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Lana Del Rey Further Explains That Iconic “My Pussy Tastes Like Pepsi-Cola” Lyric

The opening line of Lana Del Rey‘s 2012 anthem “Cola” still raises eyebrows today. “My pussy tastes like Pepsi-Cola,” she croons in her trademark Valium-addled drawl over elegant strings on the brooding Paradise cut. As far as LDR lyrics go, the meaning is fairly self-evident but the 29-year-old (another revelation — she’s a year older than we thought!) has been questioned about it at length. Because, you know, journalism.

In an interview with JJJ, Lana said “Cola” was inspired by then boyfriend Barrie-James O’Neill. “That’s just what he says!” was her simple explanation. Well, the perennially glum diva recently spoke with Rolling Stone and they dug a little deeper. “My Dad thought ‘Cola’ was funny,” she reveals. “My mom didn’t think it was that funny.”

So what inspired the legendary lyric? “[Barrie-James] was talking about American girls, his vision of American girls was that all their pussies tasted like Pepsi-Cola, and that they were such a dream,” the Ultraviolence songstress confides. “I thought that was the funniest fucking thing I’d ever heard.” So there you have it. Mystery solved. More »

Lana Del Rey Is A Disheveled Bride In The Latest Still From Her “Ultraviolence” Video

Lana Del Rey‘s Ultraviolence era got off to a slow start — at least, visually — with her atmospheric but generally underwhelming “West Coast” clip. She turned things around with the wonderfully seedy saga that accompanied “Shades Of Cool” and the 28-year-old looks set to deliver yet again with her Nabil-directed “Ultraviolence” video.

The Complex cover girl shared a black-and-white still from the extravaganza on Instagram and she appears to be dressed as a bride. Only, Lana looks a little worse for wear, which would tie in with the bleak ballad’s disturbing lyrics (“he hit me and it felt like a kiss”). It will be interesting to see if the video tackles the domestic violence references head on or takes a more subtle approach. The visual is said to be “coming soon”. More »

Lana Del Rey Covers ‘Complex’, Talks Critics, Chain-Smoking & Being The Other Woman

Lana Del Rey has already amassed more than her fair share of media coverage during the Ultraviolence era (often for the wrong reasons) but her interview with Complex magazine is refreshingly upbeat and free of death references. The 27-year-old even looks unusually serene on the cover — wrapping herself in an orange blanket in front of a crashing wave. (Although, that’s a pretty bleak metaphor when I think about it).

While there is a slightly disturbing answer to a question about the relationship between violence and love (“I like a hands-on love”), the “Shades Of Cool” diva seems to be in a better place. For starters, she has come to terms with the critical response to Born To Die. “The good thing about catching so much grief from critics is that you literally do not fucking care,” Lana admits. “That’s what I expect now from my career, that the music is going to be great and the reaction’s going to be fucked up.”

Other topics include her penchant for smoking on stage (“I’m a chain-smoker”) and her reason for covering Nina Simone‘s “The Other Woman” on Ultraviolence. “I relate to being the person who people come to for ‘such a change from the old routine,’ but not being the main thing,” she reveals. “I had a long-term relationship for seven years with someone who was the head of a label and I felt like I was that change of routine.” But the “West Coast” hitmaker doesn’t stop there. “I have slept with a lot of guys in the industry, but none of them helped me get my record deals. Which is annoying.” More »

Lana Del Rey To Sing About Beach Boys’ Dissolution On Brian Wilson’s New Album

Initially, Brian Wilson raised eyebrows when he revealed his new album‘s featured artists, which include Kacey Musgraves, Zooey Deschanel and now fun.’s Nate Ruess. Now, according to those close to him, his Lana Del Rey collaboration will be the song to remember, as it recounts Wilson’s sadness about the Beach Boys‘ dissolution.

“It started out being about lost love,” co-producer Joe Thomas said of “Last Song” to Rolling Stone. “But after the tour fell apart it became more about a missed opportunity for Brian and the guys to ride into the sunset together.” More »

Lana Del Rey To Release “Ultraviolence” As Next Single In The UK

It Felt Like True Love
Were you begging for Lana Del Rey to give you all of that ultraviolence? Well, you’re in luck: The “saddest, baddest diva in rock” is preparing to drop the title track of her stunning second LP as the next official single from the campaign in the UK, due out on August 18 according to an official press release.

The dark and deeply romantic ode to a former flame named Jim, written alongside Dan Heath and produced by Dan Auerbach in Nashville, was originally premiered on BBC radio prior to the album’s release in early June.

The track is largely considered an album standout, and has also sparked some controversy for its provocative lyrics, as Lana sings about a very physical kind of love affair. “He hit me and it felt like a kiss,” she woozily coos in the chorus, an assumed nod to The Crystals‘ 1963s hit, “He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss).” If the song’s evocative and ultra violent lyrics are any indication, the accompanying video ought to be quite something.

