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Mariah Carey & Miguel’s ‘#Beautiful': Review Revue

Thanks to the influence of Twitter, hashtags have become inescapable — but Mariah Carey uses it to her advantage with her new single "#Beautiful," featuring R&B crooner Miguel. The song is an nod to old-school R&B, and blends the two singers' vocals into a sticky-sweet ballad. With the single quickly making waves on the Internet,…
By: Idolator Staff / May 6, 2013

Mariah Carey & Miguel’s “Beautiful”: Hear The Comeback Single

There's much to like about the new Mariah Carey single "#Beautiful" — the hashtag in the title being, in fact, the least dignified thing about it. First off, the track features Miguel, hip R&B cat and maker of objectively great music; second of all, Mariah's vocals are on point; and third of all, well, it's just completely beautiful…
By: Sam Lansky / May 6, 2013

Whatcha Say: Will.I.Am, Britney And The American Idol Diva Wars Got Our Readers Talking

'Twas a controversial week in pop, but isn't it always? spilled the Britney beans and revealed that he'll be the executive producer of the living legend's upcoming 8th studio album, which inspired a wave of shock, horror and confusion. Meanwhile, the diva drama on the American Idol judges' panel once again eclipsed the…
By: Bradley Stern / May 3, 2013

Mariah Carey & Miguel’s “#Beautiful”: See The Single Artwork

Well, this new Mariah Carey era is already feeling like a mixed bag, isn't it? First up: The news that Mariah was getting emancipated with Miguel felt like a sensational victory, since he's undeniably one of the coolest cats in R&B and exactly the right smooth, sultry sound for her to be channeling, but then that teaser…
By: Sam Lansky / May 3, 2013

‘American Idol': The Top 4 Perform Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” Before Amber Says Goodbye

What all the four remaining ladies wanted was a spot in the coveted top three, and after Thursday's results, that upper tier of women vying for the title of American Idol was finally set. Let me warn you, there were lots of Ford Focus and The Great Gatsby promotions shoved down your throat, so hopefully…
By: Lisa Timmons / May 3, 2013

Nicki Minaj Tweets Shade At Mariah Carey…Again (In Other News, Grass Is Green)

There are several givens on American Idol, that rickety-but-beloved singing competition fave. For instance, Randy Jackson's questionable evening wear worn on the show. Drawn-out, two-hour weekly performance episodes that, really, could be condensed down to about 14 minutes. The phrase "in it to win it." And, in Season 12, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey's continuou…
By: Robbie Daw / May 2, 2013

‘American Idol': Candice Glover Kills It, Kree Harrison Fights The Eye Of Sauron

Last week, American Idol surprised everyone when they decided not to send a single contestant home. Actually, those of us wondering how they are going to fill the remaining weeks of the show with content were probably less surprised than others. Suffice to say, there are still four contestants left, and it's their jo…
By: Lisa Timmons / May 2, 2013

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Are Donating Their Baby Gifts: Morning Mix

Did You Hear? :: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are donating their baby gifts to a children's hospital in Chicago, because, well let's be honest, the baby already has everything it will ever need. The celebrity couple has asked friends, family and fans to donate directly to the hospital, who reached out and thanked the couple for their…
By: Kyle Robertson / May 2, 2013

Mariah Carey Teases “Beautiful” With Miguel: Watch The Clip

Mariah Carey, the best-selling female artist of the millennium/a person who commands millions of dollars to snooze through American Idol every week, is teaming up with Miguel, the coolest cat in R&B, for some kind of new single that will probably be a thousand times better than the abysmal "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" or the good-but-ultimately-forgettable "Almost…
By: Sam Lansky / April 26, 2013

‘American Idol': The Top 4 Girls Are All Safe & They Perform Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire”

The results show was basically one big reminder of how the top four ladies sang the night before, peppered by performances from past American Idol winner Lee Dewyze and onetime Top 10 contestant Stefano Langone. Wednesday night really was Angie Miller's night, but don't get too comfortable, guys, because Idol had a surprise i…
By: Lisa Timmons / April 26, 2013

