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Elen Levon Teams Up With DJ Spada For Killer Club Anthem “Cool Enough”: Watch The Outrageous Video

Wild Child

The last time we heard from Elen Levon she was channelling her inner-Taylor Swift on gentle country-tinged pop anthem “Over My Head”. Well, a lot can change in the space of a year! The rising Australian pop star returns as the voice of Spada‘s latest club banger “Cool Enough” — complete with lyrics about getting high and indulging in all kinds of miscreant behavior.

To underline her transformation into a bad ass dance diva, the 20-year-old embarks on something of a crime spree in the outrageous video. For starters, Elen kidnaps a man and then hits the bottle with her friends. She also hotboxes a car and causes general chaos on the streets on Berlin. It’s a surprising detour for the wholesome “Wild Child” singer but the track is an absolute monster and it’s great to see her switching things up. Watch above. More »

Elen Levon Channels Taylor Swift On Country-Tinged Pop Gem “Over My Head”: Listen

Since launching her career with slick urban jam “Naughty” in 2011, Elen Levon‘s sound has slowly but surely evolved towards something more organic. The Australian diva made a commercial breakthrough earlier this year with summery, semi-acoustic pop track “Wild Child” but she takes things a step further on new single “Over My Head” — incorporating country elements into the sing-a-long smash.

Co-written by Tom Meredith (Ke$ha and Kelly Clarkson) and MdL (Justin Bieber), the bubbly love song is reminiscent of Taylor Swift in upbeat pop mode with its strummed guitars and hummed hook. “I want you outta my mind but I’m in over my head,” the 19-year-old sings in the sugary sweet chorus. Listen to a preview of Elen’s addictive anthem after the jump. More »

Elen Levon Delivers A Soulful Cover Of John Legend’s “Ordinary People”: Idolator Exclusive

No Ordinary Girl
Elen Levon dropped by the Idolator studio earlier this month to chat about her new music and future plans. While she was here, we convinced the Australian teen to put on a show and she dutifully performed current single “Wild Child” and a cover of John Legend‘s 2005 hit “Ordinary People”.

The R&B ballad sounds like an odd fit for a dance diva turned organic guitar-pop practitioner but the talented 19-year-old showcased the full extent of her vocal range by delivering a superb rendition of the Grammy-winning classic. Watch Elen knock it out of the park up top. More »

Elen Levon Performs Bubbly Pop Gem “Wild Child” Live: Idolator Exclusive

Wild Child In Action
Elen Levon dropped by the Idolator studio earlier this month to chat about her new single and future musical endeavors. She was also kind enough to perform a couple of songs for us — the first of which was a perky acoustic version of “Wild Child”.

The Australian diva nailed it — showing off her vocal chops with a raw and energetic performance. After breaking through with a bunch of cute dance singles, the 19-year-old seems to have found her niche with organic guitar-pop. Watch Elen in action up top. More »

7 Questions With Elen Levon: “Wild Child”, Randy Jackson & American Beaches

Elen Levon Spills The Tea
Elen Levon has been on our pop radar since breaking through as a 16-year-old school girl with Rihanna flavored urban-pop jam “Naughty” in 2011. Since then the Australian diva has explored dance music with international hit “Dancing To The Same Song” and finally settled on a more organic sound with current single “Wild Child”.

The rising star was recently in Los Angeles to work on some new tunes and dropped by the Idolator studio for a quick chat. Elen talks about her musical beginnings, failed tourist activities and why she wants to steal Drake‘s “Hold On We’re Going Home” for herself. Watch up top. More »

Elen Levon Goes Bush In “Wild Child”: Watch The Pretty Video

Take A Dive Into The Other Side
Elen Levon reinvents herself on “Wild Child”, leaving behind the heavily-produced dance-pop of her early singles in favor of a fresh, organic sound. That transformation is reflected in the naturalistic video, which finds the 19-year-old wandering around the Australian bush and dancing on the beach with a couple of drum-banging friends. 

At one point, the clip even appears to be paying tribute to Peter Weir‘s Picnic At Hanging Rock — a reference that could have been explored further. The Aussie diva looks gorgeous and the scenery is picturesque but it feels like something is missing. After all, the song is called “Wild Child” and everybody in this clip seems rather tame. If only the visual had a bit more of an edge to better reflect the raucousness of its truly great soundtrack. More »

Elen Levon Gets It Absolutely Right On “Wild Child”: Watch The Lyric Video

Give In To The Riptide!
Elen Levon has come a very long way since she first made waves with the Rihanna-lite dance-pop of “Naughty”. She released another two impressive singles in her native Australia but recently took time off to regroup and find herself. After all, the budding diva is still only 18 years old. It turned out to be the best decision of her (short) life. “Wild Child” is a near perfect pop song that was made to soundtrack warm, sunny days.

Co-written and produced by Jeremy Skaller (best known for working with Big Time Rush and Jay Sean), the infectious anthem steers Elen away from the heavy production of her first few singles in favor of a more organic, natural sound. The way “Wild Child” blends synths with drums is reminiscent of Ke$ha‘s “Die Young” but more innocent and carefree. That’s also reflected in the beautifully animated lyric video (above). The Aussie teenager means business this time. Get on board. More »

Elen Levon’s “Like A Girl In Love” Video: Idolator Premiere

Australia’s pop starlet Elen Levon is steadily moving away from her previous “Naughty” pop sound to more electro-oriented tunes, and her thumping new single “Like A Girl In Love” shows that she’ll be blasting into the clubs this year. In the song’s video, the 17-year-old singer and her male amour run wild across Cambodia — and in a creepy abandoned amusement park — while Levon sports a US-inspired bikini ensemble. (Thanks for the shout-out to us Yanks, Elen!) Head below for the exclusive premiere of the Aussie star’s sultry new clip. More »

Elen Levon’s “Naughty” Video: Idolator Premiere

17-year-old dance-pop performer Elen Levon hails from Sydney, Australia, but it won’t be long before she’s known worldwide. “Forget about them good girls, know that ain’t my persona,” the raven-haired singer exclaims on her debut single “Naughty”, continuing the trend of teen pop gals feeling frisky before they’re of legal age. After giving fans a sneak peek at the song’s thumping video, we’re proud to present the exclusive premiere of the full-length clip, featuring Aussie MC Israel Cruz (who also produced the party jam). Throw away your halo and get “Naughty” below. More »

Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The Jagger In This Week’s Reader Comments

All eyes in the pop world turned towards Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5 this week as the video for their long-awaited duet “Moves Like Jagger” finally hit the internet. Other hot stories included rumors of an Amy Winehouse biopic starring Lady Gaga, a first listen of Beyonce’s collaboration with The Throne (that would be “Lift Off”), and new music from budding Australian pop diva Elen Levon. Head below to see what our passionate, witty and sometimes downright ruthless readers had to say about these poptastic stories. More »