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Lana Del Rey To Sing About Beach Boys’ Dissolution On Brian Wilson’s New Album

Initially, Brian Wilson raised eyebrows when he revealed his new album‘s featured artists, which include Kacey Musgraves, Zooey Deschanel and now fun.’s Nate Ruess. Now, according to those close to him, his Lana Del Rey collaboration will be the song to remember, as it recounts Wilson’s sadness about the Beach Boys‘ dissolution.

“It started out being about lost love,” co-producer Joe Thomas said of “Last Song” to Rolling Stone. “But after the tour fell apart it became more about a missed opportunity for Brian and the guys to ride into the sunset together.” More »

Brian Wilson’s New Album To Feature Lana Del Rey & Kacey Musgraves, Possibly Frank Ocean

“It’s very different than anything I’ve ever done,” Brian Wilson, of the Beach Boys, has said of his next album. But as he proved today, fans couldn’t have predicted the list of featured artists, which includes Lana Del Rey, Kacey Musgraves, Zooey Deschanel and possibly Frank Ocean. “I had no idea we could pull this off!” Wilson said to Rolling Stone, according to his official website.

This news is surprising, especially since back in October, Wilson described his latest effort as “very mellow kind of stuff, mellow harmony, not very much rock ‘n’ roll yet.” He was working with longtime cohorts, including former Beach Boys collaborators. “There’s a style about the melody and chords that I think he wants to recapture some of the Pet Sounds flavor,” guitarist Jeff Beck said, referring to the iconic 1966 Beach Boys album.

What he told RS, though, was a different story – one that had fans crying foul. More »

Adele’s ’21′ Reaches 24 Weeks At #1, Ties With ‘Saturday Night Fever’ And ‘Purple Rain’ Soundtracks

Thanks to her primetime NBC special and the plain fact that she’s Adele, the Brit singer’s album sales for 21 raised 30% in the last week, with 75,000 units sold. That not only puts her back on the top of this week’s album charts, but that earns Adele her 24th non-consecutive week at #1 — a phenomenal run that ties her with the soundtracks for Saturday Night Fever and Purple Rain.

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Grammy Awards 2012: Watch The Performances

The 54th Grammy Awards, a night overshadowed by the death of Whitney Houston, kicked off with a performance by Bruce Springsteen. Right after, LL Cool J — the annual event’s first host in eight years — walked on stage and reminded us of just what a powerful, iconic force Houston was by introducing a clip of her performing “I Will Always Love You” back in 1994. Of course, the show must go on — and indeed it did. Head below to watch the night’s performances, from artists such as Adele, Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry and Chris Brown. More »

Maroon 5, Foster The People & Beach Boys To Perform At The Grammys

Since both their nominated singles include a fair amount of whistling, it’s not such a surprise to see that the Recording Academy has paired Maroon 5 with Foster The People for a performance during the 2012 Grammy Awards. In the grand tradition of throwing seemingly unrelated acts on stage with one another, the two bands will be joined by the recently reunited Beach Boys (who we assume will somehow incorporate their track “Whistle In”). Does this seem totally random, or is this an inspired musical partnership? Sound off below. More »

How Much Did Daft Punk’s ’87 Ferrari Sell For In That Japan Charity Auction, Anyway?

EMI has issued a press release that features some results of its charity auction for Japan disaster relief, in which the label says over 200 artists participated by donating personal items and memorabilia. Altogether, the label says its roster helped raise $940,000 for the Red Cross to use in supporting those affected by last month’s earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan. Head below to see just how much Chris Martin’s jacket, Katy Perry’s cupcake trampoline (!!) and Daft Punk’s 1987 Ferrari featured in Electroma went for.
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The Morning Mix: Miley Cyrus’ Late Night Out

Did You Hear?

:: Miley Cyrus—who is still a teenager, in case you forgot—spent a weekday night at a 21-and-over, S&M-themed nightclub in West Hollywood, wearing a pair of jean shorts Daisy Duke would blush at. We’re sure she just got lost on the way to her Christian youth camp, right? [E! Online]

:: Prince and Kanye West will both head to the Middle East this November to perform at the Abu Dhabi Gran Prix. [Hip-Hop Wired]

:: The Beach Boys are headed to Broadway—at least their music is. Yet another jukebox musical for you to spend $150 getting tickets to! [Vulture]

:: Justin Bieber has his own line of dolls, and now he has his own woodland animal. Ladies and gentlemen more ladies, may we introduce you to the Bronx River’s Justin Beaver. [Jezebel]

:: Is Glee‘s Dianna Agron about to become Spider-Man’s love interest? [Just Jared]