‘American Idol': Angie Miller Snatches Some Wigs From The Other Top 4 Girls

Guys, can you believe there are only four contestants left? Last week saw the departure of Janelle Arthur. The themes for this week are contestant choice, duet and then one hit wonder. We get to see lots of singing from the contestants, since there are so few left. These girls have to be exhausted.
By: Lisa Timmons / April 25, 2013

‘American Idol’ Producers Hatch Secret Plot To Replace Mariah Carey With Jennifer Lopez, Get Foiled

Here's the most compellingly weird story you'll hear this week: According to The Hollywood Reporter, a generally credible media outlet with fine enough standards of journalistic integrity that we have to trust there's at least a kernel of truth in it, the producers of American Idol have been so disappointed with Mariah Carey's lackluster performance on the show (let's face…
By: Sam Lansky / April 24, 2013

Are Mariah Carey And Miguel Collaborating On A New Single & Video?

OK guys, here's one of those connect-the-tweets stories that Stans are so good at tracking down. Based on a series of tweets from people working with and for Mariah Carey, it would appear that Mimi is collaborating with Miguel on her new single and accompanying music video. A couple weeks ago, Carey tweeted…
By: Carl Williott / April 22, 2013

‘American Idol': Janelle Says Goobye, Paula Abdul Returns And Clay Aiken & Fantasia Perform

The ladies have returned from last night's birthday and diva performances to face the results of voting. With so few contestants remaining, the smallest slip-up during a performance could spell doom for any one of these contestants. We get treated to a clip of Randy Jackson proclaiming this to be the best top five…
By: Lisa Timmons / April 19, 2013

‘American Idol': The Ladies Do Diva Songs By Whitney, Paula And, Yes, Mariah Carey

It's the exact opposite of a sausage fest on American Idol (now that Lazaro Arbos was booted off the show last week), with the five remaining ladies duking it out for the winning title. The two themes for tonight's songs are birthday month and diva. Because of this, we are treated to not one,…
By: Lisa Timmons / April 18, 2013

‘American Idol': Kelly Clarkson & Scotty McCreery Perform, Lazaro Arbos Says Adios

In case you missed Wednesday night's performances, the long and the short of it is that the ladies have been straight up dominating this season. After Lazaro Arbos failed to impress in either of the night's two rounds of singing, my guess going into Thursday's results show was that it's going to be a…
By: Lisa Timmons / April 12, 2013

‘American Idol': Candice Glover Sings The Cure’s “Lovesong,” Randy Declares It The Best Ever

Welcome back to American Idol, guys! Last week, it was Burnell Taylor who went home, leaving only one man still hanging in there with the ladies. Much to my surprise, it's Lazaro Arbos. With the women dominating the competition, a total of six contestants remain. At least, until the results of this week's vote.
By: Lisa Timmons / April 11, 2013

‘American Idol': Burnell Taylor Is Gone, Gone, Gone & Carrie Underwood Performs

Only six American Idol contestants are left standing after the results of this week's rock and roll performances. Many of the singers were left feeling uneasy after their beloved ballads were taken from them, and they faced the challenge of translating their vocal style into rock and roll. We were be treated to a…
By: Lisa Timmons / April 5, 2013

‘American Idol': Lazaro Arbos And Angie Miller Rock & Roll With the Punches

It's hard to believe there are only seven American Idol contestants left. Last week, much to the chagrin of Nicki Minaj, Devin Velez sang his swan song after he was unable to rally a unanimous save from the judges to stay in the running. But, he probably shouldn't make too much of a fu…
By: Lisa Timmons / April 4, 2013

‘American Idol': OneRepublic & Katharine McPhee Do “If I Lose Myself,” Devin Velez Goes Home

After Thurday's result show, only seven contestants were still in the running on American Idol.  Wednesday night's performances were somewhat surprising, with Lazaro Arbos putting on a decent show in contrast to Angie Miller's less than impressive appearance. Because the contestants already got the performances out of the way on Wednesday, Fox filled u…
By: Lisa Timmons / March 29, 2013
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