New Kids On The Block Suffer Fools Gladly (But They Still Love Their Fans)

The problem with reunion tours: Before you hit the road, you have to deal with the kinda-dim interviewers who weren’t prepped on your current activities, a lack of planning that only serves to accentuate how socially awkward they are when they have to go off-script. More »

“America’s Next Top Model” Makes Music Fierce Again

Last night, Tyra Banks commanded the stringbean drones populating this season of America’s Next Top Model (seriously, when they run to Tyra’s glaring portrait to read their new assignment off the ticker–out loud, in unison, shrieking–I half expect it to read “DRINK THIS KOOL-AID”) to become the… More »

Breaking: Vampire Weekend’s Mothers Dress Them Funny

This weekend, Vampire Weekend cemented their superstar status, joining the ranks of such timeless acts as 3-D, the Tragically Hip, the Bus Boys, Timbuk3, and the Hothouse Flowers as musical guests on Saturday Night Live! There’s been a lot of talk about whether these guys are really Columbia douchebags or just playing up an image of Columbia douchebags and while there’ve been some salient points about the precarious position of class and race, we… wait a minute, what the fuck is that guy wearing? Really? A scarf the size of a tent? Indoors? He looks like Stuart Little after he curls up for a nap inside a shirt sleeve.

More »

RIAA: Murderers, Terrorists, And Other Criminal Minds May Be Graduating To Pirating Music

Yesterday the RIAA-produced video In Trial, which covers the societal dangers of music piracy, made its way out to torrent sites, and among its contents are instructions on how to get RIAA investigators qualified as expert witnesses, a guide to identifying pirated CDs, and the above bit, about the… More »

Carly Smithson Explains Herself (Sort Of)

During last night’s episode of American Idol, Carly Smithson (née Hennessy) came sorta-clean about her major-label past, talking about how her label “imploded” after her album came out–although said label, MCA, didn’t so much “implode” as “get absorbed by Geffen a few months after that… More »

Art Brut Can Handle Its Own Licensing, Thank You Very Much

Art Brut is the latest band to be taken under the wing of T-Mobile’s advertising department with the above ad, which debuted during the Grammys last night and which is, I guess, supposed to serve as a testament to the band’s canniness as far as its ability to market itself. While I do think that your average non-blog-reader will be able to figure out that the Brit collective is a real band–and not just some ad exec’s caffeine-fueled “inspiration”–more easily than she was with Of Montreal’s T-Mobile spot from a few months back, part of me wonders why Art Brut’s reps didn’t fight to have the band’s name chyroned on the screen for maximum Google potential. You just know that Teyana Taylor would have her lawyers write a “my name must be on screen for at least four seconds” clause in her contract. [MySpace; warning, embedded remix of OneRepublic’s “Apologize” inexplicably within*]

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The Plain White T’s Muse Speaks: What She Really Wants To Do Is Run

This morning, Today sat down for a chat with Delilah DiCrescenzo, the young Olympic hopeful who inspired the Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah” and who’ll be attending the Grammys next month as lead singer Tom Higginson’s date. Even though she has a boyfriend! More »

We Take The “Best Albums Of ’07” Listmaking To The Streets

On a drizzly night this week, Idolator videographer Alex Goldberg headed out to the corner of Bedford Ave. and N. More »

Idolator Meets Paramore’s Frozen Faithful

As part of their trip to New York, the spitfire chick-fronted emo outfit Paramore played a “first come, first served” acoustic set at the Helio store in SoHo yesterday. More »

The Road To Crazy Town Is Apparently Paved With Crack

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