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Katy Perry Hates How The Music Industry Runs Hot And Cold With New Artists


“@katyperry tweeted some pretty universal ideas re: artist development last night… or the lack thereof today,” Dave Navarro noted on Twitter this morning, adding that in his not-so-humble opinion, any Pink Floyd of today would have probably been dropped before they had the chance to make their own Dark Side Of The Moon. (Your mileage may vary on the fallout from that particular scenario, of course.) What did Perry—who, despite not yet being 25, has been in the music business for what could be seen as a long time—have to say? A slightly edited-for-clarity version of her Tweets after the jump.

When I grow up I wanna be just like Gwen Stefani… It’s not a race it’s a marathon. I keep telling myself this. Think of the big picture. I think music is weird these days, people don’t—well the music industry doesn’t let u grow anymore, everything has 2B now, so immediate. Like watching Gwen tonight that was [15 years] In the making. I can’t wait to make magic like that in 15 yrs, I just don’t know if people will wait for people to grow like they used to. Music is not fast food… It should change & grow and not be such competition of who’s on top or not. I think since we live in such an Internet-fueled world w/everything @ our finger tips immediately we all want our musicians to b of Beyonce/Madonna level from the get when we forget those amazing girls have been doing it for 15-25 years. I’m so thankful for the wonderful new fans & hope u guys will grow with me. Okay, that’s it… Just wanted to yack. love, Katy. Go grab ur dreams now and make them true life.

Now, some people might think that Katy Perry is the last person who comes to mind when one thinks of “an artist with legs.” And it’s no secret that she annoys the piss out of me more often than not. But one, her two songs on the Kelly Clarkson record are two of my favorites; and two, she kind of does have a point about the industry not letting bands grow—just look at [insert artist who you liked who was only given one shot to prove herself and subsequently wound up in the cutout bin here]. What I’m wondering is, how much of this discussion is the result of discussions about her follow-up to One Of The Boys, which, with its three top 10 singles, did have relative longevity in an era where even Madonna can be rendered a “one-hit wonder” over the course of an album?

Katy Perry [Twitter]

Not Safe For Lunch Dept.

Navarro-Spread-THREE.jpgA tipster sends in a report from last night’s show by Dave Navarro’s rotating cast of semi-famous musicians Camp Freddy: “They knew Chrissie [Hynde] was in the audience and she was reluctant to come on stage. They goaded her on stage… Dave Navarro escalated the sexual tension by saying ‘Hey Chrissie, I have something you know…’ and then he started playing ‘brass in pocket’ (I’m gonna make you, make you, make you notice”. After ‘Brass in pocket,’ the band did indeed play ‘cant help,’ and Chrissie and Dave started making out during the song. After the song, Dave said in to the mic ‘Hey Chrissie, how about another kiss’ (something like this) and Chrissie said ‘I’m better at sucking cock.’ Chrissie kind of pretended to go down on Dave, kneeling in front of him, unbuttoning his pants and sticking her hand inside. Her head was right on his body.” The photos are at the link, if you can’t wait for what will no doubt be a gangbusters Dave Navarro blog entry about the evening. [Rex Features]

Dave Navarro’s Knock-Off Guitar Strap (Unsurprisingly) Draws Ire Of Louis Vuitton

IMG_5593.jpgYou may notice that the above photo shows Jane’s Addiction guitarist/alt-rock gadabout Dave Navarro “rocking” a guitar strap emblazoned with the logo of conspicuous-consumer fave Louis Vuitton, a bit of infringey homage that Navarro has engaged in for the past eight years because, as he writes on his Web site, “I have enjoyed the LV brand for years and years. I own many items such as luggage, belts, wallets, boots and clothing that bear the LV name. Hell, my gym bag is even a LV bag. So they make great stuff. No Doubt.” Well, if this note Navarro received from the company’s law firm yesterday is any indication, they think they make great stuff as well, and they get a little hinky when not-as-great stuff uses their logo without permission:

