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Miley Cyrus’ “Beach Weekend” Is An Adorable ‘Hannah Montana’-Era Jam: Listen To The Demo

Do you miss the old Miley Cyrus or simply need brief respite from the marijuana-fuelled, thong-rocking shenanigans of the Bangerz era? Well, you’re in luck! Over the weekend a previously unreleased demo from the glory days of Hannah Montana surfaced online and, despite its obvious rawness, it’s something of a jam.

“Beach Weekend” is a perky pop/rock anthem that positively exudes sunshine and happiness. “Every day up before the sun’s up, quick shower then dress and head to Starbucks,” chirps Miley over strummed guitars before the cheery chorus kicks in: “we’re going to beach this weekend!” I’m not sure what album this was recorded for but Smilers seem to agree that 2007′s Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus is the most likely candidate. Listen after the jump. More »

iHeartRadio Music Awards 2014: The Full List Of Winners

Friends, here we are again with yet another awards show on the plate: it’s the inaugural broadcast of the iHeartRadio Music Awards! Yayyyyyyyy!

Presenters tonight include Selena Gomez, Adam Lambert and Hilary Duff. Hitting the stage to perform will be Drake, Shakira, Pharrell, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande, while nominees include, among many, many others, Justin Timberlake (whose collab with Michael Jackson, “Love Never Felt So Good,” will premiere during the show), Maroon 5, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Lorde.

Crack a bottle (unless you’re underage — in which case, crack a Snapple) and stick around here through the night. The big pop music event kicks off at 8 p.m. on NBC and promises to drag on for three thrilling hours , and we’ll be updating the list of winners in real time. More »

Miley Cyrus Strips Naked For Bondage-Themed “Tongue Tied” Projection: Watch The NSFW Video

Miley Cyrus was never going to let Rihanna steal her thunder with that eye-popping Lui magazine cover! She struck back today (May 1) by uploading an explicit Bangerz tour projection to YouTube (how long before they take it down?) — effortlessly reclaiming her throne as the queen of shock with the bondage-themed visual.

Directed by Quentin Jones, the black-and-white clip finds the 21-year-old literally hanging around with only pasties and a thong for coverage. By her standards, that outfit is actually quite demure but the S&M elements certainly spice things up. The video owes a large debt to Grace Jones (it “pays homage” to her Slave To The Rhythm album cover) but it’s still stylish and beautifully shot. Watch Miley’s NSFW antics after the jump. More »

Nick Carter And Jordan Knight Are Starting Their Own Band: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Prepare for a burst of nostalgia. Jordan Knight (of New Kids On The Block fame) and Backstreet Boys heartthrob Nick Carter have started their own band called Nick & Knight. Their debut LP is due in September. [Pink Is The New Blog]

:: Cee-Lo Green must be seething. Pharrell admitted in a recent interview that his blockbuster hit “Happy” was originally given to the R&B crooner but his label turned it down. This has to be one of the worst A&R decisions in recent history. [Rolling Stone]

:: The poor thing must be sicker than we first thought. Miley Cyrus has cancelled more concert dates including a show in Amsterdam. You know she’s going to reschedule that one when she’s feeling better. [MTV]

:: With previous owner Donald Sterling banned from the NBA for life after making racist comments on tape, potential buyers for the LA Clippers are starting to come forward including Dr. Dre, Rick Ross and Diddy. [Hip Hop N More]

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It Takes A Village: 10 Pop Hits That Took At Least 6 Writers To Cobble Together, From “Drunk In Love” To “Timber”

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Ahhh. Remember the good ol’ days when it only took one skilled tunesmith to write a hit single? Yeah — our minds don’t stretch back that far, either. In fact, if you have to travel in time, to “Somebody That I Used To Know” in 2012, to find the last single to top the Billboard Hot 100 with only one writer credited to it. (That would be Mr. Gotye himself, Wally de Backer.)

These days, it takes a small army to craft what we naive listeners would deem to be the simplest of songs. Remember Flo Rida‘s “Whistle”? You know — the chart-topping oral sex jam disguised as a radio-friendly, sing-song trifle for the whole family to purse their lips and blow to in the car? That one took no less than half-a-dozen writers to put together.

Below, we rounded up another 10 such pop smashes that required a team of musical geniuses — or at least Pitbull — to pen. Some may surprise you and even shatter the illusion of your favorite artists as unique jacks-of-all-trades, able to dash out catchy hits all by their lonesome.

