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Justin Timberlake Celebrates All Kinds Of Love In Cute “Not A Bad Thing” Fan Video: Watch

Justin Timberlake Not A Bad Thing music video fan version
Don't Act Like It's A Bad Thing
Justin Timberlake‘s romantic bop “Not A Bad Thing” has already soundtracked a real-life marriage proposal, so it’s fitting that the theme of the ’90s throwback anthem’s new viral video would be the celebration of love in all its shapes and sizes. JT asked fans to submit pictures and videos using the hashtag NotABadLoveStory, and they were more than happy to comply.

After a quick introduction from the 33-year-old, the video splices fan-generated content into a live performance. There are submissions from parents, same sex couples and even a man who found love for himself after battling mental illness. Much like the official video, it’s more than a little cheesy but you can’t help but be moved all the same. Watch up top. More »

Billboard Music Awards 2014: Full Winners List

The 2014 Billboard Music Awards are underway, live from Las Vegas! To go along with the totally relevant and timely decision to have Ludacris host, naturally things started with one of the most inconsequential awards of the night, Top Rock Album. Seems that even the BBMA cabal knows the performances are the real draw.

Anyway, hometown heroes Imagine Dragons took home that first trophy. That was about 45 minutes ago and there’s only been one other award handed out. Like we said, the hardware isn’t the priority tonight. Check out the full winners list below, which we swear will get longer throughout the night. More »

Justin Timberlake Tributes Michael Jackson In “Love Never Felt So Good” Video: Watch

justin timberlake michael jackson love never felt so good
Well, we’ve had a few days to digest Michael Jackson‘s Xscape, and ya know what, it’s pretty good! And now the Justin Timberlake-featuring version of lead single “Love Never Felt So Good” gets an official video. The visual features clips from MJ’s videos interspersed with shots of JT and friends mimicking the King of Pop’s iconic moves in their re-created settings.

All in all, it’s a solid idea for a video honoring Jackson while highlighting the “new” aspect of the release. And it’s definitely better than some holo-Jacko CGI monstrosity that was surely a possibility at some point. Check it out up top. More »

Justin Timberlake Talks Breaking Away From *NSYNC On ‘Oprah’s Master Class’: Watch

His '20/20' Vision
By now, it’s a given: When Justin Timberlake tells Jay Z to get out his seat, Hov obeys. But for the May 12 season premiere of Oprah’s Master Class, Timberlake lists the risks and rewards that came with breaking away from *NSYNC to launch his solo career. “It was one of the best/worst things I’ve ever done, because it was bittersweet,” he says. “It was hard to kind of say goodbye to that era, but I felt it changing. I felt music changing, and I felt myself changing.”

As he has before, Timberlake talks of how radio programmers and label heads initially laughed off the first single off FutureSex/LoveSounds, “SexyBack.” As revealed last week, though, Michael Jackson helped convince him to take that sort of leap: Timberlake initially wrote *NSYNC’s game-changing “Gone” for Jackson himself. After it was rejected, Timberlake pitched it for the group’s last album Celebrity, only for Jackson to call in hopes of recording “Gone” as a duet with him. “I was literally punching myself,” Timberlake says.

Watch Timberlake talk breaking away with *NSYNC up top, then check out clips showing how confident he is now below. (As Gawker would note, he kicked off the episode by saying, “When you look at me, you should understand that I am America.”) More »

John Legend’s “All Of Me,” Not Ariana Grande’s “Problem,” Unseats “Happy” On The Hot 100

Sorry, Saxy
“Happy” days are over, as Pharrell Williams‘ 10-week reign atop the Billboard Hot 100 finally comes to an end. But surprisingly, it’s not Ariana Grande‘s completely inescapable, thoroughly sax-filled “Problem” that takes its place, despite said single posting the eighth-largest debut ever for a download (buyers clicked for 438,000 purchases of the song in its first week). Grande instead debuts at #3, while John Legend‘s piano ballad “All Of Me” leaves the runner-up position and replaces “Happy” at the top. “All Of Me” has been on the Hot 100 for a grand total of 30 weeks now.

Meanwhile, the Michael Jackson‘s unearthed feel-good jam “Love Never Felt So Good,” now repurposed as a Justin Timberlake duet, debuts at #20 after selling 80,000 downloads in just the three days it was on sale before chart cut-off time. (The song was made available for purchase at midnight last Thursday.)

Over on the Billboard 200 album chart, the Frozen soundtrack is in its 133rd week at the top. Oops, added an extra “3″ there…not that anyone would know at this point. More »

Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake’s “Love Never Felt So Good”: Listen

At last night’s truly abysmal iHeartRadio Music Awards, we heard part of Michael Jackson‘s previously unreleased and now updated song “Love Never Felt So Good” as Usher danced to it during an MJ tribute. Shortly after the show, the studio version of the Xscape single featuring Justin Timberlake was released. And fans of the King of Pop can rest easy, because it’s very solid!

