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A Party Affiliation That Pretty Much Anyone Can Get Behind

I went to PS 112 in Astoria to vote this morning, and while the school’s lobby was bake-sale-free, casting my ballot and walking to the subway put me in a good mood. The sun was shining, the air was crisp, and the promise of not being bombarded with election-related speculation was close on the horizon, at least until some idiot commentator utters the word “2012” while scrambling to fill space on whatever cable-news channel has given him airtime. Which is probably why I had Andrew WK’s “Party Hard” in my head: Sure, it was barely after nine in the morning and I was on my way back to work, instead of heading out for the evening, but my heart felt right–like it was enjoying some wine, canapes, and total fucking raging. And isn’t that what matters? A counterpoint party song, and a rundown of some notable stories that got lost in the Election Day shuffle, after the jump.

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Pat Buchanan Gets It On With a Cat

If, like Jess, you enjoyed Andrew WK’s song about the McLaughlin Group from radio show Fair Game, you will love Scott Bateman’s cartoon adaptation of it, since it features a dancing cat, an astronaut, the grim reaper, and Pat Buchanan. (Pat is the one without the hood.) More »

Single Spinning Three Rappers, One Dubstepper, A Critical DJ, And Mr. <em>I Get Wet</em> Meeting Mr. John McLaughlin

andrew_wk1.jpgWhether they’re petroleum-based or digital downloads, singles remain pop’s most fascinating format. Twice a week in Single Spin, a singles-focused twist on Second Spin, we’ll take a look at a song, sound, scene, or star that we think deserves more than two lines and a Rapidshare link–whether it’s CMT country, underground dance, unfriendly noise, or anything else served up one tune at a time. Today we listen to the latest grim banger from a Philadelphia hip-hop institution, a decidedly less grim groove from not-so-sunny London, a music critic delivering a mournful techno remix, and something totally, unexpectedly, ridiculously astounding: Andrew WK’s new mash note to a TV roundtable legend (!), which comes complete with MP3 so you can download and boggle along.

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Andrew WK: Man Of Many Words (About Records, Fellatio, And Long Island Guitar Heroines)

Guys, not to get all hard-partying fanboy on you, but (OMG!!!1!) did you know that this month The Wire asked world’s-greatest-human Andrew WK to sit down for their “Invisible Jukebox,” the long-running feature where interviewer plays interviewee a bunch of records? More »

Andrew WK Tickles Some Moist Ivories

This mention of a recent Andrew WK show where Mssr. Wilkes-Krier “hunched over a piano hugging stage left [and] sprinted through a half-hour of newly penned songs and covers punctuated by the occasional bout of free-form ivory pummeling” before he “sat down and tore through I Get Wet'” for an… More »

Andrew WK Does Not Need A Wake-Up Call

So after a lengthy delay, the third album by white T-shirt-wearer/motivational speaker/artist whose show in Philadelphia a few years back resulted in my only bone-dislocation ever Andrew WK is out in the States today, and what with today being maybe the second-slowest-news-day of my entire tenure… More »

Andrew W.K. Thinks Before He Pukes

Nearly six years since the release of I Get Wet–an album that paid homage to partying, puking, and partying whilst puking–Andrew W.K. is trying to reinvent himself as a motivational speaker. More »

Stuck At Eleven: Andrew WK Will Cut You If You Call Him Andy

Compiling a year-end Top 10 list means making plenty of painful nips, tucks, and tweaks. And so, after preparing our Jackin’ Pop singles lists, we present “Stuck At Eleven,” a daily look at the songs that came thisclose to making the final cut. More »

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