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10077779The 50-year-old lock of Elvis’ hair that went up for auction in Chicago yesterday exceeded expectations, price-wise—it was originally expected to fetch between $8,000 and $12,000, but it wound up leaving the building for $15,000, plus $3,300 in fees! So wait, does this mean the economy is back? Awesome! [AP / Earlier] More »

Apparently Today Is “Pop Stars’ Hair Is For Sale” Day

thrillofthedayWhat the hell: “SINGED strands of Michael Jackson’s hair that were burned a Pepsi advert are coming up for sale…. The hair was preserved after the accident in 1984 by [the ad’s executive producer Ralph] Cohen and the 12 strands are clearly singed.” Add these preseved tresses—expected to fetch about £1,000 at auction—to the locks from Elvis Presley and Pete Wentz that are up for sale, and you’ve officially got a trend. Although this entrant is more macabre than the other two. And it comes with its own account of how the hairs landed in the previous owner’s possession! More »

10077779A “large quantity” of the late Elvis Presley’s hair—shown at left in all its tufted glory—is expected to fetch between $8,000 and $12,000 at an auction taking place this Sunday in Chicago. The hair supposedly came from Presley’s shaving of his head when he joined the Army in 1958—meaning that, yes, the locks up for bid are 50 years old. Mmm, crunchy! For those of you who want a lock of a famous musician’s hair but are on a bit of a budget—or are looking for tresses of a more recent vintage—$130 (and fleet fingers) can possibly net you among other things a lock of Pete Wentz’s hair, salvaged from Mark Hoppus shaving off Wentz’s “emo haircut” during Fall Out Boy’s show at Madison Square Garden last Sunday. [via Reuters / icecreamhdaches] More »

“Hamster On A Piano” Eats Popcorn, Inspires Copyfight

Hamster On A Piano,” former Nerf Herder vocalist Parry Gripp‘s ode to a hamster chilling on a piano key while clutching a big piece of Orville Redenbacher, was a big hit around these parts, so the news that the video had to be recut because of a copyright-infringement claim on the part of the video’s original creator was something of a bummer. And then, thanks to said YouTube auteur’s ignorance regarding the idea that “copyright” extends to musical works, it became yet another laughable example of Internet hypocrisy. Click and see the adorable hamster engaging in his own infringey action!

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Cee-Lo Puts On His Elvis Suit

Speaking of Super Bowl ads, Coca-Cola’s “on the… More »

Merry Christmas, Elvis Is Alive

American culture’s penchant for Having Fun With Elvis In The Afterlife continues with the re-release of “Blue Christmas,” which has had Martina McBride added to The King’s ’68 Comeback Special performance of the song for the purposes of flogging it all over again in 2008. (The video is embedded over at USA Today‘s Web site.) Yes, it’s sort of like when Celine Dion joined Elvis onstage for American Idol‘s 2007 charity show, except a little creepier this time, thanks to the lack of Sanjaya and the power of “meaningful” digital editing!

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Mormon Pop: Like Christian Music, But With A Dull Shininess Added

I live in the area with the highest concentration of Mormons (they prefer the term LDS, but who are we kidding?) outside the state of Utah, but up until now I’ve managed to avoid any contemporary music geared toward that audience–the closest I got was when the screen devoted to Mormon-focused films at my neighborhood movie theater showed Tears of a King, the tale of Elvis Presley’s possible conversion to Mormonism in the days immediately preceding his death. Today, however, Mormon music is surrounding me on all sides.

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