Are you excited for Lana — err, Deadly Nightshade’s “Ultraviolence” to be a single? Let us know in the comments below, and listen to the track after the jump. More »

Lana Del Rey Covers ‘Rolling Stone,’ Talks ‘SNL’ Performance And ‘The Guardian’ Comments

Shades Of Cool
Lana Del Rey covers the latest issue of Rolling Stone, on stands July 18. Shot by Theo Warner, who also snapped Miley Cyrus last year, the Ultraviolence diva stares straight ahead while laying in bed and holding a grey cat close underneath the covers, appearing (almost) as a self-described homebody.

Based on snippets from her cover story, Del Rey may be fine with that. She talked to RS about how music-biz friends distanced themselves from her after her poorly-received Saturday Night Live performance – the sort of criticism that she would later find freeing, as she has said in other interviews. She also addressed her recent “I wish I was dead” statements, blaming The Guardian for leading questions but also adding, “I find that most people I meet figure I kind of want to kill myself anyway.”

According to the magazine, Del Rey even tried to back out of the cover story plans. “I feel like maybe we should wait until there’s something good to talk about,” she said. See another photo from inside the issue after the jump, then get the full scoop (so far) at RS. More »

BBC Defends Ed Sheeran’s Top Ranking At 1Xtra Power List: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: BBC Radio 1Xtra, a UK station dedicated to contemporary black music, has responded to criticism surrounding its annual Power List, where Ed Sheeran holds the top spot. “I think that anyone who wants to bring race into the discussion is probably a little bit misguided,” music manager Austin Daboh said. [BBC]

:: Turns out, Lana Del Rey‘s got an oral fixation. [Antenna]

:: Ricky Martin will bring his ongoing One World tour to Australia next year, April 25 – May 8. Be prepared, Aussie fans – Martin promises to perform some new music and hopes to have “a few surprises” in store. [Billboard]

:: Blink-182 is prepping a new album, says guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge. The band’s new material will follow 2011′s Neighborhoods. [Instagram]

:: Holler If You Hear Me, the Broadway musical inspired by the music and lyrics of Tupac, will close on July 20 after just six weeks of performances. Last week’s show only saw 45 percent of the seats occupied. [The New York Times]

:: Pharrell will helm the soundtrack for the next NBA 2K game, following the likes of Jay Z and LeBron James. While he won’t reveal the tracklist until later this summer, he did tease that Strafe and System of a Down will be included. [Billboard]

Find out what music you can catch on TV today after the jump. More »

The 20 Best Albums, EPs & Singles Of 2014 (So Far): January – June Releases

What's Good?
Let’s face it, pop fanatics — decent albums have been few and far between this year. And now that we’re halfway through 2014, we at Idolator found ourselves hard-pressed to scrounge up 10 LPs released between January and June, as we’ve done in years past, to shine the spotlight on.

So instead we decided to open the field up a bit and include singles and EP releases, as well as albums, and throw them all together in one ranked list of the best of the best in pop from this year, to-date — all compiled by Idolator’s editors and a couple of the site’s contributors.

It’s now a three-day holiday weekend, so head below and take some time to absorb and perhaps discover some of new music. And, who knows — you might even work out a decent playlist to whip together from our picks. More »

Ed Sheeran’s ‘x’ Debuts At #1 On Album Chart, Sam Smith Hangs In Right Behind At #2

Brit Pack
Ed Sheeran has clearly multiplied his fan base and sales between the releases of debut LP + and its follow-up, x. The latter goes straight in at #1 on the Billboard 200 after selling 210,000 copies in its opening week. This puts Sheeran in fourth place for biggest first-week sales overall in 2014, behind Coldplay‘s Ghost Stories (383,000), Eric Church‘s The Outsiders (288,000) and Brantley Gilbert‘s Just As I Am (211,000).

Hanging in just behind Ed is his fellow UK countryman Sam Smith, with In the Lonely Hour (67,000). Smith debuted at #2 last week, just behind Lana Del Rey‘s Ultraviolence, which now takes a tumble to #4.

With the British gents locking up the top of the chart, head below to see where the rest of pop’s movers and shakers landed this week. More »

Lana Del Rey Dies In The Director’s Cut Of “Shades Of Cool”: Watch The Haunting Video

This Was Never Gonna End Well...
Lana Del Rey meets a tragic end in the director’s cut of new video “Shades Of Cool”, which was recently posted on a website representing filmmaker Jake Nava. The original isn’t exactly upbeat (the ever-miserable diva falls in love with a much older man with a drug problem) but is so elegant and cinematic that it felt positively romantic — like the opening credits of a really, really twisted James Bond movie.

The new edit of the clip is almost identical to the original. I thought there was some kind of mistake until I got to the very end where Lana appears to drown and sinks to the bottom of a swimming pool. There’s also a psychedelic visual of someone being stabbed to really drive the point home. I can understand why this version wasn’t promoted in light of the controversy surrounding that interview with The Guardian (she told a reporter: “I wish I was dead already”) but it’s perfect for the song and compliments an already brilliant visual. More »