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American Music Awards 2013: Danity Kane, Calvin Harris, Fifth Harmony, Bonnie McKee & More

The 2013 American Music Awards has to be the chicest ceremony in recent memory. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and even goddess of glitter Ke$ha opted for sophistication and elegance over brassy shock tactics. But did their fellow pop stars follow suit?

The answer is a resounding yes. Calvin Harris looked dapper in his black suit, Danity Kane (with the exception of Aubrey O’Day and her plunging neckline) dialed it back and Jennifer Hudson sizzled in orange. There were a few exceptions — TLC looked a mess — but overall, there were more hits than misses. More »

Jesse McCartney Preps ‘In Technicolor Part 1′ EP, Full Release To Follow In Spring

Remember this summer when Jesse McCartney came out of nowhere with the unexpectedly great, smooth R&B single “Back Together”? No? Shame on you! Listen to it now.

Now that thats out of the way, it’s worth discussing that J-Mac is prepping his first new release in several years: On December 10, the crooner will release his In Technicolor Part 1 EP, a collection of four songs (including “Back Together”), with his fifth full-length album, a “70s disco-pop record,” to follow in the spring. More »

7 Questions With Jesse McCartney: New Single “Back Together”, EP Details & Giving Away “Bleeding Love”

Jesse McCartney Shoots The Breeze
After taking a little break to pursue an acting career, Jesse McCartney has returned to music with a slick new R&B-infused pop single called “Back Together”. The track has sparked comparisons to Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke with its chilled nu-disco vibe, so it’s safe to say he’s well and truly back on track.

The 26-year-old recently dropped by the Idolator studio to chat about his comeback and shared some details about his new EP. Jesse also opened up about giving “Bleeding Love” for Leona Lewis (he doesn’t regret it one iota) and reminisced about the still brilliant “Beautiful Soul”. Watch up top. More »

Jesse McCartney Comes Back Swinging With Excellent New Single “Back Together”

It’s been awhile (too much of awhile, if you ask me), but Jesse McCartney is back with his first proper release since 2008′s Departure launched him into a more grown-up sound — and the new single, “Back Together,” does exactly what you want him to do: It puts him in the same space as Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke, with a cool disco vibe and a fluttery falsetto vocal.

The lyrics, too, are appropriately adult but stop just short of posturing: “Lipstick on my cigarette / How you used to hog the bed / The little shit that I can’t forget.” Yes, new Jesse McCartney single, you can stay. More »

The Morning Mix: Katy Perry And Russell Brand Dress Subdued For Once

Did You Hear?

:: Katy Perry and Russell Brand are matchy-matchy in grey hues on the red carpet for the premiere of Russell’s movie, The Tempest. Almost didn’t recognize Katy without a latex dress on. [MTV Buzzworthy]

:: T.I.’s new album dropped this week, but the rapper isn’t exactly available to promote it. Does No Mercy stand a chance on the charts with its creator behind bars? [EW Music Mix]

:: The CW is planning it’s own Glee-type musical show, this one about a failing indie rock band. Wasn’t that called Flight of the Conchords? Who are we kidding, we’ll watch it. [Vulture]

:: Listen to Jesse McCartney’s new song, “One Night.” [Music & Lyrics]

:: Harry Shum Jr. was once known as Glee’s “Other Asian”, and now the amazing dancer finally gets to hog some of the spotlight. Check out his interview with E!’s Watch With Kristin, where he explains how he got those eye-popping abs. [E! Online]

After the jump, see which R&B superstar will bring music fresh out the kitchen to appear on late-night TV.
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PHOTOS: Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Keri Hilson, T.I. at L.A.’s ‘Takers’ Premiere

Before Chris Brown, T.I. And Keri Hilson performed for fans at the Takers‘ Hollywood premiere, they first had to strike a pose for the paparazzi. Also in attendance at Hollywood’s famed Arclight Cinerama Dome Theater were musical artists Snoop Dogg and Jesse McCartney. Neither of the two are in the Takers, but were probably just there to check out the new crime thriller. Chris Brown’s ensmble—which included a pair of leopard print sneakers—reminded us of a character from a completely different film: Duckie from the John Hughes’ 80s classic Pretty In Pink. Flip through to see all the arrival action and tell us if you think the “I Can Transform Ya” rapper is trying to transform into the “Duckman”.

Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad And The ‘Idol’ In This Week’s Reader Comments

This week brought not only big shakeups at American Idol, but also new music from Jesse McCartney and Natalia Kills, a new video blog from David Archuleta and the first look at a scene from Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid—i.e. the upcoming B-movie starring Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. And just how did our readers respond to all this pop hustle? Read on!