Carry on to find out the wicked truth behind all the glitter, pop fanatics! More »

Lorde Defends Iggy Azalea From Music Critics: Morning Mix

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:: Pop stars from the southern hemisphere stick together! Lorde took umbrage at publications that put Iggy Azalea on the cover and then trashed her debut LP The New Classic in a recent blog post. The Australian femcee then chimed in on Twitter. [Gossip Cop]

:: Lily Allen claims she was simply paying tribute to Beyonce when she performed a drag routine to “Drunk In Love” at a London gay bar over the weekend. Sounds like she just wanted some attention. [Pink Is The New Blog]

:: Don’t shop under the influence of painkillers. Miley Cyrus learned that lesson the hard way when she went on an online shopping spree while in hospital. Purchases included a pink mini-skirt. [MTV]

:: Rihanna is being sued by a former bodyguard for defamation. He is alleging that RiRi made offensive statements about him in an email and even went as far calling his sister. The matter will be heard by a judge in Ireland. [TMZ]

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Miley Cyrus Has Been Released From Hospital, Will Resume ‘Bangerz’ Tour In Europe

Miley Cyrus has been released from hospital. The “We Can’t Stop” diva has been bedridden since April 16 when she suffered a severe allergic reaction to sinus infection medication. As a result of the illness, the 21-year-old was forced to cancel the remainder of her US Bangerz tour dates. Those dates have been now been moved to August.

It looks like the hitmaker’s international fans won’t suffer a similar inconvenience. The singer has confirmed that she will commence the European leg of her tour on May 2 as planned. The fact that the first show is in Amsterdam (where her favorite herb is legal) is a happy coincidence. Welcome back, Miley! The internet has been boring without you. More »

Mariah Carey’s New Album May Be Pushed Back Again: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Has Mariah Carey delayed the release of The Art of Letting Go, again? While originally due out May 6 — and following her new single (and several remixes of) “You’re Mine (Eternal)”the album has been quietly removed from her label Island’s release schedule. [Popdust]

:: Michelle Obama will appear alongside American Idol alum Kellie Pickler in the penultimate episode of Nashville, which airs May 6. As she has in talk shows and award shows, Obama will appear as herself. [ABC]

:: Canadian magazine Fashion denies touching up Lorde‘s nose for a cover story shoot, despite the Royals artist’s claims. “Sometimes lighting or camera angles can give the impression that things look smaller, larger or different than they really are,” editor-in-chief Bernadette Morra said. [E!]

:: Drake‘s sports commentary poked fun at Jay Z during an NBA playoff game between their hometown teams. “This is the people’s team out here tonight,” Drake said of the Toronto Raptors, adding, “Jay Z’s somewhere eating a fondue plate.” [Rolling Stone]

:: Miley Cyrus has decided to give away Moonie, the puppy that her mother Tish gifted her following the death of the Bangerz tour-featured Floyd. “It’s just to [sic] soon for me right now,” she says. [Us Weekly]

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Miley Cyrus Postpones Remainder Of U.S. Tour

Miley Cyrus has postponed the remaining U.S. dates of her Bangerz tour, following the “extreme allergic reaction” she suffered on April 17. Tickets will be honored on the new dates, including for previously canceled and postponed shows, while two dates for Pittsburgh and Chicago were added.

The “Adore You” star was to perform in Philadelphia, Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut and in Long Island, N.Y., next week; for now, the latter two have yet to be rescheduled. Meanwhile, her official site says that the European leg of her tour will go on as scheduled, so starting May 2 in Amsterdam. Shows in Charlotte, North Carolina, Kansas City and St. Louis were canceled after Cyrus was hospitalized for her allergic reaction to antibiotic Cephalexin, which can last from five to 27 days according to a rep.

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Miley Cyrus Wants The Media To “Shut The Fuck Up” About Her Hospitalization: Read Her Statement

Miley Cyrus might be lying in hospital but the serial twerker’s illness hasn’t dampened her fiery attitude one iota. Sick of rumors that she suffered a nervous breakdown brought on by the death of her beloved dog and excessive partying, the Bangerz diva took to her Twitter account (she has great reception) to set everyone straight. “shut the fuck up & let me heal,” she tweeted angrily. “stop scaring my family, friends, & fans.”

The 21-year-old also attached an official statement that reads: “Miley was suffering from a sinus infection during her tour. She was prescribed the antibiotic Cephalexin which she now suffered an extreme allergic reaction to. This type of extreme reaction can last from five to 27 days in these types of cases.” See the “We Can’t Stop” superstar’s tweet and full statement after the jump. More »