It appears that after eight years of touring and playing shows with my faux LV guitar straps (which were a gift), Louis Vuitton have decided that they have a problem with it and have made it clear that they will sue me if I continue to use them. I was shocked by the tone in their letter. So heavy and serious!!!! Lighten up guys! My favorite line in the letter is this: “We have no doubt that this copying has been willful and is intended to trade upon the fame and cachet of the LV Trademarks to elevate the status of the infringing Guitar Strap, and of Jane’s Addiction.” Sure I have enjoyed the LV brand for years and years. I own many items such as luggage, belts, wallets, boots and clothing that bear the LV name. Hell, my gym bag is even a LV bag. So they make great stuff. No Doubt. Is it great enough to elevate the status of Jane’s Addiction? I mean, are they fucking kidding me? Has anybody EVER purchased a concert ticket or an album based on what is hanging around the guitar player’s neck? Ever? “Hey! So and so is playing tonight. Wanna go?” “Nah, I hate those guys.” “Yeah, but have you seen the guitar straps they use? Pretty spectacular!” “Really? Why, yes. In that case I would love to attend and pay my hard earned wages in exchange for a rock and roll musical review down at the theater this evening.”
OK. I am getting carried away! I guess if they just called me up and said, “Hey, could you not use those straps anymore for the following reasons… etc.?” it wouldn’t be such a ridiculous deal but the whole “Exhibit A” thing combined with their legal tone was just ludicrous enough to make me post the document here! Tom Ford… Any interest in making guitar straps?

As Britney Spears can tell Dave, LV is very serious about keeping its logo on things that have a modicum of taste. But nice try at wrangling some free replacements that are just as classy! (And really, dude, isn’t wearing a Louis Vuitton guitar strap while playing with the Panic Channel “elevating” that particular brand, since you’re basically trying to fool people into thinking that the project made any money at all? I mean, I have fond memories of Steve Isaacs, too, but really now.)

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Can You Guess Who Sent Dave Navarro This Text?

wenn1819830.jpg“Dave… Get down here. Flea is on his way and wants to jam!”

a) Perry Farrell
b) Pete Yorn
c) Stewart Copeland
d) Steve Vai
e) all of the above!

Ok, the answer is “a,” but in spirit, it was “e.” Perry was rockin’ his reedy little heart out at Tom Morello’s Axis Of Justice show in LA on Tuesday night alongside all those fine artists (as well as Davey Havok and Jerry Cantrell) when he was suddenly inspired to get a little impromptu session together with Jane’s Addiction. The Jane’s Addiction of 1997. Of Kettle Whistle. With Travis Barker replacing the otherwise occupied Stephen Perkins.

Of course I accepted the invitation and immediately rolled over to joined Perry, Flea and Travis Barker for an impromptu Mountain Song. So much fun and for such a great cause. Plus, it gave Perry and I an opportunity to perform again in front of a public audience before hitting the awards show next Wednesday. I have had the good fortune throughout my years as a guitarist to share the stage with some unbelievable talents, but there is no one in the world that I feel more comfortable and at home with musically than Perry Farrell.

At the risk of offending the Jane’s fanbase, I find that last statement kind of sad.

April 15, 2008 [6767]

Dave Navarro Is Not Averse To Getting The Old Band Back Together

78332516.jpgPerhaps realizing that he’ll need a revenue stream more lucrative than reality TV and less messy than porn to keep him in tattoos and Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, former Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro has hinted on his blog that he wouldn’t be averse to getting back together with Perry Farrell and the gang for one last cash grab reunion tour:

What would happen if a tour came about? You are on record (apparently) as saying your not really interested.

Yeah, well to be honest… My love for the music out weighs any old baggage that might have been. As I have said in the past… If Van Halen and the Eagles can get over their issues, I don’t see why we can’t. I just think that if something like that ever happened, it should be shows only with no new label, management, photo shoots, press and all that crap that clouds the experience. Simply a month or two of theater tour dates to celebrate the music.

Dare I say that this plan sounds … classy? I’m starting to think that the world has really and truly gone mad. Although one does wonder if Navarro is saying “shows only, nothing else” so as to pre-emptively prevent Perry Farrell from having any brainstorms about album art.

More To Come [; HT antiMusic]

Dave Navarro Not-So-Subtly Auditioning For Pitchfork

Navarro-Spread-THREE.jpgIt’s been a while since we checked in with the former Jane’s Addiction guitarist, mostly because we need a break from watching our former heroes morph into preening half-man, half-unicorn wusses. It turns out that he’s been busy hanging with Perez Hilton and writing a very self-referential, heavy-on-the-ramble review of the new Marilyn Manson album. Why, might you ask?

