Lady Gaga Has A Black Eye: Morning Mix

Soulja Boy Drops More Straight-Up Garbage

Man, am I conflicted about this new Soulja Boy video, “Donk.” On first listen, it sounded like Ice-T’s worst fears writ large: A kid yelping about asses and humping the clap beat like Luke was sponsoring a Miami Bass Special Olympics. More »

Soulja Boy And Ice-T End Their Beef. So Who Won?

The war between Soulja Boy and Ice-T is over. A-Rab no longer has to be on the lookout for SVU detectives planting evidence. Evil E can walk down the street without wondering if that teenager is going to throw a semen-stained bedsheet on his back, yelling “Yahhh, trick, yahhh!” But while both sides have promised no more YouTubes on the subject, there’s little sense of the rift between B.C. (Before Christopher Wallace) and A.D. (After Diddy) rappers being closed. Explains Soulja, “Basically comments were made (by Ice-T) and I had to defend myself,” Soulja Boy told AllHipHop. “The GZA had said something about me one time and 50 jumped it in. And this time it was Ice-T and Kanye jumped in it. It’s the new Hip-Hop sticking together and I love it.” Do you?

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Ice-T Hated Soulja Boy Well Before Their YouTube Beef

AP060330010533.jpgGrandpa Ice-T and young Soulja Boy may have quashed their beef, but a clip of Ice-T bitching about Soulja last October (“Soulja Boy? The fuck is that? It’s garbage! And if the dude doesn’t like it, I’ll punch him in his face.”) that recently popped up on YouTube just may reignite it. Not only does it add a violent threat to the mix, it also casts serious doubt on Ice-T’s claims that he was being goaded into dissing Soulja Boy on the mixtape that started it all. Even if Soulja ignores this cane shaking, Lil’ Mama (“‘My lip gloss be popping?’ Get the fuck out of here.”) and Mims (“We came all the way from Rakim to ‘This Is Why I’m Hot’…) may step up to the star of Surviving The Game with some sequel beef.

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Anybody Know If Soulja Boy Stayed In To Watch TV Last Night?

So here’s a little conspiracy theory for you: What if Ice-T started that whole verbal slapfight with Soulja Boy last week because he wanted to put the word out there that he was ready to feud with anyone …. More »

The Ice-T/Soulja Boy Feud Gets Animated

Ice-T may be slowly backing away from his fight with YouTube’s top rapper/shoe mogul/dance-craze originator, but that’s not stopping Soulja Boy, who apparently has a lot of time and bandwidth, from releasing yet another clip going off on his elder and any other “50-year-old” types out there. More »

Grandpa Ice-T Reaffirms Soulja Boy’s Wackness

Ice-T would like to humbly apologize for telling young Soulja Boy to eat a dick. “Truthfully, a brother of my caliber shouldn’t be talking down on a youngster your age.” Wait for it…”But as far as your music goes? It’s garbage.”

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Ice-T Backs Down Further As Kanye Weighs In On Soulja Beef

Oh, this Internet age! The Soulja Boy/Ice-T beef may already be over before a single battle track could be laid down, judging by Ice-T’s interview with “Soulja Boy, you killed hip-hop” has now become “Soulja Boy, you could try harder,” as Ice-T acknowledges the long list of corny-ass dances in hip-hop’s career, including Ski Love’s “Pee Wee Herman,” the video for which just happens to include Ice-T. “That s**t was corny too…so I have a corny strike on my resume. But now it seems like the game is being overtaken by less skillful Hip-Hop. And you notice Joe Ski didn’t have a real long career in Hip-Hop.” But while he may accept Soulja as an underage Joe Ski, it’s going to take a lot more than Kanye West references a bonus track on It Was Written… to make Ice-T think he’s the new Nas.

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Soulja Boy Fires Back At Ice-T The Only Way He Knows How: Wikipedia Citations

In case you don’t have the stomach to watch Soulja Boy’s expletive-laden, nearly eight-minutes-long despite edits response to Ice-T saying he ruined hip-hop forevermore, let me sum up its two major arguments. No. 1: “YAHHH OLD YAHHH.” (That’s a paraphrase.) No. More »

Ice-T: “Soulja Boy Killed Hip-Hop!”

Just in case you thought “farm boys from Iowa” contributing to Salon were the only people livid about the effect of Soulja Boy on hip-hop*, SVU veteran and creator of my favorite rap album of all time Ice-T wants you to know that he has no respect for the snap superstar. “We came all the way from Rakim, we came all the way from Das EFX, we came all the way from motherfuckers flowing like Big Daddy Kane and Ice Cube, and you come with that Superman shit? That shit is garbage.”

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