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Justin Bieber’s Protege Madison Beer Drops “Unbreakable” Video: Watch

Justin Bieber's Protege Takes Off
Madison Beer initially gained Justin Bieber‘s attention with her mash-up of Bruno Mars covers posted to YouTube. Already, his co-sign has boosted the 15-year-old singer’s profile significantly: She signed with Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun. Bieber himself appeared in her debut “Melodies” video (“That’s a smash. She’s gonna be a star, trust me,” he says). And on June 16, Beer debuted her new song “Unbreakable,” to have its video viewed nearly 100,000 times less than a day later.

“Unbreakable” isn’t geared for block parties like her debut single, “Melodies.” Instead the midtempo pop number aims to uplift anyone who’s ever felt insecure or broken down, with its faint electro flourishes and encouraging hook. In the video, Beer and a crowd wanders aimlessly until they find a field, dance around and send black balloons with messages scrawled on them (“I matter,” “I’m scared,” “I love”) into the sky. Like Bieber to his millions of Beliebers, Beer does her best to seem approachable. More »

Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett Surprised Students At The Frank Sinatra School Of Arts: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett surprised students on the last day of class at the Frank Sinatra School of Arts in New York City yesterday. They even performed a duet version of the classic song “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love”. [Walb]

:: Talk about great casting! Execs at Lifetime have chosen rising Disney diva Zendaya to play Aaliyah in a new biopic. It makes sense especially given that her breakthrough hit “Replay” sounded like a lost Baby Girl demo. In a good way. [Vulture]

:: Chris Brown has hit the studio with Justin Bieber to record a collaboration for their loyal fans. This doesn’t sound like a particularly wise move for either of them but there you have it. [Rap-Up]

:: Well, this is kind of sweet. Casper Smart, who has been accused of cheating on Jennifer Lopez with a transgender Instagram model, took it upon himself to plug his famous ex’s new LP A.K.A. online. At least he’s trying. [Radar Online]

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Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson Are Collaborating Together: Morning Mix

:: Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson are collaborating on a new project together.How do we know? Their sound engineer posted a picture of the teen heartthrobs jamming in the studio on his Instagram. [Gossip Cop]

:: They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so Irish band Kodaline should actually be kind of happy that Kellog’s “copied” their breakthrough hit “All I Want” in a new commercial. That is if they’re getting paid. [Digital Spy]

:: Robin Thicke is clearly hoping to bring some good vibes into his life. He recently spent thousands of dollars buying a two-foot high chunk of Amethyst, which is used for protection and purification. It’s also rather pretty. [TMZ]

:: You’re probably pretty excited to see new talent show Rising Star, which features Kesha, Ludacris and Brad Paisley as expert judges. If you want to take part in live voting, simply download their new app. [Rickey]

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Miley Cyrus Performed “FU” While Holding A Cardboard Cut-Out Of Selena Gomez: Morning Mix

:: Well, this was uncalled for. Miley Cyrus performed “FU” while holding a naked cardboard cut-out of pop rival Selena Gomez at a recent concert in Milan, Italy. She hasn’t revealed her motivation for the unkind gesture yet. [MTV]

:: Morrissey has cancelled the remainder of his US tour due to a worsening respiratory infection. Moz has been promoting new LP World Peace Is None Of Your Business, which is due July 15 on Harvest Records. [Billboard]

:: This is kind of sweet/creepy. Justin Bieber is trying to rehabilitate his image in the wake of those recent racist videos by releasing a sappy home video with his family. He can be seen asking his younger brother for hugs and kisses, while his dad narrates. [Mirror]

:: Sia has confirmed her engagement to filmmaker boyfriend Erik Anders Lang. She posted a pic on instagram with the caption “that’s an engagement ring folks”. Congratulations! [Just Jared]

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Usher Defends Justin Bieber Following Racist Jokes

Last week, TMZ spotted Usher exiting a Los Angeles restaurant — to the outlet, the perfect time to ask about newly surfaced videos of his protege, Justin Bieber, making racist jokes. (Then 15, Bieber used the n-word in one and of sang of joining the Ku Klux Klan in another.) In response, Usher boarded his Hummer without saying a word. TMZ’s takeaway?  He missed an “opportunity to join the growing list of BFOJBs.” (Is BFOJBs supposed to stand for “Black Friends of Justin Bieber”? If so, sigh.)

Over the weekend, Usher took to Instagram instead to defend the pop star. On June 7, he posted a photo of the two, where Bieber looks the same age as he did in those videos. With it, he issued a statement far more nuanced than TMZ would have allowed. (Side note: The outlet reportedly blackmailed Bieber with those same clips for years.) “As I have watched Justin Bieber navigate difficult waters as a young man, I can tell you that he hasn’t always chosen the path of his greatest potential, but he is unequivocally not a racist,” Usher said.

