2009

The Internet’s Seven Worst Music-Related Halloween Costumes

In the rush to put together The Perfect Halloween Costume (That Isn't Sarah Palin Or The Chick Who Carved The B In Her Face), some of you might choose to peruse the offerings of some of the Internet's costume merchants. And some of you, in this time where pop music seems to land somewhere betwee…

By: Maura / October 27, 2008

For your pre-weekend reading, here's the lightning-smart Daphne Brooks on Amy Winehouse and how she engages in racial drag (when she's able to stand up long enough to perform, anyway): "Winehouse has been lauded for essentially throwing Holiday along with Foster Brooks, Louis Armstrong, Wesley...

By: Maura / September 12, 2008

Taylor Swift May Want To Rethink Her Hierarchy Of Musical Role Models

I don't know if I'm the only one who's alarmed by fresh-faced teenage country singer Taylor Swift's latest semi-incongruous cover, in which she apparently tries to muddy up her image by covering Amy Winehouse's ode-to-inebriation "Rehab."…

By: Maura / September 5, 2008

Amy Winehouse Will Have Her Revenge On Bond

Tabloid fixture and sometime singer Amy Winehouse has told a UK gossip columnist that even though her stab at a theme to the new James Bond movie, Quantum Of Solace, was rejected in favor of a collaboration between Jack White and Alicia Keys, she's going to get it together enough to record the song anyway.

By: Maura / August 12, 2008

Amy Winehouse’s Dad Continues To Vie For “Father Of The Year” Status

Mitch Winehouse at the unveiling of his daughter's wax statue at Madame Tussaud's in London yesterday: "We're going to take this one home with us and take the real one back. This one does what she's told and doesn't move."…

By: Maura / July 24, 2008

Amy Winehouse’s Fame Hinders Her DJ Battle Stance

Amy Winehouse lost the DJ battle at her London local last night--perhaps because she only picked the songs and stood there, since her 30-minute set included some inarguable classics like Curtis Mayfield's "Move On Up" and the Supremes' "You Can't Hurry Love."…

By: Maura / July 11, 2008

Amy Winehouse To “DJ Battle” Tomorrow Night

Following recent reports of yet more bar-hopping tomfoolery from Amy Winehouse in the Camden area of London, the NME reports that the singer will take over one of her favored watering holes, the Camden Monarch, for "Snakehips At The Monarch," a night of music that has influenced Amy over her...

By: anthonyjmiccio / July 9, 2008

Amy Winehouse Punch-Out Victim: “I Was Just Trying To Grab The Free Hat”

London resident James Gostelow, the 25-year-old who achieved minor notoriety when he was punched by Amy Winehouse at Glastonbury Festival on Saturday night, is not mad at the troubled songstress at all. Hey, at least he has the best story of all his friends who went to the festival, right? Gostelow would, however, like to…

By: Maura / June 30, 2008

Amy Winehouse’s Fist Says “No, No, No” To Grabby Glastonbury Attendee

Amy Winehouse apparently made it through her set at Glastonbury last night standing, with highlights including her covering "A Message To You Rudy," finally spitting out that gum that she's always chewing during her performances, and calling Kanye West a "cunt" in the middle of one song. (Kanye, naturally, responded right away on his blog,…

By: Maura / June 29, 2008
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