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Jesse McCartney Gets Buried Alive With Auto-Tune On ‘Step Up 3-D’ Track “Up”

The Morning Mix: Rihanna To Give Katy Perry A Last Hurrah As A Single Gal

Z100’s Jingle Ball 2008: In Which Ne-Yo Makes Us Believe In Pop Again

So, Friday night was the 2008 installment of Z100’s end-of-year-fest known as the Jingle Ball, and while this year’s lineup didn’t have any guaranteed swoon objects like last year’s Jonas Brothers fest, the lineup was nowhere near the crapfest that was Zootopia. Kanye West and Ne-Yo and Rihanna (and even Leona Lewis and David Archuleta, to a lesser extent) made me realize that while the ever-shrinking beast that is “pop music” certainly has its problems in 2008, its high points can still bring smiles to faces and twitchiness to butts.

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Phoenix To Host Greatest Concert Lineup Since The US Festival

I’m sure it’s more due to the booking power of Clear Channel than the promotional talents of morning show idiots Johnjay and Rich, but this year’s installment of KZZP’s Phooson looks to be the greatest collection of talent ever. Sure, the concert has abandoned its original mission of bringing music to the gap between Phoenix and Tucson (get it? that’s why it’s called Phooson) and set up shop at an amphitheater in Phoenix. But when you look at the lineup, you’ll realize that Casa Grande–the little town smack in the middle of the two bigger cities–couldn’t have handled this much star power.

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Jesse McCartney: The Unlikely Heir To Justin Timberlake’s Throne?

jesse.jpgEd. note: Chris “dennisobell” Molanphy, our resident chart guru, looks at the upward, downward, and lack of movement on this week’s Billboard charts:

The upper reaches of this week’s Billboard Hot 100 are a little sleepy–two songs sneak into the bottom rungs of the Top 10, and every song above them either holds position or moves at most a spot or two.

But one of the Top 10 entrants boasts an unusual pair of credits: he has his first Top 10 hit as a recording act in the same week that he’s enjoying his first chart-topper as a songwriter. Making it somewhat more unusual, at least among multi-hyphenate types: he just turned 21 about a month ago.

We’re talking about former boy bander, former small-screen star, and TRL mainstay Jesse McCartney. The song he co-wrote–Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love,” penned with OneRepublic schlock-meister Ryan Tedder–is actually in its fourth nonconsecutive week at No. 1. The newer hit is his own: “Leavin’,” which leaps four spots to No. 10 after a huge, iTunes-fueled debut last week.

Throw in the fact that he did a voice for the March blockbuster Horton Hears A Who! and this kid’s having an awfully good spring.

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Jesse McCartney Is Leavin’ Like The ’80s

Of his new album, Jesse McCartney has said: “I’m going for Prince chord changes, Michael (Jackson) melodies, and the bigness of Madonna.” “Leavin'” more sounds like a vocoder-less T-Pain with distortion on the drums, but it’s still awesome. More »

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