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‘The Voice’: Christina Aguilera & Her Team Perform A Jackson Medley

Who's Bad?
Another week, another two shattered dreams on The Voice. Despite the uniformly impressive performances on Monday night, no one was immune to the threat of elimination (this isn’t The X Factor, after all). It was even tense up in the Sprint Sky Box, where Carson Daly actually  said on air, “Oh man, I’m down to 11%.” Although this was probably just a blathering reference to his phone’s battery power, one could make the huge stretch that he was also down to 11% of his emotional stability. Because of the eliminations. But it was probably just the battery power.

Before announcing the losers, Carson had the honor of revealing the night’s  biggest winner: coach Adam Levine. Get ready to rail, Ryan Gosling fans, because the smoldering Voice coach beat out Mr. Notebook for People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive honors. This led, naturally, to plenty of group hugs between the new reigning sex icon and Blake Shelton, Cee Lo and Christina Aguilera. It is unclear if the hugs were congratulatory, or an attempt to catch some contagious, award-winning sexy, but it was sweet none the less. More »

‘The Voice’: Matthew Schuler Performs Labrinth’s “Beneath Your Beautiful”

Matthew Is On A Roll
Now that The Voice is down to 10 contestants, one might worry about filling a two-hour performance show. Not the powers that be, however, who added a third hour of recap to the performance show. Luckily, there was plenty of coach banter from Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo —  not to mention a quick and awkward guest appearance from Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt in the Sprint Sky Box — to fill the void.

At this point in the season, the contestants need to worry less about avoiding elimination by mistakes, and more about doing whatever it takes to wow the voting audience. On Monday (November 18) night, they all brought the wow. More »

A Great Big World Talk Christina Aguilera: She Slayed Something On “Say Something”

Christina Aguilera is coming for the competition once more with success featuring on a rock band’s single (#lotuspromo), as A Great Big World‘s spare, haunting ballad “Say Something” continues to climb the charts with a guiding hand from the Lotus legend, and the guys of the band — Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino — have spoken out about the collab in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, calling her feature on the track “amazing.”

“We actually were thinking that she would take a verse and do all this belting stuff at the end, but she didn’t want to do that, she wanted to let the song just be,” Vaccarino explained. “It makes you kind of feel the longing [of the song].” More »

Whatcha Say: Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey & Christina Aguilera Got Our Readers Talking

Happy ARTPOP Week! Yes, this week was full o’ Miss Lady Gaga: From her crazy #ARTRAVE release party in New York, to the official release of ARTPOP (check out our review!), to her candid interview with Howard Stern, it was all about Mother Monster’s Reverse Warholian Expedition.

But that’s not all — there was tons happening in pop: Almighty diva Mariah Carey dropped her long-awaited “The Art Of Letting Go,” RiRi gave us something to get scared about with the creepy “What Now” video and we started looking back at the best albums of 2013. (Have you voted yet?) Plus, we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Jay-Z‘s The Black Album and the 5 year B’Day of Beyonce‘s I Am…Sasha Fierce with a Stan & Deliver.

We also had a bunch of premieres ourselves, including Never Shout Never‘s Christmas collabo with Dia Frampton on “Meet Me Under The Mistletoe” and Sabi‘s cover of Fleetwood Mac‘s “Dreams” And of course, you guys had a ton of things to say about all the releases this week. Check it out! More »

‘The Voice’: Sara Bareilles Performs “Brave” On The Results Show

She Wants To See You Be...Well, You Know
“Every Tuesday is like a miniature finale at this point,” said Blake Shelton on The Voice Top 12 results show. The introduction of the new “Instant Save” certainly gave the night a new sense of urgency, not to mention a reason to tune in appointment style reminiscent of the pre-DVR days. Although Blake, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Cee Lo had no saves to speak of, the live audience was given one last chance to rescue a member from the bottom three in the last five minutes of the show.

Between the instant save and the “record number of downloads” that Carson Daly announced going into Tuesday night’s episode, it was a big week for audience participation. More »

‘The Voice’: Rocker Cole Vosbury Surprises With Cover Of Miguel’s “Adorn”

Can He Win Season 5?
Monday’s episode of The Voice featured live performances from the Top 12, Cee Lo in a Zoro costume, a new rule announcement and NBC’s continued punishment of Matt Lauer.

Yeah. It was a big night.

Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton each had three contestants and zero saves going into the week, with all contestants facing elimination regardless of team. Each coach dealt with the stress in their own way: Cee Lo sought from the aforementioned Zoro look (complete with hat, mask sold separately), Adam made a Mr. Rogers style costume change from a cardigan to leather, Blake sipped what has got to be straight vodka from a Starbucks cup and Christina remind herself that no matter what happens, she’s still Legendtina. More »

Happy Justice For ‘Bionic’ Day, Bobbleheads: Here Are 10 Ways To Celebrate

Well, folks, it’s November 11, and you know what that means. ARTPOP is in stores, Lady Gaga has been granted the powers of space travel and Perez Hilton‘s blog still gets more traffic than yours does. The world remains a cruel and unjust place.

Luckily, this isn’t just another “Monday Morning” (ahem) — it’s the day we’ve all been training for, all these long months. Yes, it’s Justice For Bionic Day, the long-heralded revolution where Christina Aguilera‘s fighters will rise up and take what’s theirs, demanding that Aguilera’s much-derided 2010 album Bionic gets the attention it so sorely deserves. More »

Cher Hates ‘Burlesque’, Calls The Camp Classic A “Horrible” Movie

In news that will shock and appall connoisseurs of fine cinema the world over, Cher has labelled Burlesque a “horrible” movie. Consider my heart broken. The Golden Globe-nominated story of a pretty young thing (played by acting great Christina Aguilera) making it in the cutthroat world of erotic dancing was a moderate box office hit in 2010 and has since become something of a cult classic.

But the 67-year-old sex symbol didn’t hold back when asked about the film in a recent interview. “It could have been a much better film,” she admitted. “It was always sad that it was not a good film.” The reason for its apparent shortcomings? Cher pins the blame on Steve Antin, calling him a “really terrible director”. She also believes her character was one-dimensional. “In Burlesque, which was horrible, I had no love interest,” she complains.

“Had it been shorter, it would have squeaked by and been a really good popcorn movie,” is the legendary diva’s final verdict. Cher’s entitled to her opinion but I’ve watched Burlesque a dozen times and keep going back for more. She is right about one thing. Where was her love interest? Tess was way too sexy to be single! More »

‘The Voice’: Team Christina Aguilera Performs Maroon 5′s “Love Somebody” On Elimination Night

Did Xtina's Hopefuls Make Adam Proud?
Thursday night was the first live eliminations of The Voice Season 5, and Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo and Blake Shelton were well prepared for the occasion. All four clearly rehearsed their variations on the lines, “You all/y’all deserve to move on,” “This is so much harder than it looks,” and “Don’t worry, you can still call me at any time,” for use on whichever eight were to be eliminated. More »

‘The Voice’: Christina Aguilera Performs “Say Something” With A Great Big World

Part one of the Live Rounds continued on Tuesday night, and so many of The Voice crew were pulling double duty. Christina Aguilera coached and performed (again). Carson Daly hosted and awkwardly attempted to man the social media segments. Cee Lo avoided a bubbling controversy about what he may have been caught smoking on camera last night while coaching. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton were semi-immune to the heavy workload, but appeared to have put in extra hours looking extra dapper for the evening, so all is forgiven. More »