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Lady Gaga Finally Releases Jo Calderone “You & I” Fashion Film

Five months after the release of her last “You & I” fashion film (and six months from the premiere of the original video), Lady Gaga has unveiled a new clip with her dressed up as her male alter-ego, the chain-smoking greaser Jo Calderone (as well as her barn-dancing persona). But why now? To get people’s attention off other ubiquitous pop stars taking over the news? To remind people that “You & I” is nominated for a Grammy? Or can we expect more from Jo in the not so distant future? Our guess: the Haus Of Gaga forgot they still had this one in the bin and decided to just throw it out there. Grab some second-hand smoke from Mr. Calderone’s cigarette below. More »

Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The Calderone In This Week’s Reader Comments

With the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards now in the rear view mirror, we’re able to pinpoint several watercooler moments that the event offered up. That said, our readers were divided on how they felt about the show overall, and they certainly seemed to have a love or hate attitude toward the omnipresence of Lady Gaga’s male alter ego Jo Calderone during the whole two-and-a-half hours. Read what the comments that came in about the VMAs below!
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Britney Spears Covers ‘Glamour’ UK — And She Doesn’t Look Happy About It (PHOTOS)

Britney Spears is Glamour UK’s October 2011 cover girl, and she looks fabulous. So why the long face, Brit? Inside the ladymag, the “Criminal” singer is sultry, sexy and sassy in her spread — yet she still refuses to flash her gorgeous pearly whites. What do you think of the Jo Calderone smoocher‘s latest shoot? Is her pout off-putting or alluring?

The Morning Mix: Adam Levine Hates On The VMAs

Did You Hear?

:: Not everyone tuned into the 2011 MTV VMAs — Maroon 5′s Adam Levine continued his anti-VMA rant to E! News: “I remember when I was a kid I worshiped the VMAs,” he said. “It was a celebratory day that represented what the channel stood for.”And now? “It’s sad. It’s like seeing Tower Records in L.A. as a clothing store.” [E! Online]

:: Aerosmith — yes, Steven Tyler included — is planning to release a new album sometime around May 2012. This would be their first studio album since 2001′s Just Push Play. [Spinner]

:: Lil Mama isn’t so lil anymore — the 21-year-old rapper has released her new video “Scrawberry”. No, that’s not a typo, it’s really caled “Scrawberry”. [Music & Lyrics]

:: Drake talks to Entertainment Weekly about working with Stevie Wonder, challenging himself, and readying a “birthday edition” of his album Take Care. [EW Music Mix]

:: GLBT advocacy groups have commended Lady Gaga — we mean Jo Calderone — for her gender-defying performance at the MTV VMAs. [MTV]

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Lady Gaga Takes Dressing Like A Man Very Seriously, Wears Fake Penis At VMAs

First Lady Gaga has a penis, then she doesn’t have a penis, now she has a penis again? Make up your mind, Gaga! According to Us Weekly, the gender-bending pop star wore a prosthetic phallus in addition to men’s clothing (and underwear!) while playing her male alter-ego Jo Calderone at the 2011 MTV VMAs. Gaga even went method backstage — jump below to catch her, er, we mean Jo speaking to the press room. It’s almost as uncomfortable to watch as that near-kiss with Britney. More »

Terry Richardson Releases Jo Calderone Pics (PHOTOS)

Hungry for more Jo Calderone? Photographer Terry Richardson posted pics yesterday of Lady Gaga’s manly alter ego to his site — and they’re a far cry from the previous supremely wet shots he took with the VMA performer. Is this a taste of what we can expect from the upcoming photo book the two are collaborating on? Or does the famed photog have as much of a thing for the Mother Monster in drag as Britney Spears?