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Joe Jonas’ Fashionable Arrival At ’30 Minutes Or Less’ Premiere (PHOTOS)

Joe Jonas arrived at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre for the premiere of 30 Minutes Or Less last night in the exact same ensemble he sported earlier while breaking boards on Lopez Tonight. Is this a major fashion faux pas or is the pop star simply making good use of a great outfit? Regardless, we still feel Britney Spears’ European tourmate could have used a thin tie with his suit and sneakers look, but he’s the clotheshorse — not us. Tell us your thoughts on the Fastlife crooner’s style choice below.

Joe Jonas Looks Dapper, Breaks Board With His Bare Hand On ‘Lopez Tonight’

A very well-dressed Joe Jonas (is there really any other kind?) hit up Lopez Tonight on the five-year anniversary of the very first Jonas Brothers album’s release date, and regaled nighttime host George Lopez with tales of fending off angry senior citizens in his early mall-tour days, keeping it gangsta in babysitting school (his back-up plan if the music thing hadn’t worked out) and having kung fu throwdowns in the parking lot of Pinkberry. And then he broke a board Lopez was holding with his bare hand. The action happens below!
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Joe Jonas Joins Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale Tour In Europe

Ah look, former Disney kids playing nice together! Joe Jonas will be opening for Britney Spears on the European leg of her Femme Fatale tour starting October 16 (which is just a few days after his solo album Fastlife drops on October 11). Jonas, who will also open tomorrow night during Brit’s stop in New Jersey, told People, “She was the first girl I ever had a poster on my wall of, and her album was the first CD I ever bought. It’s so funny to think I had that on my wall and here I am about to perform with her.” [Via Celebuzz]

Joe Jonas’ ‘Fastlife’ Album Pushed Back To October

September 6 is a date you won’t see no more when it comes to Joe Jonas’ debut solo LP Fastlife. Two hours ago the dapper crooner posted the following his Facebook wall: “I’m performing at the Britney Spears concert in NJ on Aug 5. And get ready for Fastlife in stores October 11.” Good news on the Britney front. But looks like Jonas fans will just have to find a distraction other than the loose-lipped singer‘s new tunes once back-to-school season rolls around.

Joe Jonas Shares French Kiss With Video Co-Star

They say Paris is the city of lovers, and this pic of “See No More” crooner Joe Jonas with who’s said to be his co-star in the video for upcoming Fastlife single “Just In Love With You” pretty much underscores that point. notes that the smooch scenes for stylish Joe‘s vid were shot in what looks like a train station. Joe and his companion are also said to embrace in the forthcoming clip when overlooking a bridge at a Parisian park. Tres beau, Joe!

Joe Jonas Is Stylin’ In Mr. Porter (PHOTOS)

Joe Jonas is the face of men’s fashion site Mr. Porter — and who better than the admitted clotheshorse to model for their Midsummer Issue. The gossip magazine headline hero looks ready for fall in his heavy blazers and adorable beanie. The “See No More” crooner  up in his interview that his image of the most beautiful woman is, “Elizabeth Taylor. In her heyday, she was amazing.” Guess we better fish out our copy of Cleopatra for some style tips. And if any guys out there are feeling inspired by the dapper singer’s latest look, you can pick up the pop star’s exact duds here.

7 Classy Quotes From Joe Jonas’ ‘GQ’ UK Interview

Joe Jonas might still have that adorable baby face we love, but he’s far from the young boy we first fell for on the Disney channel. As the “See No More” crooner continues the promotional trail for his upcoming solo album, the 21-year-old chatted with GQ UK about his (now grown up) fast life. We’ve rounded up the snazzy dresser‘s classiest quotes as he opens up about fashion, boozing and even —  dubstep?!

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Joe Jonas Hits The Streets Of New York (PHOTOS)

Fans saw plenty of “See No More” singer Joe Jonas as the pop star exited his hotel in New York City today. Dapper DJ Danger  was styling in his leather jacket and shades as he headed out on the town. (Perhaps to quench his thirst with another pineapple soda?) Check out our gossip magazine headlines hero as he greets a gaggle of screaming teen girls.

Janet Jackson Talks Tour On ‘Paul O’Grady’, Joe Jonas Performs “See No More”

It was a big day for double-J names with equally famous musician siblings on the UK’s Paul O’Grady Show yesterday. Janet Jackson stopped by to chat with the affable Brit about her world tour, an occasional hankering for french fries, and a wardrobe malfunction much less known than that little Superbowl snafu with Justin Timberlake (apparently, her pants once split while performing “Rhythm Nation” for the Queen, too). And while Janet didn’t give fans a taste of her tour during her appearance, at least Joe Jonas was on hand to croon his paint-splattered single “See No More.” Catch both below.

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Joe Jonas Makes Music Out Of Gossip Magazine Headlines

Joe Jonas appeared on BBC Radio yesterday to promote his new solo single “See No More”, and the dapper Jo Bro, who was filled with unbridled angst in his new video, kept it lighthearted while singing a song with lyrics straight out of the tabloids. Best of all, this low-brow meets high-brow performance art was set to the tune of Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero”. Watch below!

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