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10 Out Of ’10: Idolator’s Favorite Albums Of The Year

Toby Keith Way Too Much Of A Bad-Ass To Be A Leader

tobykeithIn today’s wrapup of headlines: Toby Keith isn’t ready to make nice with voters, Elton John says “goodbye” to Las Vegas’ 10-karat-bricked roads, and Gregg “Girl Talk” Gillis is thinking about maybe engaging in the art of songcraft! More »

William Safire Writes A Mash Note To Mash-Ups

William Safire‘s “On Language” columns have gotten a lot more enjoyable since he stopped writing op-eds for The New York Times, but when he steps into a field with which he is not entirely familiar, the results cross that fine line between charming and cringey. Of course, it’s also hard to tell when he’s kidding—he self-consciously begins one sentence here with “I recall a letter written to Gov. William Scranton…”—but, well, he’s writing about “mashup.” And “remix.” You can probably tell where this is going.

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New Muxtape Offers Exciting New Chance To Listen To Middling Indie Rock… In Bright Colors!

Muxtape is back! Sort of! Once the sleekest, niftiest way to trade mix streams of your fave raves, Muxtape is has now been relaunched as a platform for bands to offer their music for free! Cool! So it’s sort of like a space for my music to be held, you know?

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80 ’08 (and Heartbreak): Announcing Idolator’s Year-End Extravaganza

What were the 80 most important musical recordings, artists, trends, events, and performances of 2008? What were the eight things this year that broke our hearts—or, at least, our ears? We’re happy to announce 80 ’08 (and Heartbreak), Idolator’s year-end overview. The list is below the jump.

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