After the jump, check out which stars will be lighting up the tube tonight.
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Katy Perry Is One California Gurl Not On The Beach Boys’ Wishlist

Although there have been reports today that the Beach Boys are suing Katy Perry for ripping off their 1965 ode to West Coast gals (as Perry’s ubiquitous hit has the shared lyric “I wish they all could be California girls” at the end of the track), they’re only half right. It’s the Beach Boys’ label Rondor, not band members Brian Wilson and Mike Love (who have expressed their adoration of Perry and her song), who are asking for songwriting credit and royalties. Jump below for more details. More »

“All My Children” Tribute Videos Make Me Dream Of A Lucrative Soap-Blogging Career

My on-and-off tenure at Idolator began in February 2007 (whoa), and it’s resulted in me being addicted to sharing my opinions with people. So I’ve been trying to find another blogging outlet since the bad news rolled down the hill here. Unfortunately, the odds of finding a music blog that would actually pay me are somewhat slim, so here’s my open application to any site that will let me comment on my second love: the ABC soap All My Children.

Still, this is a music blog, so I can’t just recap yesterday’s episode with my thoughts on Krystal’s secret might be, or what’s going to happen with Scott Chandler and the newly married former prostitute Randi, or why I love Zach Slater’s recent face turn. So I turn to the beloved form of the YouTube tribute video.

The last year has been a little nutty, plot-wise, with crazy re-casts and characters flying in and out of the series on a regular basis. While Reese Williams is making a brief re-appearance on the show the next two weeks to resolve the story line with her jilted bride Bianca, there is apparently an Internet cabal wanting her to stay for the long term. I have no idea why they would choose Ray LaMontagne to soundtrack their tribute, but you have to applaud their dedication to a character who spent less than a year on the series.

Ray LaMontagne, “You Are The Best Thing”:

Characters get re-cast all the time–Jamie Luner took over the part of Liza Colby this week, despite zero resemblance to the previous holder of the role–so having affection for a specific actor can only lead to heartbreak. In this case, someone made a tribute to the children who once played Spike, the oft-abused child of Zach and Kendall.

Beach Boys, “When I Grow Up To Be A Man”:

This whole soap opera thing is my wife’s fault, and her favorite romance was between the supposedly deceased Greenlee (although I suspect Hayward has an amnesia-stricken Greenlee hidden somewhere in New York) and the long-departed Leo Du Pres. Nothing could be more romantic than Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, right?

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, “My Guardian Angel”:

Just so I can convince Maura to actually post this, here’s Ne-Yo singing “Closer” at Jesse and Angie’s wedding last year.

I’ve seen the All My Children blogs out there, people. I’d be a significant improvement. Until someone is willing to pay me, I’ll be kind enough to offer my opinions for free on my Tumblr, starting Monday. At the very least, I know I’ll have Lucas supporting me.

A Beach Boy Goes Disco

Bruce Johnston is the perennial “Sixth Beach Boy,” so to speak, even though he’s been in the Beach Boys since 1965, when he replaced Glen Campbell (!) as the stand-in for Brian Wilson. Heckfire, he’s allegedly the guy who played Pet Sounds for the Beatles, and he sang on “California Girls,” so he’s a Beach Boy in my book. My favorite solo work of Johnston’s is his version of the Chantays’ surf-rock hit “Pipeline,” which was recently unearthed by a thrifting friend of mine. It’s pretty much ruled my year. It’s long, but hardly repetitive, carried forward by an insistent beat that was probably a tad fast by the standards of the day, but feels just right now and held together by dippy background vocals, bongos, surf guitar, and absolutely monstrous drumming (check it out at 2:39 for proof).

He had a pretty hot career as a producer and writer outside of the Beach Boys, too, winning a Grammy for writing Barry Manilow’s song “I Write The Songs” (a tribute to Brian Wilson) and arranging vocals and singing on “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” and The Wall. And he had connections Van McCoy at some point, so maybe it rubbed off here. To think that this came from a Beach Boy is surprising, and to think that it’s the only jam like this he ever put out… that’s depressing.

Side note time: I met Johnston backstage after a Beach Boys show, along with Mike Love and then-Senator Max Cleland. Johnston was charming, kind, talkative, and pretty “with it” (we discussed Sigur Ros and Kid A, if I remember correctly). I drunkenly asked him if he ever felt like he never enough respect because he wasn’t a founding member of the band, and, instead of getting angry, he just said, “Hey, I’ve been with the band for nearly forty years, I have a great house, and I get to get up in front of audiences every night and sing ‘California Girls’. That’s a great job. Who cares what people think?” Had I heard “Pipeline” before he said that, I probably would have tried to hug him.

Instead, I saw Mike Love take a shower. I got glasses soon afterward. Coincidence?