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Chris Brown Gets Kicked Out Of Anger Management, Sentenced To 90 Days In Rehab

Oh, Chris Brown. When will the fun end? The troubled R&B singer has just been sentenced to 90 days in rehab for his ongoing anger issues after being removed from his current anger management program for, uh, throwing a rock through a windshield.

A letter from the treatment center dated November 10 reveals that following a family therapy session where Brown’s mother disagreed with Brown’s plans to discontinue treatment, he “proceeded to walk outside and pick up a rock and threw it through his mother’s car window and shattered it.” Yikes.  More »

Chris Brown Checks Out Of Anger Management Rehab After Two Weeks

Chris Brown checked out of rehab after 16 days so that he could begin his court-ordered community service (so much to do, so little time, right??). The singer was in a Malibu treatment center allegedly for anger management, and will continue his treatment as an outpatient in Los Angeles as he continues his community service there, as opposed to his home of Virginia where the hours were originally assigned. More »

Justin Bieber Supports Chris Brown With “Free Breezy” Graffiti: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Justin Bieber thinks Chris Brown is getting a rough deal, so he bought a can of spray paint and wrote “Free Breezy!” on a wall. It would be touching if it vandalism wasn’t a crime. [Rap-Up]

:: Forget about your social life of November 23. The Haim sisters will play Saturday Night Live on that date and nothing else matters. [Pitchfork]

:: Lorde has a lot to answer for. Watch in horror as a seven-foot-tall sad clown sings “Royals” with a little help from Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox. This will give you nightmares! [Pigeons & Planes]

:: Not sure if this will be must-see TV or not. Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is developing a TV show based on his life. It could be a ratings winner, right? [NME]

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Chris Brown Enters Rehab Following Assault Charge

Chris Brown has entered rehab after being hit with assault charges and spending 36 hours behind bars following an incident outside a Washington, D.C. nightclub earlier this week. “Chris Brown has elected to enter a rehab facility,” his spokesperson said in a statement. “His goal is to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior, enabling him to continue the pursuit of his life and his career from a healthier vantage point.” Well, that’s a start. A very, very (very, very) late start. But a start, nonetheless.

The latest chapter in Brown’s troubled history occurred October 27, when a man reportedly tried to take a picture outside a club with Breezy and two women. Brown allegedly responded, “I ain’t down with that gay shit, I feel like boxing,” and then socked the dude in the face. Yep, sure sounds like something Chris Brown would do! He and his bodyguard were arrested and charged with felony assault, but Brown’s charge was reduced to a misdemeanor. More »

Lady Gaga’s ‘X Factor’ UK Performance Drew 260 Viewer Complaints: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Lady Gaga‘s recent performance on X Factor UK drew 260 viewer complaints. They weren’t offended by her music but sense of style — declaring her outfit inappropriate for prime time viewing. [NME]

:: Now this is embarrassing. It turns out a number of people confused Lou Reed for Lou Bega and tweeted out their sympathies to the wrong guy when the rock legend passed recently. [Pigeons & Planes]

:: Chris Brown is back with regular side chick Karrueche Tran — the lady Rihanna famously made racist remarks about on Twitter. Lucky girl? [Hollywood Life]

:: Color me disappointed. Rumors that Ozzy Osbourne and family were filming another season of their reality show are untrue according to family matriarch Sharon. Boo. [Gossip Cop]

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Chris Brown Arrested & Charged With Felony Assault

Chris Brown and his bodyguard were arrested this morning (October 27) outside a Washington, D.C., hotel. Both were charged with felony assault.

Brown had hosted a Howard University homecoming event that at The Park at Fourteenth nightclub. Police confirmed that he and his bodyguard were involved in an “altercation” outside the nearby W Hotel, while TMZ says that Brown punched a man once in the face, without appearing to be under the influence. (The man had apparently not touched Brown.) More »

Rihanna Thinks Chris Brown Should “Grow Up” After Insulting Her In Rap Verse: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Rihanna thinks Chris Brown should “grow up” after calling her a slut on a leaked remix. Give RiRi the award for the most obvious statement ever. [Hollywood Life]

:: I guess it really is over. The Jonas Brothers hammered the final nail into the band’s coffin by deleting their Twitter account. When that goes, you know it’s serious. [Twitter]

:: Usher will executive produce a film called Undroppable about the drop-out epidemic in American educational system. Sounds hard-hitting but worthy. [The Hollywood Reporter]

:: Glee is known for picking great songs to cover. No surprise then that Katy Perry‘s “Roar” and Lady Gaga‘s “Applause” will soon get the Glee treatment. Yay? [Rickey.Org]

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Is Chris Brown Slut-Shaming Rihanna In His Unreleased “I’m Still” Verse? Sure Sounds That Way!

Chris Brown did another thing that wasn’t a classy thing and now we have to alert you to that thing. DJ Khaled recently dropped his track “I’m Still” featuring Ace Hood, Wiz Khalifa and Wale, with Breezy on the hook. It turns out Brown wanted to get in on the rhyming, and he recorded his own rap which was apparently cut from the track. But now the unreleased verse has surfaced online. It’s filled with a bunch of boilerplate boasts and an irksome line about passing your girl to his homies so they can run train because “she been a ho”…ick. But that’s not the most distasteful part.

The line that will stand out, if you can catch it during his growling verse, is the one that seems to slut-shame ex-girlfriend Rihanna: “Every nigga in the industry done fucked my bitch/ And all my niggas said I told ya.” Of course, this very may well be about someone else (still not cool). But gee, it sure is strange for a rapper to admit that his girlfriend is sleeping around, isn’t it? Unless, ya know, that girlfriend was a public figure who has been romantically linked to a few other famous rappers and, thus, said admission serves as a diss. (In Brown’s defense, the verse was ultimately scrapped and not meant to be public. Should’ve known better than to defend him. Turns out Brown posted the verse: Complex captured the tweets.)

Hear the rap below. More »

Sevyn Streeter Hits The Beach In “It Won’t Stop” Video (With Chris Brown): Watch

Stop It!
Atlantic Records signee Sevyn Streeter burned up our speakers with her sultry slow burner “It Won’t Stop” all the way back in May, so it’s taken her a minute to roll out the video — so was it worth the wait? Well, she looks stunning, and the repackaged version of the song now features her old pal Chris Brown (do with that what you will), which should earn her a little additional street cred, at least among Team Breezy.

He makes a prominent appearance in the video, rolling up in that Jeep (ay!) and harmonizing fireside with Sevyn — plus, there’s a very special cameo of what is quite literally the cutest dog ever. If nothing else, Sevyn knows the formula for a winning clip. More »

Pusha T & Chris Brown Scowl On The Beach For “Sweet Serenade” Video: Watch

pusha t sweet serenade
Pusha's Brooding Beach Bash
Hot on the heels of his excellent, single-take “Nosetalgia” video with Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T has rolled out the video for “Sweet Serenade,” his haunting collab with Chris Brown. Shot on a beach at night, the video is all shadows but still boasts an impressive color palette. Amdist flames and cat-eyed strippers twerking on the beach, Pusha lounges and does his signature death stare into the camera.

As for Breezy, he’s relegated to feature man, off on his own for the hook. Check out the ominous beach party up top.  More »