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Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Drake & More Read Mean Tweets On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live': Watch

Jimmy Kimmel is back with another hilarious round of "Mean Tweets — Music Edition," and it features some of your favorite pop stars!

By: Bianca Gracie / February 3, 2015

Taylor Swift Will Not Perform At The 2015 Grammys: Morning Mix

Sorry #Swifties, but Taylor Swift will not be performing at this year's Grammys! The singer explained the decision in her Tumblr blog, stating that she would rather focus on her upcoming 1989 World Tour.

By: Bianca Gracie / February 3, 2015

Katy Perry Delivered The Most-Watched Super Bowl Halftime Performance Of All Time

Katy Perry's halftime performance at Super Bowl XLIX was the highest-rated of all time. More people tuned in to watch the 'Prism' diva strut her stuff than Beyonce, Bruno Mars or Madonna. Bow down to the queen of TV ratings.

By: Mike Wass / February 2, 2015

Missy Elliott Is Murdering iTunes In The Wake Of Her Surprise Super Bowl Appearance

If you needed further proof that Missy Elliott has been sorely missed — just check out iTunes. Since making a surprise appearance during Katy Perry's Super Bowl performance, three of her singles have shot up the download chart.

By: Mike Wass / February 2, 2015

Katy Perry’s Super Bowl 2015 Halftime Performance: Review Revue

Katy Perry rocked the Super Bowl XLIX halftime stage last night (February 1), with a little help from Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz. But did other critics enjoy her performance? Find out in our review revue!

By: Bianca Gracie / February 2, 2015

Ibrawlator: Who Had The Best Super Bowl Performance — Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé Or Madonna?

We've seen four incredible Super Bowl halftime shows in the past four years: From last night's lion and shark-filled visual bonanza from Katy Perry, to Bruno Mars' high energy 2014 show, to Beyonce's hair-whipping 2013 event to Madonna's legendary set in 2012. But which one was the best?

By: Bradley Stern / February 2, 2015

Katy Perry, Missy Elliott And Lenny Kravitz At The Super Bowl: Watch The Halftime Show

Get Ur freak on and re-watch all the truly amazing moments from the Katy Perry/Missy Elliott Bowl!

By: Robbie Daw / February 1, 2015

Katy Perry, Missy Elliott And Lenny Kravitz At The Super Bowl Halftime Show: 16 Photos To Cheer About

Katy, Lenny and Missy rocked the Super Bowl halftime show, and we'll have visions of Supa Dupa Flys dancing in our heads for days to come.

By: Robbie Daw / February 1, 2015

Katy Perry Covers ‘Billboard’ Magazine, Talks Super Bowl & Relationships

Katy Perry will have a major career moment when she performs at the Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday (February 1), and inside this week's issue of Billboard she spoke about what she has in store!

By: Bianca Gracie / January 30, 2015

Katy Perry Holds Super Bowl Press Conference, Promises “Lighthearted” Half Time Performance: 13 Pics

Katy Perry's been tasked with one of the most-watched performances of her career: The NFL Super Bowl XLIX halftime show. And, in the grand tradition of all the artists that have come before her, the Prism princess held a press conference to discuss the upcoming performance.

By: Bradley Stern / January 30, 2015

Missy Elliott Reported To Join Katy Perry At Super Bowl Halftime Show

Can our generation not keep secrets anymore? During her Super Bowl press conference yesterday (January 29), Katy Perry hinted at a "surprise female guest" who will join her during the halftime show. Well, now the name has been revealed!

By: Bianca Gracie / January 30, 2015

Gambling Website Offers Odds On Katy Perry’s Boobs Making An Appearance At Super Bowl

Thanks to gambling website BetOnline you can now place a wager on Katy Perry's boobs making a cameo during her Super Bowl performance on Sunday (February 1). God bless America. What are the odds? Gamblers actually stand to lose money if the "Dark Horse" diva brings out her big balloons. However, if she keeps it PG, you…

By: Mike Wass / January 28, 2015

Katy Perry Preps For Super Bowl, Paints Her Toes To Look Like Footballs: See The Cute Instagram Pic

What on earth is Katy Perry going to pull out of her whipped cream cans for the Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday at the University Of Phoenix Stadium? At this point, it's anyone's guess, though you can be sure that a) it will be non-controversial...supposedly, and b) she'll tear through a slew of her…

By: Robbie Daw / January 27, 2015

Becky G Takes Us Behind The Scenes On The Katy Perry ‘Prismatic Tour’ In Mexico: Idolator Premiere

Last year, Becky G was selected as one of the openers for Katy Perry's massively successful Prismatic World Tour — and she caught the experience on camera. In a new mini docu-series on her YouTube channel (Behind the B), Becky is bringing us back to the moment when the tour touched down in Mexico. "The crowd…

By: Bradley Stern / January 26, 2015

Ibrawlator: Which Katy Perry Album Is The Best?

KatyCat fever is in full force at the moment. With Katy Perry's highly anticipated 2015 Super Bowl halftime show performance mere days away at this point, all eyes are now on the "Teenage Dream" princess to provide what will surely be a non-stop medley of some of the singer's biggest pop hits. (And, of course,…

By: Bradley Stern / January 26, 2015

Katy Perry’s Pop Report Card: We Grade Her 3 Albums, Ahead Of Her Super Bowl Performance

Even if Taylor Swift doesn’t sneak backstage to “Bad Blood” up the iconic whipped-cream-cannon bikini, Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show will, undoubtedly, be Sunday’s sinfully sweet highlight. So large does Perry’s shadow loom over pop culture, in fact, that it’s hard to believe that she’s only been famous since 2008, when her debut album,…

By: Jonathan Riggs / January 26, 2015

Rihanna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus & Kanye West Take Over The Daily Front Row Awards: 15 Photos

Last night (January 22), some of the biggest pop stars took over West Hollywood at the first annual The Daily Front Row Fashion Awards! Sitting pretty in the front row were Rihanna, Kanye West, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus — who were all flawless and giggly the entire night. Ciara was also in attendance, and…

By: Bianca Gracie / January 23, 2015

Katy Perry Donated $5,000 To The TLC Kickstarter Campaign

With $105,000 already raised within less than two days, it's clear that plenty of people want that fifth and final TLC album to be made — including Katy Perry. According to TMZ, the Prism princess is just one of the many fans who contributed to the legendary group's Kickstarter campaign. "According to our sources, the 'Roar'…

By: Bradley Stern / January 21, 2015

Katy Perry Covers ‘ESPN’ Magazine’s Music Issue With Texans Defensive End J.J. Watt: 7 Pics

Katy Perry lands on the cover of ESPN's music issue with Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt in the lead-up to her blockbuster halftime show at Super Bowl XLIX on February 1. The 30-year-old looks typically adorable/sexy in a figure-hugging as she puts eye black on her strapping friend. They unlikely duo then camp it…

By: Mike Wass / January 20, 2015

Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Will Be Strong And Empowering (But Not Controversial)

Katy Perry has finally shed some light on her much-anticipated Super Bowl XLIX halftime show (February 1). When asked about recent NFL controversies like Ray Rice's suspension over domestic violence charges, the "Dark Horse" hitmaker admitted it was a concern. "We were all watching and asking ourselves questions about what this year would mean," she…

By: Mike Wass / January 13, 2015
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