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Mariah Carey’s “The Art Of Letting Go”: Hear Her Wail On The New Ballad

Okay! Mariah Carey is back with her new single, the long-teased title track from her upcoming LP The Art Of Letting Go, and it’s — well, it’s a ballad! It’s a ballad, and it has lots of words in it — SAT words like “dominion” and “audacity” and then silly words like “trifling” and the hilarious call-to-action “Go to Mimi on your contacts” — and it’s not entirely clear what Mariah is up to here, given that the Darkchild-produced track is slow and snoozy and borderline chorus-free. (The refrain announces itself so gently, you’d almost miss it.) Certainly it’s hook-bereft — there’s nothing to sing along to.

Mariah’s much-discussed fondness for polysyllabism aside, “Letting Go” is still heavy-handed and dreary. There’s a reason the best songs are often the simplest, and it’s because lyrics like, “Letting go is just exceedingly hurtful” don’t pack much of an emotional punch. Her vocals, as ever, sound great, but this type of slow-burning torch ballad feels old-fashioned and, frankly, irrelevant — a disappointing departure from the spare, lovely vibe of “#Beautiful.” More »

Mariah Carey Emancipates Her Body On “The Art Of Letting Go” Single Artwork

Well, Mariah Carey‘s upcoming hundredth studio album The Art Of Letting Go has been plagued by delays and underperforming singles (sorry, “Triumphant”), but there’s no arguing that “#Beautiful” was great — and she looks quite #beautiful indeed on the cover artwork for the upcoming title track, which she’s releasing as the next single from the LP. Wearing a swimsuit thing on a beach against a golden sunset, sporting tousled waves, her body is emancipated — just like her spirit. (!!!)

It’s also an upgrade from the dismally sloppy “#Beautiful” artwork — and a good sign of things to come. Seriously, it’s nothing short of remarkable that the immaculately preserved songstress manages to look this good. Even if this album fails to launch, we’ll always have the loveliness of her promotional photos.  More »

Mariah Carey Discusses “The Art Of Letting Go” In An Interview With CNN: Watch

Mimi's Sage Advice
Mariah Carey dropped by CNN to discuss her much-anticipated new single “The Art Of Letting Go”, which premieres on Facebook on November 11. The pop legend first tackled the title, saying: “There is an art learning how to let go of things in your life, people in your life, things that are not good for you — whatever the case may be.”

As for the future smash’s innovative social media launch? “I realize the importance of being able to have my international fans experience the song as well as my domestic fans,” Mimi acknowledges wisely. She then talks about the song, revealing: “There’s an emotion to it. As you listen to the song from start to finish, you can tell that it’s me.” Watch up top. More »

Mariah Carey Announces Next Single “The Art Of Letting Go”

Mariah Carey took to Facebook today (October 14) to announce the follow-up to her hit “#Beautiful.” Carey’s next single, “The Art Of Letting Go,” will be made available on November 11 (a.k.a ARTPOP Day) via Mimi’s Facebook page. It’s also purportedly the title track to her forthcoming album.

“This song is so personal to me and I’m very excited to share this experience with you in such an intimate way,” she wrote. This announcement comes a few days after Carey updated fans on her arm injury and her album progress.

Check out her full statement below. More »

Mariah Carey Addresses Album Delay And Arm Injury In Heartfelt Letter To Fans

Mariah Carey was on a roll earlier this year. American Idol raised her profile, “#Beautiful” turned out to be her biggest hit in years and hype for new LP The Art Of Letting Go was building nicely. Then she injured her arm filming a remix video and everything got put on hold. But the pop icon jumped on Facebook today to let us know that she’s finally healthy and coming back with a vengeance.

“The last three months of my life have not been easy,” the Lamb Whisperer wrote. “Getting through this injury has been the toughest experience of my life.” She also confides that doctors originally told her the injury would take eight months to heal but she is almost fully recovered. That’s great news even though the diamante slings were rather fabulous.

