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Did Dame Shirley Bassey’s “Goldfinger” Performance Save The Oscars?: Morning Mix

Shirley Bassey Oscars 2013 Goldfinger Academy Awards
This Dame Is Golden
Did You Hear?

:: Yes, Adele won Best Original Song for her 007 theme “Skyfall” last night. But the musical highlight, some are saying, of the 2013 Oscars was Shirley Bassey‘s performance (watch above) of classic James Bond tune “Goldfinger.” Leave it to a Dame. [Los Angeles Times]

BONUS: Read what critics say about Shirley Bassey’s “Goldfinger” performance too.

:: Is MC Hammer heading to the slammer? The iconic rapper was arrested in Northern California on Thursday (February 21) last week for obstructing an officer while sitting in a car outside a shopping center. The artist claims he was the victim of racial profiling. [Rolling Stone]

:: For “artistic reasons,” Michael Jackson‘s brother Jermaine has legally changed his last name to Jacksun. Meanwhile, stay tuned, as we’re currently in the process of officially changing this site’s name to EyeDollUhTer. [The Hollywood Reporter]

:: We love moody British duo Hurts, and so do many others. But apparently their new album is not quite up to scratch. [PopJustice]

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Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Michael Jackson ONE’ Show To Hit Vegas This Summer

Fans who never got to see Michael Jackson perform live will get another chance to at least experience hearing his music amongst a sell-out crowd at a big venue, thanks again to Cirque du Soleil. Canada’s high-brow circus company has teamed up with the Jackson estate once again, this time for Michael Jackson ONE, a show at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the Strip in Las Vegas. The production will celebrate the King of Pop’s “multifaceted persona and changing musical styles.” Previews start May 23 and the show officially premieres June 29. More »

Grammys: The Classic Men Of The Awards Show, From MJ To JT

Before we go full-speed ahead into the 55th Annual Grammy Awards weekend, we’re taking one last look back at the music awards show. This time, we’re celebrating the men who helped make the Grammys golden. Now, this is not one big Grammy beefcake roundup (though many of the fellas featured here are quite handsome). Instead, we’re focusing on the classic moments (like when Michael Jackson took Brooke Shields and Emmanuel Lewis as his guests) and perhaps long forgotten snapshots (like Maroon 5 wearing name tags on the red carpet the night they would win for Best New Artist).

In the gallery above, we present to you the princes of pop, whose careers long outlasted the many of their relationships. (We’re looking at you Usher and Chili.) Join us as we honor young Justin Timberlake, Enrique IglesiasKanye WestJohn Mayer and Eminem the night they won their first Grammys, and Jay-Z and Beyonce looking just as crazy in love as they do today. See how many of these historical pop moments you remember, and then check out our gallery of classic ladies at the Grammys! More »

The Wanted’s Max George & Lindsay Lohan Take Their (Rumored) Relationship To Instagram: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Lindsay Lohan and Max George of The Wanted took their relationship to the next level (a.k.a. Instagram) on Monday (January 21). There’s a bed in that pic! Things seem to be heating up. [Just Jared]

:: Justin Timberlake‘s “Suit & Tie” featuring Jay-Z has made a historic mark on Billboard‘s pop songs chart. The song debuted at No. 14, with the highest first-week plays in the chart’s 20-year history and the highest debut for a song by a male artist. [Billboard]

:: Move over, Lana Del ReyBeyonce is teaming up with H&M for a clothing line. Only, we’re not supposed to know yet. [Pink is the New Blog]

:: Rabid Michael Jackson fans trolled a biography being sold on Amazon called Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson because it had a few scandalous things to say about the King of Pop. The organized effort led to over 100 anonymous one-star reviews of the book, and even tricked Amazon into momentarily pulling the book for being “defective.” [Spin]

:: Avril Lavigne fans, for once we have non-Chavril-related news. The singer tweeted: “New music ready very soon. Thanks for being so supportive and patient.” [Entertainmentwise]

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The Wanted’s Max George Is Dating Lindsay Lohan & It’s Serious: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Max George of The Wanted is dating Lindsay Lohan, and it’s so serious that George brought his parents face-to-face with Hollywood’s Tasmanian Devil to meet her. Lindsay took a break from partying in London to spend a day with the George family in Manchester, and apparently things went swimmingly. Surely the start of a long, loving relationship. [TMZ]

:: Two British men in their twenties who pleaded guilty in September to hacking Sony’s servers and downloading 8,000 files — including unreleased Michael Jackson recordings — were sentenced to 100 hours of community service. So remember, kids: with a little can-do attitude, you can steal MJ music and pad your college application with volunteer hours. [Spin]