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Austin Mahone Thinks It’s Obnoxious To Compare Him To Justin Bieber: Morning Mix

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:: Austin Mahone thinks it’s obnoxious to compare him to Justin Bieber. “You don’t know me,” he said in a recent interview. “You don’t know my music. You’re just making assumptions.” Fighting words! [MTV]

:: A man and a woman have been arrested for breaking into Miley Cyrus‘ home and stealing her car and jewelry. Police recognized them from security footage while they were taking a stroll in North Hollywood. [TMZ]

:: Kylie Minogue fans will, no doubt, be able to recite Jazzi P‘s rap on ’90s classic “Shocked” by heart. The femcee seemingly fell off the face of the earth but she has resurfaced as a contestant on Big Brother UK. Time for a comeback? [Digital Spy]

:: Some people have more money than sense. A replica of Kanye West‘s mustard stained polo short is now selling for the not-so-bargain price of $400. And people are actually buying it. Go figure. [Daily Mail]

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Justin Bieber Was Reportedly Blackmailed By TMZ With Racist Video

When TMZ posted video of Justin Bieber, then 15, making a racist joke using the n-word, the site claimed that it first obtained the footage four years ago, but didn’t post it because, well, he was 15. What TMZ didn’t say is that the outlet reportedly also blackmailed Bieber’s camp with the video for years – “using it as essentially ransom” for appearances and cooperation with stories, an unnamed source tells Gawker.

In the meantime, TMZ did report new details surrounding a second video that surfaced yesterday (June 4), one that Bieber singing of joining the Ku Klux Klan to the tune of his 2009 hit “One Less Lonely Girl.” An unnamed person working on one of the pop star’s video projects had allegedly stolen the footage, then tried to sell it back to Bieber’s camp two months ago for $1 million. (This price is said to have then dropped to $500,000.) According to Gawker’s report, Bieber’s camp decided that, because the footage looks dated at this point, negotiations weren’t worth having. More »

Justin Bieber Responds To KKK Video With Bible Quotes: Morning Mix

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:: Justin Bieber has responded to the shocking video of him using the N word and joking about joining the KKK by posting pictures of bible passages on Instagram. Sorry, Bizzle. That doesn’t quite cut it. [TMZ]

:: The internet is still buzzing about Rihanna‘s sheer CFDA dress. Wondering how the garment was created? Well, designer Adam Selman has released a video showing how he constructed the headline-grabbing robe. [Just Jared]

:: La Toya Jackson is getting hitched! She announced her engagement to long-time manager Jeffré Phillips yesterday after he proposed to her at a restaurant with a 17.5 carat ring. Yes, 17.5 carats. Congratulations! [Pink Is The New Blog]

:: Nobody knows who Ryan Lewis is. Which is unfortunate when you’re half of one of the biggest musical acts in the business. Macklemore‘s buddy walked the streets and asked people if they knew who he was. They didn’t. [Digital Spy]

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UPDATED: Justin Bieber Jokes About Joining Ku Klux Klan In Newly-Surfaced Video: Watch

Just days after video of Justin Bieber telling a racist joke surfaced online, another undated clip obtained by The Sun reportedly shows him joking about joining the Ku Klux Klan. According to the U.K. tabloid, he riffs off his 2009 hit “One Less Lonely Girl,” changing the words to “One Less Lonely N—-” — as in, how many black people he’d kill as a member of the white supremacist group. UPDATED: The video has now been obtained by TMZ and you can watch it below.

The Sun reported on — but did not leak — this video in efforts to show “the real Justin.” On June 1, the publication attempted to do the same by leaking a five-year-old video of Bieber telling a racist joke (“Why are black people afraid of chainsaws?”), using the n-word as the kicker. The Journals star wasted no time apologizing.

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Trey Songz Nabbed “Incredible” Justin Bieber Collab For New Album ‘Trigga’

Trey Songz will release his sixth album, Trigga, on July 1. Among other collaborations, the studio effort features a collaboration with Justin Bieber. “It’s incredible,” he said to MTV.

Songz had released the woozy strip club anthem “Foreign” on May 13, as a teaser for Trigga. Soon after that, Bieber called Songz for a collaboration, resulting in a “Foreign” remix. “I’m elated for people to hear how he sounds on it, because the first reaction I get from a lot of people is, ‘Who is that?’ Like, who is that?’” Songz says. “Because you don’t expect him to be on a record like that, and he snapped.”

Trigga will also feature Houston rap stalwart Juicy J, plus rising R&B singers Ty Dolla $ign (“Paranoid”) and Mila J (“Smoke, Drink, Break-Up”). (Fun fact: Mila J is also Jhene Aiko‘s sister.) See the Trigga tracklist and hear Songz’s original “Foreign”below. More »