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Lea Michele’s “Cannonball”: Listen To The Full Song

Lea Michele‘s probably-natural segue from TV’s Glee to pop stardom begins with “Cannonball,” the lead single from her upcoming debut album Louder (out March 4, 2014). Sia penned the track, and as noted yesterday when the song’s preview surfaced, Lea’s vocal deliver here is pretty faithful to what we imagine the go-to Australian singer-songwriter herself sounded like on the original demo.

“Cannonball” is now available on iTunes, along with pre-orders for Louder, and you can hear the song in full below. More »

Lea Michele Reveals ‘Louder’ Album Cover & Tracklist, Previews Single “Cannonball”

On Glee, Lea Michele graduated from William McKinley High to NYADA, and from a character who series writers seemed to have run out of ideas for in Season 3 to one of three faces who now have viewers breathing a collective sigh of relief when they pop up in each episode (the other two being fellow Glee vets Chris Colfer and Naya Rivera).

So here we are prepping for 2014, which will hopefully boast far better creative output from the music sphere than 2013 did. Lea finds herself going for pop glory by throwing a cap into the mainstream ring with upcoming album Louder, the tracklist for which was revealed today. First single/album opener “Cannonball” was penned by Sia, something immediately evident in the minute-and-a-half preview of the song now available online. “I won’t hide inside, I gotta get out, gotta get out, gotta get out,” Michele sings in the lead-up to the chorus, with a vocal delivery reminiscent of Sia’s own unique phrasing acrobatics.

Give “Cannonball” a spin and catch the Louder tracklist below. More »

‘Glee’ Recap: The “Previously Unaired Christmas” Episode Puts The “F” In Festive

The Egg Nog Isn't Nearly Spiked Enough
We’re treated to a blast from a hypothetical Christmas past with last night’s episode, “Previously Unaired Christmas.” While it is actually a new episode, it’s intended to be a peek at what was going on with the Glee kids during the 2012 holiday season. Everyone gets a chance to wax nostalgic and learn a little lesson about the spirit of Christmas.

Sue Sylvester introduces the episode in a beautifully decorated living room, complete with gorgeous felt stockings hung by the chimney with care. She explains the flashback premise, and so it begins! More »

‘Glee’ Uses Puppets To Ask “What Does The Fox Say?”

You *Animals*!
While Glee’s Thanksgiving episode wasn’t themed with the holiday, it did feature flights of fancy that wouldn’t be out of place during a post-feast food coma. There was literally something in the air at McKinley that had students and faculty daydreaming even more vividly than usual. Thankfully, before Blaine could conclude that he was finally, truly losing his mind, Sue Sylvester (of all people) managed to save the day and the school. More »

‘Glee’ Recap: Everyone Moves On With The Aid Of Billy Joel Songs In “Movin’ Out”

Blaine & Sam Wade Into The River Of Dreams
It’s all about finding a career path this week on Glee. The musical theme is the catalogue of singer/songwriter, Billy Joel, and the students of McKinley High find themselves facing decisions that will affect the rest of the school year and, for some, what their future vocation will be. Oh, yeah — and supermodel/reality television mogul Tyra Banks is this week’s guest star. It’s worth watching solely to see her deliver the fiercest of tiger eyes. More »

‘Glee’ Recap: ‘The End of Twerk’ Features Tattoos, Body Piercings & Bathroom Jokes

If you thought things got scandalous last week when the Glee kids were dressed in some of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry‘s most scantily-clad costumes, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. In Thursday’s (November 14) episode, entitled “The End of Twerk,” everybody’s twerking hard for the money, complete with tattoos, body piercings, booty shaking and bathroom humor. More »

‘Glee’ Covers Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” & Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” For “The End Of Twerk”: Listen

Twerk Bitch!
There’s no way you’re sick of the painfully never-ending global obsession and dissection of twerking yet, right? Or “Wrecking Ball”? Or “Blurred Lines”? Or Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke in general? Okay, good — because this week’s episode of Glee, titled, charmingly enough, “The End Of Twerk,” has all of that stuff jam-packed into one nice and tidy hour, along with the cast covering Beyonce‘s 2008 ballad “If I Were A Boy,” “You Are Woman, I Am Man” from the musical Funny Girl and “On Our Way” by duo The Royal Concept.

Head below to hear songs from this so-called “twerk fail nightmare,” Gleeks. More »

‘Glee’ Recap: Adam Lambert Marries The Night As Starchild In ‘A Katy Or A Gaga’

Adam Channels Mother Monster
After an emotional sendoff to dearly departed Glee cast member Cory Monteith, the gang is focused on getting back to the business of making music. Several weeks after the previous episode, entitled “The Quarterback,” we’re back with “A Katy or a Gaga.” In classic Glee mashup style, New Directions will be taking on two archetypal divas and pitting their music against one another.

The show starts with Will Schuester interrupting rehearsal room hijinks with the announcement of the secret list of the show choirs against whom New Directions will be competing. When he reads the name of the Fort Wayne group, Throat Explosion, the glee club flips out, declaring their rivals to be the new supergroup and describing them as “mini Lady Gagas.” More »

Adam Lambert & Demi Lovato Cover Katy Perry’s “Roar” For ‘Glee’: Listen

This Thursday (November 6), Glee returns after a month-long hiatus. The episode, “A Katy Or A Gaga,” will pay homage to Katy Perry, two week after the release of her album Prism, and Lady Gaga (again), a week before the release of ARTPOP. The episode also boasts the continuing storyline of guest star Demi Lovato‘s on screen romance with Naya Rivera‘s Santana Lopez, plus features the debut of Adam Lambert‘s character Elliott Gilbert on the series. Think that’s enough attention-grabbing info for TV viewers?

Head below to hear Adam and Demi’s take on “Roar” from this week’s upcoming Glee episode, as well as the cast doing Gaga’s “Applause” and Perry’s “Wide Awake.” (And catch Lambert’s take on “Marry The Night,” which we previously posted, here.) More »

Adam Lambert Introduces His ‘Glee’ Character: Watch The Tantalizing Behind-The-Scenes Video

Adam Spills The Beans
Adam Lambert kindly documented his first day working on Glee with a cute behind-the-scenes video. He introduces his character — a struggling musician called Elliott — interspersed between footage from the show and commentary from fellow actors. The 31-year-old is clearly enthusiastic about the next step of his hugely successful post-American Idol career, singing the praises of everyone involved.

Interestingly, Adam also admits he auditioned for Glee when it first launched but didn’t get the role because he was too old. Thankfully, the producers revised their age restrictions and we can now expect week after week of killer performances and juicy drama (he talks about possibly being Kurt’s nemesis). Oh and Demi Lovato also discusses the pop star’s phenomenal talent. Watch up top. More »