:: A new study found that Coldplay is the safest music to listen to while driving. OK well not specifically Coldplay, but music (such as theirs) that floats in the 60-80 BPM range, which mimics the average human heart rate. Faster music could potentially ramp up your heartbeat and make you jittery and, thus, more prone to crash. [Complex]

:: Robyn‘s “Dancing On My Own” received a sales boost after (a remixed version) played both times Girls creator Lena Dunham strolled up to the Golden Globes stage to receive her awards. According to the label, the song’s daily sales tripled on Sunday (January 13). [Billboard]

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Austin Brown’s “Highway To The Sky”: Idolator Premiere

Austin Brown may be a new name to you, but chances are you’re more familiar with him than you realize. The R&B singer had a hand in JoJo‘s excellent Agápē mixtape and he’s the son of Rebbie Jackson, so yes, that means he’s the nephew of Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. But we can promise you, this post has nothing to do with nepotism; dude’s music speaks for itself.

Ahead of the release of Brown’s Highway 85 mixtape (available for free at his website on December 24), we’re happy to premiere standout track “Highway To The Sky,” which finds Austin putting that incredible musical bloodline to good use. Vocally, you can hear hints of his legendary relatives, mixed in with the swagger of Justin Timberlake and the crate-digging sensibilities of Bruno Mars. The classic sounds here have a modern vitality, and it all comes together as a breezy blast of neo-soul. Check it out below and grab a free download. More »

One Direction Reveal Which Artist’s Songs They Sing In The Shower: Watch

One Direction Ed Sheeran Shower Songs
A Shower Of 1D
Here’s the meat and potatoes of this video, folks: While answering fan questions on a panel, One Direction talk about the songs they sing in the shower. Then the moderator of the panel says “Alright, everyone, I want you to close your eyes — and picture them in the shower.”

In case there was any question about 1D’s appeal. There it is! Just putting it all out there. That was a grown man advising an amassed crowd of underage girls to picture a bunch of teenage boys naked. We can all go home now. Our work here is done. More »

Alicia Keys Wants To Shave Her Head: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Alicia Keys debuted her sleek, short haircut this summer in advance of Girl On Fire, and we loved it. But now the singer says she wants to go even shorter. When asked if she would ever go the Sinead O’Connor route and buzz it, she replied, “I’m thinking about something like that. I’m telling you. I’m going there. I’m doing it.” This is all Miley Cyrus‘s fault. [Billboard]

:: Is a new Britney Spears live DVD on the way? According to some random Dutch website, yes! Britney Live in Miami is set for a January release, according to said website. Hey, when it comes to live Britney, bitch, we’re fine with grasping at straws. [ONTD]

:: Rick Ross has officially denied that the remainder of his tour was canceled due to death threats from Gangster Disciples. In other news, the Maybach Music Group bawse also tweeted that MMG has merged with Atlantic Records (where his recent sparring partner Young Jeezy is an executive). [Complex]

:: Usher went skydiving in Dubai, and posted many, many pictures of it on Instagram to prove it. [Pop Dust]

:: Ciara‘s VH1 Divas performance will include a Michael Jackson cover. She’s expected to work an MJ song into the beginning of her set before transitioning into “Got Me Good.” [VH1]

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Lady Gaga Buys 55 Pieces At Michael Jackson Auction

Lady Gaga dropped cake like Lady Gaga (a.k.a. hundreds of thousands of dollars) at a Michael Jackson stage costume auction over the weekend. The singer bought 55 pieces at the auction, and tweeted Sunday (December 2) that she will ensure the items are “archived and expertly cared for in the spirit and love of Michael Jackson, his bravery and fans worldwide.” The event raised over $5 million, and consisted of pieces from MJ’s costume designers Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush, including a pair of the King of Pop’s crystal-encrusted gloves and a jacket from the Bad tour.

[via Rolling Stone]

‘Michael Jackson: Bad25′: Watch The Spike Lee Documentary

Behind the Scenes of 'Bad'
During the making of 1987′s Bad, Michael Jackson wrote “100,000,000″ in red Sharpie on every mirror that he used — as in, number of copies he hoped to sell. Jackson wanted to outdo his success with Thriller, and as Spike Lee‘s new documentary reveals, he turned to a wide range of sources, both old (Frank Sinatra) and new (Public Enemy, KRS One), for inspiration.

After making its television debut last night (November 22) on ABC, a pared-down version of Michael Jackson: Bad25 is available to watch online. The Roots‘ drummer Questlove has already complained of crucial information being left out of this edited version, but what’s left is still worth watching. Check out Bad25 above, which features an early interview with “Bad” music video co-star Wesley Snipes, a breakdown of the dancers that most inspired Jackson and a crucial question posed with the help of Justin Bieber: Who is Annie?
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