Excitingly, Mimi has finished her LP. The chart-busting diva used her time off to record new songs and calls the opus “one of the most important albums I’ve ever made in my life”, going as far as labeling it “a complete+total classic!” Mariah never lies, so expect the musical extravaganza to scalp your faves and end careers. Read her letter after the jump. More »

Mariah Carey Hires Jermaine Dupri As Her Manager

Cue “We Belong Together”: Mariah Carey has hired Jermaine Dupri, producer and So So Def label founder, to be her manager.

Dupri (center) confirmed the news on October 4, shortly after the two were snapped alongside Nas at the studio. They, along with producers Rodney Jenkins and Mike WiLL Made It, were helping to finish Carey’s long-delayed 14th album, The Art of Letting Go.

Dupri has worked with Carey since her 1996 single “Always Be My Baby,” later nominated for a Grammy for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance. Via Sony boss (and then-husband) Tommy Mottola, Carey reached out to the Atlanta music mogul because she wanted to shift her approach to music. More »

Heartbreakers, Dark Ladies & Atomic Bombs: 11 Sexy Animated Music Video Singers

Tunes And 'Toons
Any discussion of music video animation must begin — and rightly so — by invoking “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits. but do you really want to boink any of them? (Quiet, Mom.)

Today, class, we’re focusing on music videos where lead singers are animated…and sexy as hell! (Deemed ineligible, but fabulous, are stop-motion animation and bands where the members are already animated.) Here, for your prurient perusal, is the definitive list of the sexiest cartoon versions of lead singers, from nottest to hottest. More »

Mariah Carey Hits The Studio With Nas & Jermaine Dupri

Despite the fact that her fourteenth album has been delayed, pushed back and delayed again, Mariah Carey is finally on the home stretch, now putting putting last minute touches on her upcoming LP The Art Of Letting Go. The songbird posted some behind-the-scenes photos on Twitter, showing her work in the studio with Nas and longtime collaborator Jermaine Dupri. 

She also posted a picture with her “castmates,” which includes top producers and songwriters like Rodney “Darkchild” JerkinsMike Will Made-It and Hit-Boy, while wearing a studio-friendly sling and a huge smile on her face. Hopefully the icon’s latest will drop sooner rather than later — although it still doesn’t have a release date. (Yikes.)

View the rest of Mariah’s tweets and studio pictures below. More »

Got Beef?: 12 Of The Best Non-Rap Diss Songs By Pop Stars

It Just Got Real!
Hip hop has always been a musically competitive sport, with rappers going head-to-head in battles ever since the genre’s birth in the late ’70s. The best diss songs have sparked the most fueled beefs in rap history (Tupac vs. Biggie, Jay Z vs. Nas, Nicki Minaj vs. Lil’ Kim, etc.), but the light is rarely shed on other music genres. It turns out that some of our favorite pop stars know a thing or two about taking lyrical shots at other artists.
The tune that started it all was John Lennon‘s infamously brutal “How Do You Sleep?” in 1971, which was geared towards former Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney. Later, in the 1990s, Alanis Morrisette brought back the diss track theme with her gritty signature song that was made for Full House‘s Dave Coulier, “You Oughta Know.” Since then, pop music has had its fair share of musical battles . Get into the beef below!

Third Album Success Stories: 10 Measuring Sticks For Katy Perry & Lady Gaga

We’ve all heard of the sophomore slump. You know, the dreaded second album that often shows diminishing returns or, in drastic cases, completely unravels an artist’s career. The good news for pop titans Katy Perry and Lady Gaga is that they have already successfully navigated that hurdle. As the dueling divas prepare to release their highly-anticipated third LPs (The Fame Monster registers as an EP), we’ve rummaged through the pop history books — ok, Googled wildly — to see what the gold standard for pop superstardom is.

Interestingly, the third album often represents a commercial and critical high-water mark for music’s elite. The shackles of expectation (from both label and fans) have largely been shed by that stage and many acts hit the ball out of the proverbial park. Shania Twain‘s third project sold 40 million copies, Beyonce‘s netted five Grammy awards and Madonna‘s produced five top 10 hits. How will Prism and ARTPOP compare to these success stories? Time will tell. In the meantime, see how the pop heavyweights that went before them measure up after the jump. More »