The duet has a soulful disco feel, which makes sense since Jackson wrote the song with Paul Anka back in 1983. This final version was produced by John McClain, and one of the highlights of the resuscitated track is hearing MJ and JT join up on the chorus, where their voices make for an uncannily natural combination (which may have more to do with how it was mixed to bolster MJ’s unfinished vocal track, but still, well done everyone). The other great thing is that it’s not trying to be an Event, it’s just a breezy dance floor strut that wouldn’t feel out of place on Off The Wall or The 20/20 Experience.

Hear the song below, along with the more orchestral MJ-only version. More »

Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good” Features Justin Timberlake

Update: Justin Timberlake just posted the apparent single artwork for the song on Instagram, which lists “Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake” as the artists. Check out his post below, and hear the song here.

Tonight’s inaugural NBC broadcast of the iHeartRadio Music Awards will boast appearances by Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and Lorde, as well as performances by Pharrell, Drake, Shakira and Ariana Grande. But among all the surprises, bells, whistles and overall hoo ha will be the premiere of a “new” song: Michael Jackson‘s “Love Never Felt So Good,” off the late singer’s forthcoming posthumous release Xscape (out May 27).

iHeartRadio tweeted that the song will debut during tonight’s telecast “with a special guest.” PopJustice notes that “Love Never Felt So Good” will be the first official single from the eight-track Xscape. You can hear an early version of the song from the early ’80s here, and dream about the wondrous possibilities of how the “finished” version will sound until tonight. More »

It Takes A Village: 10 Pop Hits That Took At Least 6 Writers To Cobble Together, From “Drunk In Love” To “Timber”

Write On
Ahhh. Remember the good ol’ days when it only took one skilled tunesmith to write a hit single? Yeah — our minds don’t stretch back that far, either. In fact, if you have to travel in time, to “Somebody That I Used To Know” in 2012, to find the last single to top the Billboard Hot 100 with only one writer credited to it. (That would be Mr. Gotye himself, Wally de Backer.)

These days, it takes a small army to craft what we naive listeners would deem to be the simplest of songs. Remember Flo Rida‘s “Whistle”? You know — the chart-topping oral sex jam disguised as a radio-friendly, sing-song trifle for the whole family to purse their lips and blow to in the car? That one took no less than half-a-dozen writers to put together.

Below, we rounded up another 10 such pop smashes that required a team of musical geniuses — or at least Pitbull — to pen. Some may surprise you and even shatter the illusion of your favorite artists as unique jacks-of-all-trades, able to dash out catchy hits all by their lonesome.

Carry on to find out the wicked truth behind all the glitter, pop fanatics! More »

Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez Win Big At Radio Disney Music Awards: See The Winners List

Ariana Grande‘s sexy Minnie Mouse debut of “Problem” was the highlight of the Radio Disney Music Awards last night (April 27), even though Grande didn’t actually win any awards at the ceremony. And if the ’90s babies’ answer to Mariah Carey doesn’t get honored, then do the Radio Disney Music Awards matter? Well, since Radio Disney is “the #1 radio network devoted to kids, tweens and families” and there’s a category called [I have to gather myself after letting out a room-collapsing sigh before typing this] “The Bestest,” and I am a grown-ass man, maybe I’m not the right person to answer that question.

That said, I’d even posit that kids, tweens and families don’t even care about the RDMAs, as a concept. But, because important names like Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Fifth Harmony were involved, the RDMAs must matter, by default. And so: Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Swift and One Direction were the big winners in a big celebration of white-bread pop. Check out the full list of winners below. More »

2014 Billboard Music Awards Finalists: Lorde, Imagine Dragons Top Justin Timberlake & Katy Perry

The 2014 Billboard Music Awards finalists have been announced (finalists, as opposed to nominees, because this is all based on cold, hard sales figures and popularity, as opposed to all these other esoteric awards shows that claim to reward “art” and “vision” and whatnot), with Lorde and Imagine Dragons leading the field with nods in 12 of the 40 categories. Among the categories they’re both up for include Top Hot 100 Artist, Top Radio Songs Artist, Top Hot 100 Song and Top Digital Song.

Also at the top of the pack is Justin Timberlake, who’s named in 11 categories, Katy Perry with 10 and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with 8. Rather improbably, if JT brings home some hardware, it’ll be his first Billboard Music Awards win as a solo artist. For the night’s biggest award, Top Artist, he’ll be facing off against Miley CyrusBruno Mars, Perry and Imagine Dragons.

Head here to see the full list of finalists and categories. More »