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Watch Beyonce Perform With Jay Z & “Ugly Cry” At Final Mrs. Carter Show Concert

Beyonce‘s Mrs. Carter Show has been conquering the world for the past year or so, both pre- and post-Beyonce, long before “surfboart” was a thing. Last night (March 27) in Lisbon, Portugal, Bey wrapped up the tour once and for all with the 132nd (!) Mrs. Carter Show show. To mark the occasion, she brought out her hubby Jay Z for their latest collab, “Drunk In Love,” and addressed the fans for a heartfelt, tearful thank you.

“Tonight makes 132 shows. Tonight is the last show of the Mrs. Carter Show. We started a year ago,” she began. “I wanna say, this has been such a journey. The past year, we’ve been through so much together. The Super Bowl. Shooting the videos. All of these shows. When I first started the tour, my baby was not even walking yet. I just want you to know that I am so lucky.” It was at this point Bey started getting verklempt. “I’m giving y’all an ugly cry,” she said, pausing for praise hands, “”Thank God. Thank you for allowing me to have a career. And when I fall, you lift me up, and when I’m hungry, you feed me. And I just wanna give you my light. I dedicate this song to you guys.”

Check out Jay’s cameo and the touching message below. More »

6 Highlights From Last Week’s Action In Austin

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
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Last week, major label heads, music geeks and excited fans gathered in the city of Austin to enjoy one of the largest music festivals in the country. From big-name superstars like Coldplay and Jay Z to rising artists like BANKS, the music capital of Texas became home to a variety of memorable performances. Head down below to revisit six of the biggest highlights from Austin’s big music festival! More »

Kanye West & Jay Z To Perform Together At SXSW

The Throne Is Back
For the first time since their 2012 Watch The Throne tour, Kanye West and Jay Z are performing a full concert together. The two hip-hop kings will headline day 1 of Samsung’s SXSW concert series in Austin on Tuesday (March 12). The two previously performed together at SXSW in 2011 for a G.O.O.D. Music showcase.

Of course, there’s a catch, as there is with any marquee SXSW show these days. To get tickets, you have to be the owner of a Samsung Galaxy phone with new streaming service Milk Music on the device. We expect this sort of corporate tangling from Hov, but from Kanye “Fuck you and your corporation” West, it’s a bit disappointing.

Janelle Monae, Gary Clark Jr., Broken Bells, Cut Copy and Holy Ghost! are also scheduled for the Samsung series this week. More »

Alleged Daft Punk & Jay Z Collaboration “Computerized” Hits Web: Stream The Track

Well this is interesting. A purported Daft Punk song featuring Jay Z called “Computerized” has made its way onto the Internet. It’s allegedly a leftover from their Random Access Memories sessions, and some sites are even claiming that it was produced by Kanye West. The track certainly sounds authentic, and I can’t recall ever hearing these Jay verses before.

Consequence of Sound agrees on the Jay front, and points out that some Reddit sleuths concluded “Computerized” contains some elements from the Robots’ Tron soundtrack. So it’s possible that this was a real track which was scrapped, and parts of it served as the foundation to a different song on the 2010 soundtrack. But you could also argue that some enterprising copycat simply pulled elements from the duo’s Tron work to create a very convincing simulacrum here. But then, where did Jay’s vocals come from? Now that True Detective is over, this song is our new Yellow King mystery.

Check it out below, but seeing as how Daft Punk counterfeits are all over the Web (remember all the fake “real” versions of “Get Lucky” before the full single was released?), one must go into this with a healthy dose of skepticism.  More »

Robin Thicke Is Still Talking About Paula Patton At Concerts: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Poor Robin Thicke. He’s still trying to win back wife Paula Patton by declaring his love for her at shows. A couple of days after telling concertgoers in Virginia of his romantic woes, he performed Al Green‘s “Let’s Stay Together” in her honor at a gig in Atlantic City. Aww! [Billboard]

:: Here’s the sequel we’ve all been waiting for (or not). R. Kelly has announced that his will be following up his highly explicit collection of bedroom anthems Black Panties with a sequel called White Panties. Can’t wait. [Vibe]

:: Kanye West‘s music think tank DONDA will be managed by Jay Z‘s Roc Nation moving forward. Hov’s company will be in charge of DONDA’s recording, branding and touring initiatives. Get money. [Rap Radar]

:: Here’s some bad news for rap giant Lil Wayne. It turns out he owes the government a whopping $12 million in unpaid taxes. That’s got to hurt! Although, the MC is worth upwards of $100 million, so he’ll bounce back. [Vibe]

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Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” Now Gets A T.I. Remix: Listen To The Latest Overhaul

The onslaught of “Drunk In Love” remixes continues. Beyonce‘s all-conquering top 5 hit has been overhauled by Kanye West, Diplo and The Weeknd over the past couple of days. But wait, there’s more! T.I. put his spin on the song today (February 17) and it’s another highly explicit brag about bedroom antics.