Because information about music should come from musicians. The funny thing is, that I was inspired to do this review after talking to my long time friend and Rolling Stone contributor, Steve Baltin. We were discussing the whole critic/reviewer issue and it became clear to me through the conversation that the only way to change up the current dynamic is to go ahead and do something about it. Hopefully we can get more artists to get the information out there. Put it this way, if you don’t like where I come from as an artist, you can at least consider that before reading what my thoughts are on a particular artist or band.

You heard it, people: The only way music criticism will improve is if musicians review other musicians. Or maybe if just Dave reviews everything. Is that what he means? Either way, consider the current dynamic to be forever changed.

New Manson []

Dave Navarro Takes It To The Next Level

Navarro-Spread-THREE.jpgOnce again, we check in with prolific blogger (and possible unicorn-in-disguise) Dave Navarro, whose regularly updated site tackles those tough, reader-provided questions:

Have you any cute little rituals that you just gotta do before you go on stage?

I don’t know how “cute” it is, but the four of us do a four way pound thing (you can see it in the Teahouse video) to collectively loosen up on an emotional level and tighten up on a communicative level.

I like to wear tighter jeans (not real baggy) but I always wanted to know where do you put your wallet so you don’t have this big bulge coming off of your leg?
No wallet… ID, cash, credit card… Back pocket or jacket.

Have you seen the new Taco Bell commercials with Carmen?
Hell yeah they are awesome. She looks amazing in them.

And with that, poor Dave went back to the corner of his bus, stared at a crumpled Burrito Supreme wrapper that had become unstuck during a bumpy night’s ride, and sobbed uncontrollably for six hours.

6767 [Official Navarro Site]

Dave Navarro Is Truly Out Of This World

America’s favorite music blogger made a cameo at Saturday night’s Adult Video News awards. Clearly, he’s hoping to be picked up by the Satellite Party.

[Photo: Getty Images]

Dave Navarro Enjoys Exfoliating, Pontificating

Navarro-Spread-THREE.jpgFrom time to time, we enjoy checking with Dave Navarro’s personal blog, in which the ex-Jane’s Addiction/Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist–and goat-worshipping former Greek god–answers every reader question imaginable. Some recent examples:

Q: Who is your favorite Battlestar Galactica character?
A: Without a doubt, Tricia Helfer as Number Six… Sexy, beautiful, manipulative, controlling, brilliant, spiritual, dangerous, part machine… She is everything a man could ask for!

Q: When you did your interview on Much Music with Leigha and you made all the sexual references were you doing it to joke and make fun or was she just annoying you or what?
A: HAHA… I don’t remember that at all. I probably just thought she was hot!

Q: Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with all this Internet stuff (the blog, MySpace, SRL, IM, etc.)?
A: No, it has become part of my morning ritual along with my many cups of coffee. If I ever need a break, I just shut it all down for a day or two.

Please don’t shut down, Dave! How else would we know that you wear Gucci sneakers? Or that you love “Dick In A Box”? Or that you spent your holidays catching up on Studio 60? We know we’re supposed to be giving up on meaningless crap like this for the new year, but don’t make us stop just yet–we’re not quite ready to go cold turkey.

6767 [Official site]

Dave Navarro Champions Black People, Black Coffee

Navarro-Spread-THREE.jpgNot sure how we missed this, but a few weeks ago, Dave Navarro–half-man, half-goat, all-blogger–updated his website with more exciting reader back-and-forth Q&As that are not at all fruitless and boring. So whatchoo thinkin’, Lincoln?

Q: When Jane’s recorded “Don’t Call Me Nigger”, how’d you pull it off without Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson getting all up in your hizzy?

A: Well, that was a Sly & the Family Stone cover song and our version featured Ice-T singing the words, “Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey!” It was a statement about racism and was intended to make people think. A commentary on racism, which in itself is not racist.

Q. We’ve all heard your various rants about Starbucks or Coffee Bean on CFR…I wanna know what you drink from there…just plain old brewed coffee or do you get creative?

A: That’s kind of the funny thing I guess. I just order a large black coffee, nothing creative. One would think that if my order is so simple there would be nothing to rant about. After years of placing this order for black coffee, I have finally learned that I have to say, “No room for cream” in order to prevent them from asking me if I want room for cream in my “black” coffee. I won’t even get into the little sippy hole “spill proof” lids that pretty much ALWAYS spill out into the car’s cup holder or onto my skin as I walk out.

Oh, little sippy holes. Who says rock stars don’t talk about real issues anymore?

6767 [Official website]