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Jesse McCartney Gets Buried Alive With Auto-Tune On ‘Step Up 3-D’ Track “Up”

Jesse McCartney’s song on the Step Up 3-D soundtrack, “Up”, should really just be called “Generic Auto-Tune Song #4.” This boy can actually sing, correct? Why must he mask his vocals under ridiculous amounts of robotic flair? If you must, listen to it below.

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The Morning Mix: Rihanna To Give Katy Perry A Last Hurrah As A Single Gal

Did you hear?

:: Rihanna is throwing a bachelorette party for Katy Perry before she gets married to Russell Brand. Erotic bakeries are about to get a lot of business. (We’re not talking about the bachelorette party, though. We mean Russell Brand probably only consumes x-rated pastries.) [Just Jared]

:: Christina Aguilera will sit down with Oprah on an episode filmed at Radio City Music Hall on May 7 and perform a track off her new album Bionic. Is this album really and truly happening? We’ve been anticipating it for so long, a new Christina record seemed but a pipe dream. [Lifeline Live]

:: So much for Lil Wayne having a part-time job while in prison—the story of him being on suicide watch for “crazy prisoners” turned out to be a fake. [The BoomBox]

:: Canadians megastars Justin Bieber and Drake are reportedly working on a collaboration together (other than Drake’s random cameo in the “Baby” video). [Complex]

:: MTV shares several filmed interviews with Green Day about their American Idiot musical and how Billie Joe Armstrong has managed not to age in twenty years. (Okay, they didn’t inquire about that, but we really want to know.) [MTV Buzzworthy]

After the jump: before there was Justin Bieber, there was Jesse McCartney.
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Z100′s Jingle Ball 2008: In Which Ne-Yo Makes Us Believe In Pop Again

So, Friday night was the 2008 installment of Z100′s end-of-year-fest known as the Jingle Ball, and while this year’s lineup didn’t have any guaranteed swoon objects like last year’s Jonas Brothers fest, the lineup was nowhere near the crapfest that was Zootopia. Kanye West and Ne-Yo and Rihanna (and even Leona Lewis and David Archuleta, to a lesser extent) made me realize that while the ever-shrinking beast that is “pop music” certainly has its problems in 2008, its high points can still bring smiles to faces and twitchiness to butts.

Let’s start with the best: Ne-Yo. Yes, yes, I am in the tank for him. But his set—nestled in between Katy Perry and Jesse McCartney, and too abbreviated (by which I mean it didn’t last all night)—was all showmanship, with him clad in a form-fitting suit and channeling Morris Day and Joe Tex while pummeling through tracks from Year Of The Gentleman and a few older radio hits. (“So Sick” had everyone singing along.) The audience, which was mostly made up of teenage girls and their parents/older siblings (I sat next to a semi-aggrieved 20-year-old from Long Island who was chaperoning his 13-year-old sister and her friends; meanwhile, my companion and I were some of the oldest women in attendance who weren’t mothers), was happy to see him at first, but by the time he did his show-closing cane-twirling routine (!!) they were in full-on freak-out mode. It almost made me feel bad for McCartney, whose oversized suit was about as ill-fitting has his set; he’d received the loudest cheers from the crowd when his face came up on the Jumbotrons, but the response to his actual performance was lackluster.

Because my friend and I arrived 25 minutes late, we missed the first three acts on the bill. (These shows are run with military precision, although I guess Z100 does employ a traffic coordinator, so it knows about the importance of tight scheduling.) We arrived just in time for Leona Lewis, whose capable set was marred by its consistent tempo, which could best be described as “mid.” Give that woman some beats! Katy Perry was next, and while my companion was horrified at her inability to run, sing, and breathe at the same time, well… at least she looked sort of cute in that sparkly red dress, which she referred to as her “Slutty Claus” outfit. She sure does like to get boys’ attention!

Kanye West’s set was 80/20 old/new, and the new songs did seem to bum out a lot of the kids in the crowd, but I relished his performance—and loved that he just ended, without fanfare or saying good night. It was a marked contrast to Ne-Yo, but then again, Ne-Yo’s performance was much more about bringing the audience in, while Kanye, who sang on a few non-808 songs (including “American Boy”!) was seemingly trying to keep people out.

The final two acts of the night were both pitched directly toward the swooning girls; David Archuleta played four tracks, including a sprightly cover of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles,” while Chris Brown presided over a set that threatened to turn into America’s Best Dance Crew 3 way too often for people to stay interested. Only when Rihanna came out did the stage become electrified, thanks to the undeniable sexual chemistry between her and Brown (the crowd went into hyperdrive when Brown put his hand on Rihanna’s midriff) and the unquenchable pop quality held by both her and the songs she performed, “Umbrella” and “Live Your Life.” In a week where Brown was crowned the No. 1 pop star, it was his rumored paramour who almost stole his set out from under him.

Jingle Ball 2008 [Z100]