Bey clearly favors Ye’s remix (his is the only official version), which is odd because it’s the least enjoyable. T.I. takes a lighter approach, injecting some humor into the X-rated goings on with lines like “she say champagne ain’t strong enough but she never will say it ain’t long enough” and “don’t take this as misogyny when I say take this mahogany”. Listen to the Atlanta MC’s racy interpretation after the jump. More »

Is Beyonce Releasing A Video For Kanye West’s “Drunk In Love” Remix?

Role Reversal
Beyonce‘s “Drunk In Love” now faces stiff competition for R&B/hip-hop radio airplay, from Pharrell‘s “Happy” and Pitbull‘s “Timber” featuring Ke$ha. Just as it started to descend the charts, however, Beyonce surprised yet again: On February 14, Hot 97′s Angie Martinez debuted the official “Drunk In Love” remix featuring Kanye West. The next day, Bey herself hinted of a video remix treatment, too.

Recent clips show Beyonce wearing a cowgirl hat and swinging a lasso inside a pen; immediately, they recall West’s more explicit lines in the remix — “You reverse that cowgirl / you reverse, reversing / and I impregnated your mouth, girl.” (Lovely.) Buzzfeed points out that the footage is from a behind-the-scenes peek at a 2011 Essence cover shoot, to accompany a story that Beyonce wrote of how she’s “taking the reins herself” after father Mathew Knowles managed her career for 15 years.

Could Beyonce be using her Essence footage for a remix video? It’s hard to say now, but doing so wouldn’t be new to her — after all, she did use Star Search clips for Beyonce‘s “***Flawless” video. Watch Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” video teaser up top, then check out the official remix, plus other inspired takes by  Diplo and The Weeknd, in full after the jump. More »

10 Artist-Producer Breakups That Prove The Curmudgeons Right This Valentine’s Day

Sure, it’s easy to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a pop music website. The entire pop industry is built on songs about falling in love sung by attractive, covetable stars. Pop music gives couples “our song” and something to muffle the squeaky bed frame. But pop music is also a playground for the cold-hearted cynics scowling their way through this sappiest of holidays. And we’re here for them.

But instead of just doing another tired list of breakup songs, we’re highlighting professional breakups between artists and their producers (collaborations that, incidentally, are responsible for a fair share of breakup songs). Because an artistic relationship that results in pop music perfection is rare. When that ends, you can’t just take comfort in a pint of ice cream.

So below, we’ve eulogized 10 successful artist-producer teams that disintegrated because of diminishing returns, squabbles over creative control, alleged body-shaming or, in the case of Ke$ha and Dr. Luke, all three of those things. Happy Valentine’s Day!  More »

Jay Z Films Beyonce Jumping Off A Yacht: Watch

Team Turn Up!
Here’s something a little different for your Friday afternoon. Beyonce just updated her Tumblr with a video of her jumping off a luxury yacht during her recent mediterranean vacation. Filmed on Jay Z‘s smartphone, the cute clip begins with a bikini clad Bey standing on the ship’s roof.

Hov can be heard cheering her on (“team turn up!”) before the world-running diva jumps into the clear blue water. She quickly surfaces and waves her hands in victory while her proud husband celebrates. The Carters really are too cute. They even make semi-reckless behavior look utterly adorable. Watch adventure lady Beyonce in action up top. More »

Kanye West, Lil Wayne, The Weeknd Featured On Rick Ross’ ‘Mastermind’: See The Tracklist

Rick Ross just unveiled the tracklist to his forthcoming album Mastermind (out March 4), and unsurprisingly, it boasts an A-list roster. We already knew Jay Z was on the LP for “The Devil Is a Lie,”  but Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, The WeekndJeezy and Meek Mill are also featured on the release. (Guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer to get that apparent Justin Bieber collab.)

Ye and his G.O.O.D. Music signee Big Sean join forces on “Sanctified,” while Weezy appears on a cut called “Thug Cry.” As for The Weeknd’s collab, it sounds appropriately druggy with the title “In Vein.” Mastermind clocks in at 16 tracks, plus three bonus tracks including a reprise of “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt,” Rozay’s collaboration with Hov from Magna Carta Holy Grail. In addition, yesterday (February 6), Ross announced Diddy is the album’s co-executive producer.

Check out the tracklist and the video announcing it below. More »