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Watch Chance The Rapper Sing ‘The Simpsons’ Birthday Song To Beyoncé

Chance tributes his Auntie Yoncé. More »

Beyoncé’s “Hold Up” Video Is Now On YouTube

They don’t love you like Bey loves you. More »

Important: Beyonce Is Now A Dog Owner

Woof! More »

Teyana Taylor’s “Fade” Choreography Was Originally Meant For Beyoncé

Teyana sheds light on the steamy video for Kanye West‘s “Fade.” More »

Beyonce’s Show-Stealing MTV VMAs Medley: The Aftermath In Tweets

The funniest, shadiest and most accurate. More »

This Is What Happens When Beyoncé Crashes Your VMAs Interview Backstage

Bey crashes Chance’s interview, Chance freaks. More »

MTV Video Music Awards 2016: Beyonce’s Medley Raises The Bar

How do you top that? More »

MTV Video Music Awards 2016: Full Winners’ List

Find out who won what. More »

MTV Video Music Awards 2016: Beyonce Shows Off Her Body In Semi-Nude Outfit

Bey-ikes! More »

Is Beyoncé Performing At The VMAs?

Get in formation, etc. More »

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